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What it's like to be a developer in 2024
  • I've been into computers for over 20 years and I couldn't tell you what uses rust. I am aware of it, but I am completely unaware of how narrow or broadly it is used. I keep forgetting people aren't talking about the game.

  • Would anyone be interested in some "karaoke"?

    Back in the not so distant beforetimes, I was a part of a community which occasionally hosted goofy "karaoke" nights. Basically, we'd all just use vocaroo or whatever service and upload ourselves singing whatever, or trying to pronounce words from one another's languages/dialects/accents.

    I recorded a parody of Baby Got Back(yt tracker removed, re-uploaded from an archived capture) based on someone else's parody verse, the Aussies would all come in and say g'day and Mell-bern, we'd all try to speak Swedish, and it was a pretty good time.

    Showing you guys that song may get me kicked out of that community, but I hope not.

    If anyone here is from there by chance, tell TMW I said the anniversary of the retirement of his space helmet is coming up. I wanna say August 19.

    And tell Airport I said sup.

    0 Red Lobster eyes bankruptcy option after $11M in losses from endless shrimp

    Red Lobster has a new CEO and is focused on possible restructuring through Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to Bloomberg.

    Red Lobster eyes bankruptcy option after $11M in losses from endless shrimp

    "Last year, Red Lobster reported $11 million in operating losses following its flubbed 'Ultimate Endless Shrimp' deal, which backfired when it reeled in too many customers after the limited-time promo became a permanent menu fixture last June. The restaurant chain later reported $12.5 million in losses in the fourth quarter of 2023."

    Am I doing this right?

    I've been learning development in Godot for a few weeks, and I'm building a little old-school rage game to go along with my lessons.

    I'm getting to the point where I'm doing things that are complex enough that I'm convinced I'm learning things incorrectly - or at least inefficiently.

    Do you guys struggle with this? It feels pretty typical of my learning experiences, but I've never really asked about it before. Maybe I'm learning things wrong.

    If anyone wants to take a look at my project, I've got it on itch, here. I love feedback.

    Just keep in mind that it's a WIP and that I've only been coding since February 8.

    Thank you!

    Hello. I just wanted to share my little project and see what kind of feedback I could get

    So, I decided to start learning how to use Godot and GDScript, and I've been building a little (currently) mobile / browser game to go along with my lessons.

    3 levels are currently complete-ish, and I have been doing a little bit of visual cleanup/mechanics polishing before moving on to my next goal.

    I guess I'm just looking for ideas to finish-out the overall look and feel of the game. For instance, I'm missing any sort of settings page, so all of the volumes are currently premixed - and poorly so. All of the gameplay sound effects are either my mouth or a Pringles can, jsyk.

    Anyways, if nothing else, I hope you try it and find it somewhat amusing. I have big plans for it, including several genre swaps - just depends on when I learn what right now, really.

    I appreciate your time.


    (From about 2 years ago)

    Hi Cats! This is Sunny and Luna :-)

    People say torties have attitude, and I agree.

    Satisfactory OldManBOMBIN
    Man, I need help with trains :-/

    Edit - after taking a moment to step back and look, I realized I was way overthinking the issue. If anyone in the future finds this, you're also overthinking it. All you need to do is place block signals, facing in both directions, at the locations of the red lines in the updated image. This will mark the entire central line as a block, and prevent any trains from entering it until it is empty.

    This is my first time messing with trains, and here's what I'm trying to do:

    I have two bases, and at each base, I have two stations. I have a single bidirectional track between the bases (Bad diagram attached). All I need is for one train to go from station A at base 1 to station A at base 2, and one train to go from station B at base 1 to station B at base 2. The timing is not important - I don't care if they both wait 5 minutes before moving; I just want them to move.

    I've been messing with path and block signals, and managed to get half a cycle to work, but now both trains say that signals are preventing them from moving.

    I don't know what I'm doing and I hate trains please help. And if you can do so without telling me I have to build a loop or something, that'd be great.

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