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Norgur Norgur
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  • Ja, ganz arg besonders sogar.

  • Treat your wtf rule
  • Treat your dad because the clothes that are worth nothing cost almost nothing, so they are easy on his credit card? Perhaps? Please be something like that! Pretty please!

  • YSK: You don't need Gmail to create a Google account
  • Yes, but what does change when I register both accounts with a Gmail address?

  • It's not that serious.
  • I bet you are one of those barbarians who use a fork when they should have used a fork! Out of my sight, lowly peasant!

  • Got Played
  • Ha ha!

  • Got Played
  • huhu

  • Captain's orders
  • "On this puppet, can you show the court where the borg queen touched you?"

  • Send help
  • “So, uh… whose mum are we calling first?”

  • Yamato (by Kobayashi Makoto)
  • uchuu senkan YAMATO

  • It just feels wrong
  • let's be honest: Even if this account was logged into some device that gets lost or something... what could happen? None of the apps can actually do any admin stuff. Even if it could: What harm could anyone do really from within the Plex container?

  • It just feels wrong
  • But you can. The Admin Account is available locally.

  • It just feels wrong
  • If Jellyfin would play nice with my APU, not clog the system every time it does a metadata update and the plugin for intro outro detection worked half as good as Plex does, I'd contemplate switching.

    If I could say goodbye to Plexamp and it's awesome Sonic Analysis stuff that is.

  • Which are you?
  • Norgur and what the fuck at Tanagra!

  • Oh hi!
  • "Brenda did what?! You must be joking!"

  • much profits, just 5 people on team, imagine sweet sweet bonuses
  • "but... I explicitly described this in the frickin' 'Business Case' you had me fill out a thousand times!"

  • Book about book bans banned by Florida school board
  • You ban me from Florida? Then'll make my own Florida! With wild gators and meth!

  • Book about book bans banned by Florida school board
  • So we're doing Meta Book Bans now?

  • Simple mail server
  • Dmarc/dkim/SPF/certs. Fun times!

    I got a mall server running, yet it's almost more as an inbox.

  • Paper jam in printing press tray 3
  • The day after that: your letter e has worn down, replace it immediately.

  • Appeals court tells Texas it cannot ban books for mentioning ‘butt and fart’
  • Anyone else thinking that this Judge would have gotten his autobiography banned for profanity just for the name?

  • Horizon: Zero Manpage

    To anyone who might be tasked with programming Gaia and her subroutines when Elon Musk Ted Faro eventually fucks up... Can you please remember to write "sudo shutdown -h now" and "sudo killall -9 Hades" on every bit of your machines? Thanks.


    Replacement for Firefox?

    Hey there,

    I've been using Firefox for ages now, and I was completely satisfied with it... until very recently, that is. For space-saving reasons, I started to convert my media library to H265, since all devices in my network support it now. Or so I thought. One very noticeable omission is my desktop PC with Firefox. Now, if I watch something from my local media server, the server has to waste resources to convert to H264, which is a noticeable performance hit to all other things running on the server. The GPU in my Desktop PC (or the CPU for that matter) could have displayed H265 without even changing clock speed from idle. So I tried to use the native Plex App for Windows for that, but that one does not support RTX Super Resolution which was really nice when watching old DVD stuff.

    From what I can see, to get both, I need a Chromium browser. Since I would rather not have two browsers open all the time: Is there any browser based on the latest Chromium Builds that is not a massive insult to one's privacy?


    Firefo does support H265. It didn't for a very long time so most posts online talk about how it has no support and that it ain't planned. Yet, it has gotten support in the meantime.



    To 1 in about:config, restart browser, done.

    Thanks, mate