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What does Buddhism teach about life after death? - Death and the afterlife
  • Hey OP!

    How would you feel if we came over to your religious corner of the internet and started preaching that anyone who believes in higher powers is bonkers and needs escapism to cope with their inability to find meaning in their actual existence?

    I case you didn't get it (which might be because religious mongerers, especially of the missionary type like you, who show up and rub their silly little believes in other people's face while thinking you're doing us a favor are typically rather thick) you're not welcome here.

  • Bundeswehr zieht bayerische Hochschulen ein
  • Ja.. Den Teil fand ich im Vergleich zum Rest noch direkt harmlos. Als jemand der zwischen lauter Kasernen aufwuchs, die in den letzten 20 Jahren geschlossen wurden werden sie wohl kaum neues Bauland brauchen... Gebäude und Grund hat die BW wahrlich genug.

  • Bundeswehr zieht bayerische Hochschulen ein "Land verteidigen": Bayern will Bundeswehr per Gesetz fördern

    Bayerns Hochschulen und die Bundeswehr sollen enger zusammenarbeiten, Jugendoffiziere öfter an Schulen im Freistaat auftreten, Kasernen mit weniger Vorschriften gebaut werden: Damit will das Kabinett von Ministerpräsident Söder das Militär stärken.

    "Land verteidigen": Bayern will Bundeswehr per Gesetz fördern

    TL/DR; Gesetzentwurf für Propaganda im Klassenzimmer und das Verbot der Zivilklausel (sprich des herzlichen "Nein Danke" aller Hochschulen zur Militärkooperation). Universitäten sollen gezwungen werden mit der Bundeswehr zusammen zu arbeiten. Maggus, mir graut vor dir.

    Petition zum unterschreiben

    Company brought to its knees by a cable
  • Turns out a large excellence cluster technical university can do the same and bring down an entire campus for 2 days. Everything is in one big intranet, has main lines with high throughput routed to a large network node and one backup line from the local internet provider. It killed the main lines and thousands of staff plus some tens of thousands of students were connected through a household class fiber connection. That was fun :)

  • Drones trespassing in my property
  • Drone pilot from Germany here, they have no place hovering over your property, more strictly even they're not allowed to fly in any way that allows them to view your garden from above. You can shoot down the drone and it's their problem note that this is in Germany not the US (which surprised me tbh).

    However, that said, could be that it's the same pilot again and again, even if it's different birds. Normally they are very cooperative, just ask them to stop and they'll apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  • Europeans, do you take the train to travel to other countries?
  • Southern German here, went to Austria, Prague, the Netherlands, Scotland, even northern Germany. Always worked fine except for northern Germany, that's a 50/50 chance of going wrong. Will keep doing that in the future, especially with the expanding night train services.

  • Pfizergate: Plaintiff asks for Sacking of Head of European Commission
  • Yep, and right they are. We're dangerous terrorists and our opinion that we should change our way of living instead of destroying the planet before it's too late is a very dangerous thought that terrorizes their simplistic minds.

  • Pfizergate: Plaintiff asks for Sacking of Head of European Commission
  • It baffles me how short lived the memory of people is. The whole affair around Gorch Fock should have made a persona non grata, especially after blatantly refusing any collaboration with the authorities (very convenient that all the incriminating chats were deleted and she can't remember a thing anymore...). On the other hand, looking at the SPD and Scholz' appearance for the Warburg Bank investigation was not any better.

  • Pfizergate: Plaintiff asks for Sacking of Head of European Commission Pfizergate plaintiff asks leaders to sack von der Leyen and Commission

    The plaintiff in the Pfizergate affair has called on the European Council to force the resignation of EU executive chief Ursula von der Leyen and the rest of her Commissioners in a letter seen by Euronews.

    Pfizergate plaintiff asks leaders to sack von der Leyen and Commission


    > The lawyer based her request on Article 245 (action incompatible with their duties) and Article 247 (serious misconduct) of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

    > The case concerned the disclosure of calls and text messages exchanged between von der Leyen and Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla through which both parties negotiated vaccine contracts during the COVID-19 crisis.

    > Following a criminal complaint filed by Frédéric Baldan, a Belgian lobbyist focusing on China-EU trade relations, the Belgian authorities initiated the case in early 2023. Subsequently, the governments of Hungary and Poland joined the lawsuit.

    > Von der Leyen kept “stubbornly refusing to disclose contracts for the purchase of COVID vaccines [...and] the electronic messages she exchanged with Mr Bourla, CEO of Pfizer", according to the letter which said her actions offended "public morality" and "shatter the legitimate confidence that citizens should be able to have in all members of the European Commission".



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    > Tacos.

    GOP introduces bill that would send anyone convicted of unlawful activity on a campus since Oct. 7th, 2023 to Gaza.
  • Does that mean "any" person? So all police officers that broke the freedom of speech ammendment have to do 6 months of community service as well? And those nut jobs that attacked peaceful protest camps and clubbed students over the head?

  • Resilience [OC]

    A year ago a devastating wildfire went across the slopes of El Teide on Tenerife. The Canarian Pine is a tree especially adapted to wildfires, which starts to sprout again just a few months after a fire.


    Shorelines [OC]

    Not really a beach this time, just volcanic rocks that form natural pools. I tried to work in the feedback I got on the last post and took a lot of time with trying out compositions on this one. Still didn't figure out the topic of a good subject though


    Beach lines [feedback appreciated]

    I like the clear separation of fields the image allows, with the water, wet stones, dry stones, orange vulcanic sand and finally the green fields. The center piece of the image is made up by my wife in a cyan colored shirt sitting on a white towel. However to get the shot of the color lines right I had to go up quite a bit, which makes her so tiny in the image that she does not really have any influence on the watcher anymore...


    Natural Rockpools at Punto del Hidalgo, Tenerife

    Went to swim there 3 days ago and it was amazing. The water is so unbelievably clear, you can swim in the pools while the waves outside are over a meter high and not notice anything of it. Also there's lots of fish for snorkeling