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The Squonk
  • I want to give the squonk a hug.

  • Removed
    Grammar rule [NSFW]
  • There's another version of this showing when using an Oxford comma is a bad idea but I've only seen that one once. Help me internet!

  • How to pickup girls 101
  • I thought that was the point of these memes...

  • Can I lick it?
  • Purple - I don't think it's possible to do that.

  • upgrade
  • sudo apt update && apt upgrade

    Still one line!

  • Microblog Memes NickwithaC
    Post Title
  • Spongeball Roundface

  • Thames Water makes bid to lift bills by up to 44% - BBC News
  • Privatisation in the 80's has lead to a shitshow, first figuratively and now literally.

  • Bowser rule
  • Those are spikes.

  • MoD giving Ukrainian soldiers in the UK free cigarettes to 'boost morale'
  • The British army tells you not to quit smoking when you join as the training is tough enough without the withdrawal added on top so this stands to reason.

  • 22 April 1979
  • Garfield was Bart Simpson 10 years before Bart Simpson.

  • Removed
    nonbinary lemmy furry fag rule
  • *Lemmy user.

    I find it quite refreshing that Lemmy seems to avoid cutesy nomenclature. Communities aren't "subs" they're communities, posts aren't tweets or anything, they're just posts. Same with users.

  • me irl
  • Baby I'm ready to goooo!

  • Locked Deleted
    They call him Dr Death
  • It's a political meme and "casual" communities came about as places to get away from the non-stop political onslaught.

  • Microblog Memes NickwithaC
    Tax the rich
    The Earth's projected warming by 2100 has fallen in the last ten years.
  • We have to flatten the curve before we can start the decent. Progress > perfection.

  • Al-generated content. You read that wrong.
  • Generated by the state of Alabama?

  • Barf.
  • Let me introduce you to Bovril.

  • Bowling For Soup - 1985

    As of this year we are now further from this song's release than the song was from 1985.

    Shameless self prulemotion

    Follow me! Or don't. Whatever, I'm not your mother.

    Microblog Memes NickwithaC
    Going to hell? We're already here!
    Microblog Memes NickwithaC
    Yankee Understandee
    Happy Sunday, Everything's fucked.

    As an aside, the amount of wasted space on the widget irks me.

    CunkPosting NickwithaC
    Cunk on YouTube
    CunkPosting NickwithaC
    Cunk on bodies
    Name this

    Fish slice? Spatula? Or something else?

    Microblog Memes NickwithaC
    Cunk on bodies
    Holy shit! A queer identity poll on Tumblr where ace is the MOST popular answer!

    Ok so it is Tumblr so of course the audience is skewed but even in non-straight circles this is a rare sight!