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We should stop calling child molesters "pedophiles"
  • When I think about how many famous, powerful people have been outed as child molesters, it definitely seems to me that pedophilia is something that can develop within people. I don't think that pedophiles tend to become famous, nor do I think that the trend among powerful people is reflected in the general population.

    From the wikipedia article

    There are motives for child sexual abuse that are unrelated to pedophilia, such as stress, marital problems, the unavailability of an adult partner, general anti-social tendencies, high sex drive or alcohol use.

    This seems crazy to me and I don't think any of it explains why so many powerful people actively seek to molest children. Treating pedophilia as a condition or as a quirk in one's sexuality seems dangerous to me. You can like petite people, you can do schoolgirl roleplay or whatever you want with a consenting adult. Don't even think about kids. That should be an immediate red light in anyone's brain.

    Edit: nah I think OP's cooking actually, after thinking about it. If it helps pedophiles seek help then who am I to insist on calling child molesters pedophiles?

  • Daily Discussion - 05 July 2024
  • Riccardo Calafiori is a name with S-tier nickname potential and we have to get this one right. I've just seen someone call him Ricky California and that might just turn out to be the one.

  • Why does Mikel Arteta want Riccardo Calafiori at Arsenal? - Harvey Gration

    Parents won't stop talking about friends' appearances
  • No I think they're just old-fashioned. My parents waited a while to have kids; they're in their 60s/70s now, so a bit older than most people are probably imagining. I don't think they actually believe a man and a woman can really be friends, so it's like they're trying to "call it" in a way.

    I definitely wouldn't trade it for parents who didn't give a damn about what I was doing, at any rate. I guess I just wish they were a little more interested in what I'm doing and less interested in who I'm with is all.

    Thanks for the comment/perspective. Not sure what's up with the downvotes on yours in particular.

  • Parents won't stop talking about friends' appearances
  • I've tried it and I can't seem to phrase it politely enough that it doesn't upset them (and boy can they get upset) but also firmly enough for them to actually listen. Kinda think I'm gonna try blurring my friends' faces so they can't tell me how beautiful they are anymore.

  • Parents won't stop talking about friends' appearances
  • You're right, I know it's harmless at the end of the day. The biggest issue it creates is that it makes me want to not talk about my friends with them, but I can get over it. Who cares if they think I'm getting a lot more action than I actually am anyway

  • Daily Discussion - 04 July 2024
  • If Calafiori is intended to play LB then I think Zinchenko needs to be more worried than Kiwior. Kiwior has a claim to a spot in the squad as a deputy CB, and if we dump him out for Calafiori to play LB then we're light at CB.

    Spending 50m for him just to replace Kiwior in a squad role seems a tremendous waste of money unless we can get a similar amount for Kiwior.

  • Parents won't stop talking about friends' appearances

    A number of my (M26) friends are women. I'm travelling and my parents want me to send them pictures, but I can't send them a single picture with a girl next to me without her becoming my girlfriend in their eyes.

    I do fine for myself too! Actual girlfriends come and go and I tell them when I'm dating someone, and they hardly seem to care.

    Kills me dude.


    Genshin Impact has an undeserved terrible reputation, and is more fun than Breath of the Wild.


    Are there any better apps for viewing Google Sheets on mobile?

    This document isn't changing every time I view it, but Google Sheets wants me to reload it each and every time I close my phone. Even if I'm in airplane mode it gives me this prompt, and of course just loads the same document.

    What is it even doing when I hit the Reload button??


    Is it weird when someone questions if you're real on c/nostupid questions, when you're literally active on that Lemmy instance?


    How much of your cohort completed their service?

    Lesotho volunteer here, expected COS is in December. As the first cohort back, we only had 15 volunteers at the start, and had our 7th departure a few days ago. Is this normal?


    Which Transfers WIN Arsenal the Premiere League? - Harvey Gration


    Harvey Gration- How Mikel Arteta Tactically Evolved Arsenal in 2023/24

    Thought this was a great video by a creator that I really feel should get more attention.


    Edu's BBQ - Magic Magic

    How Arsenal vanquished a worthy foe; what hard-won tactical lessons were learned; a four-year contract for the four-role White; an øde to Ødegaard; the pushing CBs; the difference Raya brings; plus, much more


    Check out Harvey Gration on YouTube!

