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What makes CrowdStrike so ubiquous that their error created such catastrophe?
  • When an operating system allows a single misbehaving program to take down the whole computer and leave it unbootable. I thought we left that behind with Windows 95.

  • Iran Can Produce Fissile Material For Bomb In 'One Or Two Weeks': Blinken
  • Look, it's the bi-annual "Iran is 6 months away from getting nukes" headline. I wonder which intelligence service came up with this (again).

  • Crowdstrike takes out last remaining threat vector (the users)
  • I was going to guess their "last remaining threat vector" was their quality assurance team.

  • parasite
  • The Market includes companies like Blackstone, who scoop up houses at auction, lightly flip them and then put them back on the market as high-priced rentals.

  • He'll Be Fine
  • This election is a choice between boring corporatists and 100% concentrated evil. Between someone who is indifferent and someone who has literally promised to make your lives SO MUCH worse in every possible way.

    You had your adorable little protest non-vote in 2016, with your "Hillary Clinton just doesn't 'do it' for me" and the result was Donald farking Trump. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  • The only way we lose is if we stand divided.
  • The choice is between boring corporatists and 100% concentrated evil. Undecided voters are the dumbest people on the face of the Earth.

  • Rudy Giuliani, Who Called for “Trial by Combat” on January 6, Blames Democrats for Stoking Violence
  • So violence caused by a Republican, at a Republican event, attended only by Republicans is the Democrats fault? Sure, whatever you say, Rudy.

  • It’s vitally important that Democrats now ask one question and one question only: Does Biden have the best chance of beating Trump, or is there someone else readily available who has a better chance?
  • The Democrats have had YEARS to endorse anyone who was born after the Battle of the Bulge. With the election less than 4 months away, it is WAY too late to pick Biden's successor.

    They need to come with a campaign message that shows ordinary people why Biden is a better choice than Trump, which should be the easiest g*ddamn thing in the world.

  • 'What about Project 25?' John Fetterman turns the table on Fox News over Biden questions
  • If anyone cares to read "Project 2025," it's a blueprint for creating a Judge Dredd universe, where the only people still living in it will be the Super Rich and the Super F*cking Poor.

    That's a bad thing, by the way.

  • Yea feel me?
  • Burma Shave.

  • The heart we can't neglect indeed
  • The end of real representative democracy began when the courts allowed the "corporations are people / money is speech" arguments. Once that happened, government began to represent only the interests of billionaires and their lobbyists.

    It's taking decades to play out, but it's going to end badly.

  • "Soundblaster" was such an 80s/90s name for a computer part.
  • The Yamaha YM3812 sound chip was the backbone of computer sound & music generation for almost a decade.

  • Journalist shot by Minneapolis police during 2020 protests dying from injuries
  • Rubber bullets are supposed to be skipped off the pavement in front of the people you're shooting at. This reduces their impact and is supposed to make the bullets "less lethal." These cops didn't do that. Her maiming was the result of a deliberately aimed shot from a rifle.

  • Accused adulterer Trump who paid to keep Stormy Daniels affair secret professes ‘love’ for the Ten Commandments
  • The guy who literally embodies all of the Seven Deadly Sins "loves" the Ten Commandments.

  • Washington man arrested after fatally shooting teen who had BB gun
  • It's not the BB gun that got the kid killed. He literally put the gun on the ground and had his hands up.

    It's because the "security guard" is a stupid, trigger-happy moron.

  • Maybe an injection or pill?
  • It helps to establish a routine for going to bed. For example, set a nightly reminder on your phone 15-30 minutes before bedtime that it's time to wind things down. Don't have anything caffeinated after 5 pm or so.

  • Why does a state like California that has supermajorities in both houses of the legislature not have a livable wage, housing guarantees, universal healthcare, and other very progressive policies?
  • Republicans and Democrats have been moving steadily to the right for the last 40 years. So now, Democrats are where the Republicans were in the 1980s: boring, middle of the road corporatists, friends of banks, insurance and pharmaceutical companies. And the right has moved all the way into an insane asylum. We haven't had a real progressive president since Jimmy Carter and that was 50 years ago.

  • Recompilation: An Incredible New Way to Keep N64 Games Alive
  • I'm hoping it's not just an emulator with spam.