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Have you got any weird questions for the opposite gender?
  • My wife uses a panty liner when a period is coming up. For my wife at least, it usually comes on light at first and she has a chance to notice when exactly it hits by checking the liner. And once it actually starts then the tampons are used in addition to the liner.

  • Is there any closed source android app that you wish had a good open source alternative?
  • I believe google maps pulls its data from municipalities setting up and streaming realtime data using this:

    For my city, I was able to pull this GTFS data into my home automation system to show next arrival times for a couple of convenient stops near my home.

  • Google Leak Reveals Thousands of Privacy Incidents
  • Mmmm…. I think the title may be a bit strongly worded, but the concept that a big data company like Google isn’t doing what you expect them to be doing with your data…. Despite clear efforts to do so… that’s kind of concerning.

    Like it’s cool that they have this DB and that things like this are getting fixed, it might be nice if they were more transparent about this… but it seems like they’re trying. And yet, so many privacy issues crop up due to the shear quantity and variety of data they process.

  • BestofLemmy -> sub migrated NightAuthor

    Volumetric Memes


    Share as image is the best feature…. But I’ve got a bug

    On this comment thread, I can’t seem to generate a share with more than 3 total images, either 4 comments or 3 comments and OP both fail. Upon hitting share, nothing happens. At 3 or less images an output image is generated and the share sheet appears.


    Dec 27: PPB called to scene for Target burglary, kill suspect. Update: Man Killed by Police in Mall 205 Target Parking Lot Identified as 33-Year-Old Tyrone Lee Johnson II

    December 29: This story has been updated to identify the victim and clarify additional details. A man suspected of shoplifting from a Target store at Mall 205 was shot and killed by Portland police Wednesday afternoon. Police say East Precinct officers were dispatched to the department store on SE W...

    Update: Man Killed by Police in Mall 205 Target Parking Lot Identified as 33-Year-Old Tyrone Lee Johnson II

    Article goes into the suspects criminal history, which does involve weapon charges… but it’s unclear what exactly happened the night of that lead to his killing.

    We should keep an eye on this, and all uses of force really.


    Unexpected behaviour: pull to refresh inbox stops spinning before the refresh is complete

    Visually it looks as if the refresh is done, and there’s nothing new. But then a few seconds later the inbox actually refreshes.

    I expect the pinwheel to keep spinning until the refresh operation is complete.

    As it stands, I pull to refresh, and just wait like 3 seconds to see if new messages pop up.

    Obv not huge, just wanted to document the unexpected behavior.


    Green Crab starting to invade Oregon coast

    Learn to identify them and help remove them.

    They’re edible and also make good fertilizer.


    Good new book written for an ADHD reader

    Started reading this book by an ADHDer YouTuber I’ve been watching, and I think it’s really good so far. Only stop reading at page 42 cuz my wife turned off the lights for bed.

    Anyone else reading it?

    In case it’s not clear in the image: “How to ADHD” by Jessica McCabe


    Request: option to block a community when you see a post on c/all

    Browsing all seems to generally be the best option for me with how I like to use the platform. But this does come along with a need to block lots of communities with content I known I’m never going to want.

    So I’d like the ability to long press a post in c/all and click an option to block the community that the post is from.

    Right now my flow is:

    Post menu -> community -> community menu -> block community -> go back to c/all

    This feature would remove 3 out of 5 of those actions.

    Bonus if posts from that community are removed from the the feed immediately, maybe just new ones below the current location on the feed.


    Is there a place to view apps by iOS features implemented?

    I like the idea of certain features, like “focus filters”, but it’s difficult finding apps that utilize it. I get that not many will, but it seems like it’d be easy to miss useful/neat apps.


    What Bitwarden alternatives should i consider if for Passkey support is important to me?

    I’m hearing people really love 1password. I believe they also were the first ones to come up with a mobile-friendly implementation prior to iOS/Android support for third party password managers.

    Seems like 1password has been and is on the ball as far as having the freshest features the fastest.


    Weird text duplication bug when typing comments

    Lets see if it happens at all with this post. When im typing, sometimes a bunch of text (a repeat of previously typed text) shows up after my cursor, but then goes away again if i keep typing. Except, sometimes all that text actually stays and i end up with weird double-speak in my comments. I’m gonna try and see that it takes to make it do it again. It seems to only happen when I’m tap typing (as opposed to swyping)

    Seems it didnt want to actually do the part where it inserts the duplicates text.

    !ex1 !ex2


    Hardware suggestions for symetrical 1gig with DPI

    Value is important, but not above reliability. SFF preferred

    Thanks for your help


    What could my upstairs neighbor possibly be doing to make this much noise?

    Their foot steps sound like they just have 2 pegs for feet… they hit so hard.

    And they frequently, almost daily, spend the entire evening stomping around the entire footprint of their apartment.

    Are there people who really just get the top floor, and think “I’m so smart, and everyone else can get fucked” then proceed to make all the fucking noise in the world?


    Apple Releases tvOS 17.2 with notable changes Apple Releases tvOS 17.2 With Revamped Apple TV App

    Apple today released tvOS 17.2, the second major update to the tvOS 17 operating system that came out in September 2023. tvOS 17.2 comes more than a...

    Apple Releases tvOS 17.2 With Revamped Apple TV App

    Where can I find detailed pollen information?

    I'm hoping there's something decent available for the area, I've been scouring the internet and all I'm coming up with is:

    • Sporadic data from a couple of sources on National Allergy Bureau
    • Paid API's with questionable accuracy, since they offer 'hyperlocal' information for the whole globe.
    • Daily information that is super vague

    In San Antonio, through the NAB, there was a daily M-F report with detailed allergen info. I really want that for Portland.

    I want to know which specific allergens are in the air to help me figure out why I've been producing copious amounts of mucous this week, and be able to plan outdoor activities / meds with ample information.

    Open Signups NightAuthor

    Open Signups This Weekend: avistaz, cinemaz, animetorrents, exoticaz

    iPhone NightAuthor

    I don't think I like the new autocorrect

    I keep finding comments I made that have weird typos in them that I know came from autocorrect. I typed "disruptively" or something very close to that, and it turned into "disruptive let". But thats far from the only instance. If I did fat finger the y and hit t, I'd rather "disruptivelt" than "disruptive let", the first seems much more obvious that its a typo, the second could be quite confusing depending on the context since its now 2 english words.


    Has Spotify abandoned the AppleTV app?

    I got an email about the new TV interface for Spotify, it said it was for TVs, streamers, consoles, etc.

    I open Spotify on the ATV and it’s the same shit it’s been for years.

    They never implemented lyrics either.

    I like it too much to move away, but this kinda pisses me off.


    Spotify App, have they fully abandoned it?

    I got an email about the new TV interface for Spotify, it said it was for TVs, streamers, consoles, etc.

    I open Spotify on the ATV and it’s the same shit it’s been for years.

    They never implemented lyrics either.

    I like it too much to move away, but this kinda pisses me off.


    Difficult touch targets

    I struggle to click on anything that has a height of 1 line of texts. Short comments, post titles… other stuff

    It’s actually pretty aggravating.

    Idk what the solution is for this, but it’s a problem I virtually never had w Apollo. Is the touch target only the line of text and not inclusive of the padding around the text?

    Ios 17.0.3 Avalon 1.0.8