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Delta Burke says she used crystal meth for weight loss
  • I had no idea who this was so I went and looked on IMDB and she was in a show called "Designing Women" and one of the top rated episodes has this description:

    Suzanne [Burke] attends her high school reunion, where people shun her because she weighs more than she did in high school.


  • It's great being old
  • My parents watched the 6th Sense no less than 8 times from 1999 to 2008 and every time I was like "You know you've seen this movie before right?" and they would argue they hadn't and then (Spoilers for a 25 year old movie I guess) when Bruce Willis is dead at the end it would blow their minds every single time.

  • Do not trust it. Do not follow it.
  • Recently I've been replaying Ocarina of Time and my stupid dog barks every time a chicken/Cucco crows. She gets up and barks and freaks out, even though I have actual chickens that actually crow all the time. When Ganandorf evil laughs though, no reaction.

  • This paralyzed debuff is a bit long. Eh?
  • According to google 214-748 is the start of real phone numbers in Dallas TX. Unfortunately when you call 214-748-3392 is says it's been disconnected. This is probably for the best, because I didn't really think through explaining to a person why I called them from 1000 miles away because their phone number was the number of turns someone was stuck in paralysis in a video game I've never played that I saw a screenshot of on the internet.

  • You can swap the roles of any two actors in a movie. What do you pick?
  • This has been bothering me for like 10 years and it has to come out now even though it’s only kind of relevant to the topic.

    Spoilers for Face/Off if you haven’t seen it go watch it it’s amazing.

    Okay, so Face/Off has the craziest ending to a movie ever. And you’re thinking to yourself “What that the good guy wins in the end and everyone is happy? That’s not unexpected.” But you have to look at the finer details.

    After Sean Archer is back in John Travolta’s body at the end and he’s like “I don’t need this bullet scar anymore, it’s cool, I’ve healed.” He goes back to see his family. He walks in the door and his wife and daughter are like “Yay you’re our dad and not some crazy person again yay!”. The following things that happen need to be broken down individually for it to fully be understood how insane it is what happens:

    • What is with the weird run your hand down the face thing they do? It’s so bizarre and it’s never explained. His daughter is like “Sorry I shot you…” and he just runs his hand down her face like a weirdo. Why.

    • Archer goes “There’s something I have to ask both of you…” and the just brings in some random kid they’ve never seen and is like “he needs a place to live” WHAT?!?! This kid was in a shoot out in a drug den like a week ago. He was raised in a terrible environment. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to be placed in a normal family or anything, but the kid needs like all the therapy. He’s going to have emotional problems. Are you really ready to deal with all that Archer? Really? Your family just went through a crazy thing and you’re like “Here is a huge responsibility we need to take on now.”

    • The daughter says “My name is Jamie” and the DOES THE WEIRD FACE HAND THING! Why do they do that? It’s so weird. Is she like assimilating him into their collective. And he, completely unphased by the hand thing in a show of immense self control, is just says “My name is Adam.”

    • Then Archer says “Show Adam to his new room.” And the daughter and Adam run off and then the most insane thing I’ve ever seen in a move happens. Archer looks at his wife and is like “….Okay?” and she goes “nod nod….okay…” and they kiss. End of movie.

    To that last point…WHAT?!?!!?!? Am I taking crazy pills or something? This dude just decides that they’re raising a kid WITHOUT ASKING HIS WIFE FIRST!?!?! If I brought home a dog without discussing it with my wife first, she would be pretty pissed but a WHOLE DAMN KID?!?! A kid, who as mentioned, is going to need intense therapy and extra support? A kid who, it would seem, is there only to replace your other kid who died which is whole ‘nother kind of fucked up (see the life of Salvidor Dali).

    Anyway, thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

  • NSFW
  • Me, you, a couple other guys, we get together we could blow this whole thing WIDE OPEN!

    Also our secret code phrase to identity each other will be “How long can you eat a peach?” To which the other person replies “For hours.”