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what are you excited to watch this weekend (June 21)
  • I'm right there with you. Gatwa is quickly growing as one of my favorite doctors. His charisma and chemistry with Millie are off the charts.

  • The meaning of life
  • No such thing

  • Untitled, Oil on Canvas
  • Love the texture added by layering the red onto the blue background instead of the other way around. Even more so the use of directionally of brush to create a sense of dynamic movement and momentum, and the fact that you worked outsode in so the eye is drawn texturally in that direction through the layering

  • Judge rules that federal agency can't enforce abortion rule in Louisiana and Mississippi
  • Absolutely. "Oh we can't enforce federal healthcare mandates? OK, well, we sure as fuck can choose and enforce who gets federal tax exemption status, so get fucked"

  • Lethal Weapon 5 | Mel Gibson confirms he's directing
  • He means Lethal Weapon 7, right? We already have 5 and 6

  • Just Watched Cloud Atlas (first time)
  • It's a wonderful production. There are tons of little details and ways the characters and actors and souls connect through time that make it enjoyable on rewatch as well. And that score... spectacular. If you liked the movie and like reading, you may enjoy the author's follow up book The Bone Clocks too. It's less high-minded than Cloud Atlas, but carries a lot of the similar writing tone, style, and charm

  • what is the worst thing can happen if you leak your 2FA/MFA secret?
  • Change your shit asap. Anyone who has access to it can theoretically auth as you on any site or product that uses that 2fa setup. They would still need to have your underlying credentials that would initiate the 2fa protocol exchange anyway, but if they have access to your underlying 2fa secret, its not too far fetched to believe they may have other credentials potentially, depending on how you've secured the access and where you store your credentials. To be safe and not paranoid, it's best to just do a root trust rotation and cycle the underlying auth creds

  • A battle amongst Gods
  • Future

  • Reasonable task
  • Often it's the ones that only take a second or a minute and minimal effort that get put off the longest and create most anxiety. I was discussing this with a friend last night: I've had numerous non-ADHD people explain to me how I just need to create a task list, not realizing that 1: I know all the shit I have to do...I'm just...waiting..., and 2. When I do try to set up lists and organizational systems, I get sucked into a false productivity hole and spend an inordinate amount of time on the process/list/automation crap, and then when it's perfectly set up, I maybe use it for a week but inevitably revert back to the chaos

  • Washington is not telling truth about the Gaza pier
  • It seems like a nation which has been radicalized by decades of failures at peace initiatives and the same decades of unrelenting violence directed at their civilians.

    This, imo, is beautifully stated, and on its own could apply to either side depending on framing. Which is why the entire situation is even more sad and frustrating.

    Even though I disagree with you on the overall perception of Israel/Palestine, I respect your pursuit of open dialogue so ill ask this since you're seemingly open to engaging in good faith: what would be the ideal solution to bring about an immediate end the extreme bloodshed and shelling of Gaza from a pro-Isrseli perspective? (No gotchas or setups, genuinely interested)

  • Washington is not telling truth about the Gaza pier
  • Countries aren't houses...

    No shit. It's an analogy.

    Also, in your analogy, these people are somehow magically just moving in as if space and housing is freely available when in reality everyone moving in did it by taking away land from and displacing the people already living in the neighborhood. Of course the people being displaced would feel a type of way about it.

    Also, why should the original neighbors have to negotiate with a group of people who moved in against their will and are now slowly starting to take over and assert their presence and values on the original neighborhood home owners? (And let's be clear - an HOA is generally a representative body serving the interest of the neighborhood, so it does not apply in this case as the "HOA" in the historical sense never agreed with this move in the first place. It was the land developers who don't even live in the city or state that made the decision because it was most profitable for them and served their interests. The neighbors had zero say in the whole thing to begin with).

    Besides all of that, if we just take the history out of it completely, and just look at the last 8 months: does Israel seem to you like a sane nation? Are their actions and indiscriminate killings justified in your mind? Just based on what we have all seen and what's publicly available from the last 8 months

  • The Danger of Nuclear War is Real
  • It takes you to telegram

  • Washington is not telling truth about the Gaza pier
  • Let's just have a thought experiment: say you live in a house that's owned by your father. He and I get into a fight, I whoop his ass, and then after that I decide that the house is now no longer his to do with as he pleases, and instead I move a random guy from Milwaukee into the house with you. You're not happy with this and are rightly pissed off, but you didn't "own" the house to begin with and I don't give a shit about what you have to say, so I ignore you. After a few months you and this dude are not getting along and get into it. I don't like that you're giving my man shit so I give him a bat to beat you with anytime you complain. He in turn uses the bat to expand into other rooms in the house - now he wants your bathroom, your kitchen, your other bedrooms...until after a while he's taken over the house and you're living in a closet. What's more, you can't get in or out of the house without passing through "his" property now, so you're forced to rely on him for everything. And if you complain, you're told that you're being prejudiced against him and trying to eradicate him from existence. Meanwhile he continually keeps encroaching on your remaining closet space. When you do get fed up from time to time and throw shit at him, he responds by absolutely demolishing your remaining closet space and making it uninhabitable. But he assures you and the neighbors that you're the one abusing him and he's within his right to defend himself against your unjustified and unprovoked attacks. After all, it's his property and you just hate him for no reason. And at this point, you're not even talking about wanting him out of the house anymore - you're just talking about wanting to have restored access to a bathroom and kitchen. But that's not going to fly with my guy. Instead, he figures he can just pancake you in the closet and then do that big renovation project he's been planning for 60+ years. And if you don't agree with that plan? Well, then you're just being hateful and want to see him eradicated clearly.

    How would you feel in this situation?

  • What world record do you come the closest to having broken?
  • A few minutes away from the world record of not blinking. Haven't attempted since I was a teen though

  • is ADHD harder to manage with time?
  • Gainful employment: check Life partner: check Luxury of free time for tv: check Legal (ish) herb access: check

    My friend, that all sounds lovely to me. Don't fall trap to societal (and especially capitalistic) definitions of achievement and mediocrity that demand a constant stream of more more more. It's ok to be content and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

    That being said, if you're unhappy, get after it. You mention wanting to play Baldurs Gate but feeling guilty about lack of partner time and fear of getting sucked into it for hours: what if you both dedicate a personal hobby night once a week where you can both do whatever and get lost in your own worlds separately without guilt? My partner and I recently started doing this on Fridays and it's been a game changer.

  • Don't let history repeat itself!
  • You do know that antifa means anti fascist, right? It's not just a modern political organization with a funny name. And you also realize that the ww2 soldiers were literally fighting fascism of their day - thus anti fascist. Yes?

  • Don't let history repeat itself!
  • Or that you're both morons.

  • What's the most recurring theme/element in your nightmares?
  • Have you ever had sleep paralysis? The combo of severe evil presence and severely constricting environment/feeling at often tied with sleep paralysis and have some correlation with dyspnea in real life while you're dreaming

  • Conservative attacks on birth control could threaten access
  • You're thinking about it all wrong. They're just trying to create the right set of conditions to produce the next Turing and kickstart the development of true AGI.

  • portrait of a friend

    Been a while since I tried my hand at portrait free drawing. Enjoyed the process and learned a lot.


    First time trying my luck with a Dutch Baby

    Caramelized onion, garlic, basil, and goat cheese Dutch Baby breakfast from this morning. Definitely going into the favorites category.