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Someone escaped the Matrix
  • Farming? Really? Man of your talents?

  • It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • That makes a lot more sense now. Thank you. I know where to look for troubleshooting next time I play.

  • It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • I was not counting mana cost, no. So it'll just drop modifiers if it doesn't have enough mana, and still cast the base spell? That does explain some of the behavior I was seeing. I figured it would fail to cast entirely if I didn't have enough mana for the full block.

    One theory I had, if you can confirm, is that shuffle doesn't just shuffle spells, it shuffles all spell nodes.

    So if I have a 4-slot shuffle wand with: PPMP (P = Projectile Spell, M = Modifier)

    I was thinking the cast table could either be:

    P1 - 33%

    P2 - 33%

    MP3 - 33%


    P1 - 25%

    P2 - 25%

    MP3 - 25%

    P3 - 25%

    Depending on whether the modifier block was a valid place for the shuffle to land.

    I was planning to try to build some wand experiments to differentiate which of these scenarios is true. Good to know that mana can be a confounding variable.

    Edit: Also, is shuffle fully random or does it draw without replacement like a deck of cards until all stored spells are cast and it can recharge? Just thought of this and realized I hadn't tested for it.

  • It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • The issue I've been trying to work out is getting modifiers to work consistently. My understanding is that modifiers are supposed to stack and affect the next projectile spell to the right, but they either don't apply at all or will apply sporadically, and I haven't figured out what rule I'm missing.

    I assume some modifiers just don't work with some projectiles, but the game doesn't seem to communicate whether this is the case. I also suspect it has something to do with shuffle, as you warned against, but I haven't been getting any non-shuffle wands for experimentation, and my starter wand doesn't have much mana to work with.

    It doesn't help that I can only experiment with builds in the airlock chambers between levels.

    The specific issue I remember having last night was that I couldn't get the pentagon shot modifier to apply to any of my projectile spells no matter what I did.

    I did get the flametrail modifier working consistently, so I'm doing something right, but I'm not sure what was different between that and the pentagon spread modifier I was trying.

  • It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • I'll back up that Civ 4 has been the best entry in the series so far.

    Civ 5 is when they dropped unit stacking, which made combat much slower and more finicky since you couldn't just build up a massive deathball and tear across the map, and Civ 6 doubled down on that design space by tying city upgrades to individual tiles as well. They're not bad changes, and they do add more strategic depth to the combat and city-building, but they do make an already slow game substantially slower, since combats that used to be done in a turn or two now require several turns of rotating and repositioning units to get them in and out of the fight.

    Civ 4 was the last "pure" civ experience, building off and adding to the previous games without sweeping mechanical changes to shake up the meta.

  • It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • I've started and bounced off Noita a couple of times already. It's been fun but I do need time to dig in and wrap my head around the mechanics.

    I'm stuck on wand building at the moment. I've watched a couple video guides explaining how it works, but something still isn't clicking. None of the wands I'm making have worked the way I expect them to, and I'm not sure what I'm not understanding.

  • It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • I just finished both Borderlands 3 and God of War (2018) so I'm in gaming limbo again.

    Leaning toward Stardew Valley, Noita, or finally buckling down to finish Far Cry 3.

  • #DnD DMs of the #Fediverse: Have you ever made a PC race illegal?
  • I had one 5e campaign set in L5R where all PCs were technically human, but I let the PCs pick whatever race statblock they liked and reskinned their racial abilities as supernatural techniques passed down within their individual clan or family line.

    I did not have the L5R splatbook at the time so I was just manually reskinning the PHB and the monster manual to the L5R setting. Worked great.

  • Do you have any smell you like/dislike even though most people don't?
  • I like the smell of ammonia. I use ammonia based cleaners almost exclusively. Bleach smells like nothing to me, like if TV static was a smell.

    I dislike strong perfumes, and I hated doing laundry for a long time and would put it off as long as I could before my grandma introduced me to scentless detergent. I don't use scented dryer sheets either. I shouldn't be able to smell my clothes after a wash. It's gag-inducing.

  • Elders [Alex Krokus]
  • You guessed correctly.

    I was pulling an all-nighter reading fan fiction serials while drinking Kraken mixed with Orange Juice and had also eaten a whole frozen pizza around midnight. I was not ok. The incident happened around 3am.

    First time I'd ever vomited while drunk. I know my limits better now.

  • Elders [Alex Krokus]
  • My Laptop will be 15 years old this year.

    It was running Vista when I bought it, then upgraded to Win 7, and now runs whatever flavor of Linux I feel like installing.

    Battery is shot. Screen connection is iffy, but works if you wiggle it. Several keys stopped working after I accidentally threw up on it, but I can use an onscreen keyboard for those.

    Still runs fine. She's a trooper.

  • Does anyone really need a 1,000 Hz gaming display?
  • Nope. I can't even tell the difference between 30Hz and 60Hz unless they're actually running side by side.

  • Bloodborne was my first Souls experience
  • My first time playing Bloodborne I completely missed the weapons on the ground and kept trying the werewolf fight until I beat that thing to death with my bare hands.

