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How are seedless fruits grown, if they have no seeds to carry their seedlessness attribute?
  • some plants like raspberry can propagate through roots. Others like strawberries have stolons. And theres plants like blackcurrant where branches can root when they hit the ground.

    But mostly its done by humans through cuttings.

  • coturn can't get access to certificates
  • either create a cert group and give that group permission to the certs, or add a handler to distribute the cert+key on renew to your service’s folder, and change owner/group to whats relevant to the service

    Note: the “live” folder only contains links to the archive folder

  • Now I have 1 GBit fiber and can't benefit :-(
  • Run iperf internally to see if your bottleneck is switch/ap or fw. I set up a j1900 pfsense for my sisters family a while back to do qos (gamer bois in the house) amd it had no problem staying at 500mbps. No ids or other stuff.

    Not built any opn/pf-sense in a while, but i always use intel server-nic’s. Used to have way better support than other stuff on bsd

  • Spanish protesters squirt water at Barcelona tourists: ‘Go home’
  • And this is why you will never accomplish anything. You being angry with the moneyman means nothing to the moneyman. He wont even know you exist. But if you threaten his income he will fight back or listen. In both of these cases he will have to acknowledge you.

    Edit: as a side note this is not something happening all over barca - but it brings the clicks.

  • Is it safe to automatically pull and update docker containers?
  • Basically why i feel more comfortable with LXC than docker for my home lab services. It feels more like a VM in management.

    We run a good mix of docker, vm’s and bare metal at work; no containers are auto-updated

  • Ladybird - a brand new browser engine that isn't Google or Mozilla
  • Well - I’m not part of the project but I respect the deveopers that are and that they make the right decision for their work or spare time.

    If you are part of the project but feel that your effort is wasted you should indeed work on something else

  • Live Updates: Supreme Court Says Trump Is Partly Shielded From Prosecution
  • Nah - I’m quite happy having a skewed and false idea about how us politics and law work. But even Europe needs to prepare. We need new immigration laws so we don’t get overwhelmed by US citizens fleeing their country only to impose the same values on us that destroyed their country.