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Artificial Refugium rule
  • In my village in the Netherlands bat roosts are installed in a bunch of places, they also mandate that houses have little box things on their side for them. Never seen a single bat lmao, but in the old family house in France there's a bunch in the attic.

  • The Google AI isn’t hallucinating about glue in pizza, it’s just over indexing an 11 year old Reddit post by a dude named fucksmith.
  • Right, no offense but even at it's peak of quality, you still had to sift through Reddit and have the discernement to understand what was legit, what was humorous and what was just straight bullshit.

  • True
  • Nah, I actually listen to (and hear the sample) across multiple genres, I've definitely heard it at least in trip hop, abstract hip hop, rap, drum and bass, dubstep, techno, etc etc. I don't listen to hard style but I'm confident there's definitely a bunch of tracks that must use it there as well.

    Here's one example I could remember off the top of my head but I hear it loads in my playlists, sometimes it's just a small bit of it:

  • True
  • In a lot of the music I listen to, this is like the number 1 sample, pretty much everyone uses it in at least a track or two.

  • A welcoming gift
  • I guess you're saying this because of the whole underwater situation? I get it, but also I think if anyone's equipped to deal with rising water it's the Dutch, they got that shit under control.

  • you guys
  • Classic.

  • You've been planed!
  • Yeah that would make sense, car licenses are also much easier/cheaper in the US so I guess this is an extension of the same logic. Anyway the older I get the more anxious I become when flying (even commercial), and my vertigo keeps getting worse, so it's probably for the best haha.

  • What's the most expensive thing you've come to own that you've never gotten to fully use?
  • Why buy a Les Paul of all things if you're still learning?

  • What's the most expensive thing you've come to own that you've never gotten to fully use?
  • They might have bought a "project house" and went the DIY route. Especially big country house, etc. In France I knew folks that bought a super cheap "small" castle, and have been constantly renovating for years and years. For example when up keeping the windows, by the time they get to the last one they can already start over with the first one again.

  • You've been planed!
  • $8k sounds cheap, I looked into it for where I live and it was €15k minimum, probably more like 20.... I gave up on that idea real quick and stuck with flight simulator and my drones haha.

  • The richest Dutch pay 28% tax while the rest pay 40% or more
  • For the long den bosh, you just skip the 's, right?

  • Baby elephants
  • Agreed, the first 6 months/one year they can look seriously fucked up.

  • This is a little believable...
  • If I get on the boat now I can be there in like 2 or 3 months.

  • Not cool
  • Fondue savoyarde enters the chat.

  • Not cool
  • You just gotta stick to it, the rocket league progress curve is incredibly steep at the beginning, but if you just brute force through it for a bit you'll reach the first plateau where you actually manage to touch the ball once in a while. Getting over that plateau is a different story and the progress curve is much slower after that.

    Also go and do the training sets, start with the easiest ones until you nail them then move on to the next one, etc.

    RL is pretty much the only game I still play regularly because I've been playing it for a long time and I can just do one game if I don't have much time, most other games require too much of my very limited free time.

  • Anon wants to be bigger
  • You are completely correct. As long as you consume less/more calories than you spend, you will lose/gain weight. How to achieve that is where it can get complicated but I don't think anyone can dispute the fact.

  • Starbuck milkshake is like tobacco
  • But coffee itself in reasonable doses have little negative effects. Very much like how nicotine itself has little negative effects but the millions of carcinogens that come along in the smoke are like the cream and sugar in the Starbucks.

  • feeling old now?
  • Thanks.

  • feeling old now?
  • Is that like graduation from high school at 18yo, for the non-americans in the audience?

  • [Playstation Lifestyle] Assassin’s Creed Shadows Pre-orders ‘Strong’ Despite Protagonist Controversy – Report
  • I don't see how it could not be at least somewhat successful, it's AC in Japan. I'm so over these games but I've always said I wanted one in Japan. I'm not talking about pre orders particularly (which are dumb) just in general I understand why people would be excited for it.

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    What's the Sopuli stance on threads?

    I know that's the talk of the minute and the rest of Lemmy is bombarded with arguments about whether to defederate from threads or not.

    I'm not looking to start the debates here as well but I'm just curious on our beloved admin's stance about it, are we going to allow federation with threads?

    Dead feed?

    Hey there, so I registered to Sopuli recently and I'm still getting through the transition out of Reddit, I'll admit right now I'm enjoying the shit show too much to step away but once RiF stops working, I'm probably gonna be around here a lot more.

    But right now my feed seems completely dead. I spent some time subscribing to some popular communities from different servers and I try browsing local, all and subscribed. Both hot and active serves me posts that are days, sometimes weeks old.

    What can I do to get more content in my feed? I was just browsing the kbin front page (without an account) and was seeing fresher posts from Lemmy servers than I'm getting in Jerboa so it must be something wrong on my end and not just that's there's too little content.

    [DISCUSSION] I'd like to share a branch of Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop that you may not know about if you don't know the French scene

    Hello! As a newly arrived Reddit refugee I thought I would try to contribute. I might start posting individual tracks if I sense interest but for now, let's start with a broader overview.

    There is a branch of hip hop very close to my heart, one that has a relaxed, elaborate ambience on boom bap beats with twists.

    I won't pretend I have historian level of knowledge but you can think of it as a continuation of artists like nightmares on wax, tricky, etc but also massive attack, portishead and that kind of more melodic trip hop. Some of it mixed with traditional rapping.

    This all mixes into the French melting pot and you get this back and forth between traditional hip hop with a rapper, and this abstract, melodic Trip-Hop scene. You'll also find influences from reggae, dub, punk, rock, jazz, Celtic, Arabic, oriental etc etc etc, since this is very much a world of samples, while some artists do compose everything themselves.

    Now of course all these things exist outside of France but I've explored a lot, I don't even live in France and I listen to many genres, and for me at least it's in the French artists from which I tend to find "that sound" that works for me.

    Now to get you started on the journey, some of the more mainstream artists to search for in your preferred streaming service. I keep it to things international people can listen to (e.g. no/limited French lyrics).

    • Chinese man (the masters, within this artist alone you can find many of the substyles I'm talking about I prefer the older albums by I hear youngsters enjoy the new stuff)

    • Degiheugi (more modern and his own unique twist, kinda tropical)

    • Chill Bump (these guys are more traditionally hip hop, the lyrics are in English, but you can still sense the influence)

    • Kognitif (this is very much the essence of what trip hop means to me)

    • Guts (here you'll find more ethnic influences, he also makes live musicians participate to his productions)

    • Scratch Bandit Crew (not a fan of the whole discography but the good tracks are really, really good)

    • Mounika (and finally, one of my all time favourites in his decidedly more chill and dark vibe, bordering on lo-fi at times).

    There are so many more great artists and if you did want to try one with French lyrics, then in the more traditionally hip hop category but embodying this branch, I suggest starting with "Dooz Kawa".

    I hope that I might make a few people curious with this and maybe even create a new passion or two for my beloved flavour of trip/hip hop.

    Share your own regional artists that you think upstage the usual international stars in their own way!

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