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A PR disaster: Microsoft has lost trust with its users, and Windows Recall is the straw that broke the camel's back
  • many of which wirh anti cheat, it’s not worth making the switch just yet.

    I get that. Shit like that is the only reason I stick with a dual boot.

    Also, I got a NAS recently with OpenMediaVault and I only have the time to tinker with one thing at a time :P

    I also get that. My self hosted gaming server can be a bit of work sometimes.

    Any advice on the switch though, or tools you use lmk!

    Two things, I'd go with Linux Mint Debian Edition if I we're you. I've found it to be the most compatible with my games, (like 9 out of 10 or so), and have had zero major issues/glitches with it. Plus it avoids the drauam surrounding ubuntu.

    The second thing is to keep a separate "home" partition for your documents/pictures/game saves/etc. Mine is [Name]_STC, with the acronym being a nod to wh40k's Standard Template Constructs. The idea being it isn't named something generic like "home", or worse using the home folder.

    And anytime I need to back up shit, I just zip the whole partition and put it on a separate drive. If something happens, I copy my standard template construct.

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • You can simultaneously be in both chambers, that’s the nice thing about federation

    Not if they ban you for asking the most basic of questions about moderation, or for having a different opinion.

    Banning people for having different opinions is bad.

  • Jill Stein for President 2024 [3:24]
  • Getting ranked choice balloting passed will do that.

    Ranked is certainly better, but approval and star are the best. If we're gonna have election reform, we should shoot for the best.

    But otherwise I agree. This problem isn't getting fixed until we have election reform.

  • A heat dome will send temperatures into the triple-digits across the West as fires burn
  • Space is big, any civilization analyzing the composition of exo planet atmosphereres wouldn't know for quite a while. It's for more likely that they wouldn't discover it until after several decades of passed, at which point it will have been too late.

    That, and there's the fact that first contact almost universally goes bad for the group with less technology, which is us in this case.

    So you may as well just start playing the lottery.

  • Lets test the theory
  • "If I can be a parasite, you can too*"

    * just ignore that I didn't again become a millionaire like I said I would. And just ignore all the experience and schooling I started with that others don't.

  • I'm posting this photo because 35 years later, people in China and Hong Kong can't.
  • They often put attention on those misdeeds to ensure future generations don’t repeat the mistakes.

    That's being generous. Sure, it's not outright censorship. But there is still a lot of white washing and convenient ignoring of historical events.

    You get taught about MLK, but not the fact that he was a socialist. You don't get taught about the MOVE bombing. You don't get taught about the lice gassing at the southern border.

  • Madlad posted this on the r/libertarian subreddit and they banned him
  • If everyone is on a bike, 8ft isn’t enough

    This is silly for multiple reasons

    • Bike paths have significantly higher throughput than roads

    • This is not a mutually elusive choice, we can have multiple modes of transport

    • Rail transport & busses are more than capable of helping to reduce the load

    • I never once said "everyone should be on a bike"

    also now you’re going to have even bigger cities since most people will need to return to the city from living further out.

    This just makes no sense. The ratio of transportation types has little effect on city density, zoning is way more of a factor. And in addition to that, car centric infrastructure takes up significantly more space than other modes. Reducing car dependence would actually free up space.

  • Is the community still here?
  • I check in here every so often. This community kicks around a post here and there.

    It's definitely sad that the server didn't last. I regret that I wasn't able to stay very active thanks to life stuff.

  • A cool guide to Epicurean Paradox
  • Like if you’re not an omnipotent being with every power you can imagine then you have no choices?

    That is not even close to what I was saying.

    But then you also think that the fact that world is some primitive video game where there’s only very simple A) B) C) style options it would be a paradise

    This is an oversimplification of a very easy to understand thought experiment.

    and you’re angry at God because the world doesn’t work like that.

    I'm not angry at god, I don't believe gods exist. Are you angry at Thanos?

    And the atoms from that burnt building will go elsewhere and allow for the creation of new life. Nobody ever teach you about the circle of life, Simba?

    Thanks for this waste of time.

    Atheists have killed a great many people in history, that’s a fact.