  • Have win7 laptop. What to play on it?
  • Void Stranger, Chip's Challenge, and BABA IS YOU are all Sokoban style puzzle games with minimal performance requirements and no need for a mouse.

    Siralim Ultimate is a creature collector RPG that will run on a potato and provide endless grinding, if you're into that.

    The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters of the first six games are all excellent if you're into JRPGs.

    Dungeons of Dredmor if you like rogue-likes, or you could go old-school and pick up NetHack or ADOM.

  • How long have you gone without being in a romantic relationship?
  • How much time have you spent being single?

    Most of my life. I've had two serious relationships and one complicated one, none lasting more than six months. My last relationship ended in late 2019, so it's been 4.5 years. I'm 33 this year, and have been single for about 31 years total.

    If you’re currently single: is it by choice or circumstance?

    Bit of both. I choose not to invest my time, money, and energy into pursuing a relationship, but sometimes that choice feels forced because I don't have enough time, money, or energy to spare for pursuing a relationship. If it happens, it happens, but I'm not proactive about it because I'm focusing on work and my hobbies. If I ever find myself financially stable without working full time I might have time to actively pursue a relationship, but that's not in the cards right now for my autistic ass. I spend almost all my free time recovering so I can go back to work.

    I joined a LARP community and I go to board game and DnD meetups specifically to meet people and keep my social muscles healthy. Hopefully I'll find a partner in those circles someday, but no luck so far. The unfortunate reality is that every girl I meet is already in a relationship. I have made a lot of friends, so mission accomplished as far as that goes, but the folks who say that joining hobby groups and hanging out with people who share your interests is the best way to find a partner are full of shit.

    Finally, both of my serious relationships ended on good terms because my partner felt I did not communicate enough with them, while I felt the amount of communication they were expecting was too much for me to maintain, which made the relationship a source of stress and anxiety for me. We broke it off, and I'm still good friends with one of them. This is a problem with me that I'm not sure how to fix, and it's very much not conducive to a healthy relationship. I hope I can find a partner who's comfortable with that some day, but it's made me leery of jumping into new relationships.

    Do you / did you enjoy single life?

    No, but I don't enjoy dating life, either. Life in general is an unending stream of demands, and I never get enough time to stop, breath, and reset. That's true while I'm single, and it was true while I was dating.

    What are / were the pros and cons?


    • My living space is my own. Everything stays exactly where I left it, and I can decorate as I please.
    • I eat when and what I want. I can cook or eat out as I choose. Meals don't need to be a production, and if I want to stock up and eat the same thing for weeks on end there's no one to complain about it.
    • My time is my own. I can schedule things whenever and I don't need to coordinate calendars. If I need to travel for work I can drop everything and just go.
    • No fucking kids. My niece, nephew, and soon to be 2nd nephew are plenty.


    • I'm so lonely. So very lonely.
    • Porn addiction. I have a high sex drive, no healthy outlet for it, and it's an easy dopamine hit for stress and anxiety relief.
    • Financial stress. I'm barely getting by on a single income.
    • Constantly questioning my identity. I think I'm some flavor of aromantic sex-positive asexual, and I suspect I'm bi and/or trans, but I've got no partner to explore my own gender and sexuality with. It's hard to tell how much is real and how much is my mind spinning off the rails with nothing to latch on to.

    Is / was partnership a goal of yours?

    Yes. I'd like to settle down with a fellow introvert so we can be alone together.

  • Phone on silent
  • My phone only goes off silent on the rare occasions I've been asked to be on call for an emergency project at work.

    So like three times in the last ten years.

  • Breaking the law for real
  • I've got a similar story, but with a much more positive ending.

    Was at a LARP event, camping in the woods, when a girl started having an asthma attack. She'd forgotten her inhaler, no one else had one on hand, and she was visibly turning blue as she suffocated. We called 911, but the nearest hospital was in a city several miles away and the 911 operator couldn't locate our site to send the ambulance.

    We agreed to meet the ambulance on the highway halfway, loaded up in my truck, and I booked it. Pushed my little 4-cylinder Frontier up to 115mph. Fastest I've ever driven. I had my hazards going and was flashing my brights like an asshole at every car I overtook. Thank fuck they all yielded to me.

    We met the ambulance on the side of the road, transferred her over, and they were able to get her breathing again. She survived.

  • [ANSWERED] Back on Linux - It's Always DNS

    Hello friends!

    I made the switch from Windows back to Linux over the weekend, and so far almost everything is going swimmingly. Distro of choice is LMDE, and Steam and Proton are running like a dream.

    I am having one minor issue which I've resolved in an unsatisfactory manner. Online games keep disconnecting frequently on loading new areas. This is occurring most noticeably on Guild Wars 2, Last Epoch, and Path of Exile.

    I've resolved the issue by switching my DNS from my ISP default to Google's and service. No issues since the change.

    So, this is not ideal since I'd like to break away from Google services for improved privacy. Are there any ethical DNS providers I can point to for reliable gaming, or are there any alternative solutions I should look into?