    8k subs, and probably my favorite Arsenal-focused analyst on YouTube. Consistently picks up on things that don't get mentioned on other channels.


    Edu's BBQ- Cause for Celebration Cause for celebration

    Observations after an uproarious win against Liverpool, with thoughts on the lineup selection, the sneaky directness of Jorginho, the big brain of Havertz, and some open questions ahead of West Ham

    Cause for celebration

    Does the TierMaker Community Tier List actually reflect the opinions of the Discworld community?

    TierMaker Discworld Community Tier List

    Apologies for not being able to upload an image at the moment.

    Obviously TierMaker isn't the be all end all of community opinion, but I stumbled upon this tier list recently and found it strange. I have a handful of friends who have read some of the books, and they were surprised by some of the tierings too. Some trends I noticed:

    • "Entry" books seem to be tiered high, and books occuring later in the Discworld timeline get tiered lower
    • Tiffany Aching books are tiered very low
    • I believe the earlier books are generally getting tiered higher than the later books, but I haven't actually verified that.

    I guess my biggest question is is the opinions of the community actually so diverse? Maybe many folks haven't read all the books so it gets skewed like that? The site says it compiles 32 tier lists which sounds like a decent amount of data to me.


    Edu's BBQ: Scouting Victor Osimhen Scouting Victor Osimhen

    Would the oft-linked Napoli striker be the dream signing for Arsenal's next phase? Or does he present a risk too big and costly? Let’s dive through tape, numbers, and tactics to see what we find

    Scouting Victor Osimhen

    Edu's BBQ - Kai Havertz Scores Again Kai Havertz scores again

    Observations after the Brentford win and the Lens shellacking, including: game state, opponent blocks, how to go long effectively, the final third, purposeful crosses, Jesus, Fløategaard, and King Kai

    Kai Havertz scores again

    Edu's BBQ- Introducing PWR Introducing PWR

    I'm back on my bullshit to help us sift through 289 potential midfield targets for Arsenal, using a new method called "Pair With Rice" (or PWR for short)

    Introducing PWR

    DM changing style

    Hey y'all, I've been thinking about this for a while and I was wondering if there was any advice here, perhaps people who have been through something similar.

    I've been DMing 5e for a while; I started maybe 7 or 8 years ago in college. I ran LMoP for my roommates to begin, and I had a campaign that lasted two semesters for a different group of friends. That second one was super homebrewed, and hugely successful in that it seemed like everyone had fun. But throughout that campaign I realized there were a lot of things in my game I wasn't satisfied with, especially in regards to combat and the "difficulty" of the game. PCs blew my encounters out of the water and took long rests whenever they felt like, and I wanted there to be stakes, dilemmas, etc. That stuff has been pretty widely discussed online and I have learned a lot since then.

    Since then I've only had one group stay together for a reasonably successful campaign, and I thought I could do more or less the same as I had done before, but better. I had one player from the previous campaign as well, which I thought would be a boon. He's my best friend and I love the guy, but I realize now he just doesn't like the way I have evolved my DMing. He doesn't like how there's not always time to take a long rest or fighting without all his resources, he doesn't like encounters more complex than running into the fray to swing swords and cast spells, and he doesn't like that the characters might die now. He's been pretty open about this, and he's told me that in his opinion, the way the game should go is the players face some obstacles but they overcome them, and it's unsatisfying if they don't, and character death is unsatisfying and unfair, and imo if I read between the lines he basically wants to be able to run his warlock into an Annis Hag and know that he will come out the other side alright.

    To be clear, this isn't a bash-my-friend post or a problem-player post, I appreciate his honesty and how he knows what he wants from the game. The problem is I am having a lot of fun with the things I've learned, and I don't wanna go back in the playhouse. So the question is how do I handle this and AITA? Would I look for a new group, or is that me thinking the grass is greener with folks I don't know very well? I don't want to run a game that my friend will get tilted in, but I am so bored with running simple encounters that get exploded by a party that gets a long rest between every fight. Help please.


    Why are we on 0.18.1-2-ga6cc12afe?

    I don't see another instance using that buikd and most are just on 0.18.1 I think.

    Apologies if my jargon is wrong.


    Why is Donald Trump pointing a gun at me?