    A fact that has nothing to do with any of this.

  • A cool guide to Epicurean Paradox
  • You can choose to fly because airplanes exist

    That's not what I meant, and you know it.

    Also nuclear weapons exist and people can choose to drop them on cities and many thousands of people will die.

    Other people have that choice. I do not.

    It feels like you’re desperately trying to miss the point

    Given that you seemingly intentionally missed the point about the things that I cannot choose to do, I'd say this is projection.

    to avoid having thoughts that conflict with your current belief (or non-belief if that’s how you choose to term it)

    This conversation has nothing to do with the existence of god(s), it instead has to do with the existence of tri-omni god(s).

    Matter can’t be created or destroyed and energy cannot be created or destroyed.

    This is a false equivalence. If I burn down a building, it's been destroyed even if the matter of the building still exists.

    Do you consider this to be a religious belief simply because conflicts with your argument?

    Are you here to have a serious conversation, or just waste time?

    How much suffering was caused by the religious oppression done by atheists like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot?

    This has no relevance. You completely missed the point of everything I've said, I hope not intentionally. Because this line of thinking isn't coherent.

  • Doesn't matter how you try to justify it...
  • if they don’t serve a purpose, then where are we supposed to live when we’re only staying in a place for a few months or years?

    A non-market housing unit. Basically, a non-profit org that only charges the actual cost of the housing & maintenance.

  • Moon Walker - Regular People Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    Creeper Hole Fill in Charity!

    I don't know if anybody else has noticed, but this area has been hit particularly hard by creepers. If you come across this chest, please donate some dirt/sand to fill these holes in!

    Housing Crisis Olgratin_Magmatoe

    Commie Blocks Are Pretty Good, Actually [6:38] - Adam Something


    List of friendly doctors - An important resource for those seeking sterilization doctors - childfree

    **Discussion topics and links of interest to childfree individuals. ["Childfree" refers to those who do not have and do not ever want children...


    I finally finished this bridge!

    I couldn't think of a name for this bridge/river, so if you think of one you are more than welcome to name it.

    Housing Crisis Olgratin_Magmatoe

    The Housing Crisis is the Everything Crisis [42:44] - BritMonkey

    This one is a long one, but a high quality video that explains a lot. Definitely worth listening to in the background if you have the chance to add to your watch later playlist.


    PSA: Maybe don't buy these shitty extruders

    I spent entirely way too much time trying to get one of these style extruders on my Ender 3. Maybe I picked a knock off without realizing it, maybe mine was just defective, I'm not entirely sure.

    But it was ultimately the cause for my printer underextruding on certain layers. If you need a new extruder, go for something better than these cheap $20 ones and get an actually decent one.

    But on the bright side, my printer is finally fixed! It feels nice to be able to get back into the hobby again.


    Some of the builds on our community's server so far! Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like 1111111111118.


    Where Modern Minecraft Went Wrong: Survival [Discussion Post]

    I wantt to sum up some of my thoughts on why modern minecraft isn't as good as it could be, and I want to hear what others think as well.

    And I think the place to start is with minecraft's survival mechanics. I don't believe modern minecraft really feels like a survival game anymore. In earlier versions the first night was a threat, if you didn't find shelter for that night you would likely be dead. Modern minecraft doesn't handle this as well because players can come across villages that have food, shelter, and beds to skip the night. Alternatively modern minecraft players can pretty easily find sheep and craft a bed on day one.

    The next big difference is the food system. If you don't have any food in modern minecraft, it simply feels like an annoyance. It slows you down, you constantly have to keep eating, etc.

    The beta 1.7.3 version is better in this regard because when you're low on food, the only risk is that you die. It doesn't make you move slower, it is simply a risk of death, and you aren't annoyed at a movement penalty, because your speed is always the same.

    Then there is just the general difficulty. Maybe it was just because I played the game when I was younger, but in the past, nights felt dangerous, that you needed to find shelter and would not be able to survive in the open for very long. Modern minecraft kind of flips that and to a degree expects you to wander in the night for ender pearls. I really think that the night should serve as a threat, and that's where the old system works better.