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Do I need to start over or can this be salvaged?
  • Personally, I'd just keep cooking with it. I wish someone had told me that when I was getting started with carbon steel. In my experience, keeping the seasoning visually even across the pan is much harder on carbon steel than cast iron. I was restarting constantly because it would look splotchy, but eventually gave up on that. As long as it performs fine and there's no rust, there's nothing to worry about. Eventually it'll all even out.

  • Half of US states join GOP lawsuits challenging new EPA rule on deadly soot pollution
  • The basis for the suit is in the title of the article. Most of these big suits against administrative agencies boil down to anticipation of speculative future injury as a result of agency action. This is part of the modern conservative playbook to destroy the administrative state by undermining one of the most longstanding precedents in administrative law, Chevron deference. The Supreme Court is already set to deliver an opinion which may water down or completely destroy Chevron deference in this cycle (Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo). Settled law doesn't matter when it's convenient to a conservative majority.

  • I want to get into coffee, where do I start?
  • There's been a lot of suggestions for an Aeropress, and I don't want to retread any ground, but that's a good suggestion. Since you said you didn't want to rule out pour over though, I might recommend the Hario Switch, so that you can experiment with both immersion and percolation brews in just one brewer. It functions similarly to the Clever Dripper that someone else recommended, but since it's the same shape as a V60 it has the added benefit of being able to leave the switch open and brew a standard V60.

    On cold brew: I don't recommend making it and reheating it, but some people do. At best, I would make a super concentrated cold brew (maybe 1:4 or more if I could really push it), and add hot water up to the final volume to get a hot beverage. Reheating coffee leads to it losing a lot of its volatile organic compounds that contribute to the interesting tastes and smells that you get from coffee. Cold brew is suitable for "meal prepping" your coffee though if you don't want to make time in the morning. If you're at all interested cold brew, I would even more strongly recommend either the Clever Dripper or Hario Switch. You can use them to filter your cold brew after it's done steeping, which would be much more tedious in an Aeropress.

  • Should you invest in a better grinder?
  • Honestly, unless you know you're going to stick to a single brew method, I'll vouch for the J series. It's their oldest lineup, so I would think that it will continue to be supported with replacement burrs for the foreseeable future (though mine hasn't needed any replacement parts at all over the course of 7 years of moderately heavy usage). I used a Jx for pour over and espresso for 5 years before changing it up, and I still think it was the most dramatic change I've ever made with regards to cup quality. It's now mostly my travel coffee grinder, but I'll still pull it out from time to time since I enjoy the ritual of hand grinding.

    I can't speak to their other grinders, but I know that Lance Hedrick has reviewed all of the more expensive (and more singularly focused) 1zpresso grinders as well across various videos on his channel.

  • Experts slam Trump's lawyer for letting him testify: "Habba did absolutely no good for her client"
  • Anytime! I don't respect her decision to advocate for Trump in any way, but she put herself in an extremely difficult situation. Not only are the facts extremely adverse to your side, you have to counsel such an unlikable, egotistical clown. She deserves so much of the criticism that she gets, even if only for being conceited enough to think she could come out of such a public trial without the sort of reputational harm she's receiving.

  • Looking for advice buying a coffee grinder
  • Chiming in to provide another anecdotal experience. At a drip grind size on my 1zpresso JX, I take no longer than half a minute to grind an 18g dose of beans and it requires nearly no effort at all. If you're trying to keep the budget under or around $200USD, the brews you get from a nice manual grinder are significantly better than what you can get from an electric grinder at a similar price point, but you are trading convenience. If you're entertaining or brewing for more than a few people regularly though, it might be worth the tradeoff. For me, the flexibility and portability of a manual grinder were definitely a priority, since it allowed me to take a very compact brew setup while traveling so that I wouldn't be stuck with bad coffee while backpacking/in hotels.

  • OpenAI Suspends ByteDance's Account After It Used GPT To Train Its Own AI Model
  • Why would the clause be unenforceable? It doesn't violate any of the general principles of contract law. If you intentionally contract around these terms that don't violate any existing body of law and don't run counter to public interest, a court would have no problem enforcing the terms of a contract. They probably wouldn't sue you or me in our individual capacity if we circumvented. There's a much greater chance of recovery if they go after a company which is pretty clearly using their service in a bad faith. If ByteDance wanted to use their LLM to train their own, they could've negotiated such a license.

  • OpenAI Suspends ByteDance's Account After It Used GPT To Train Its Own AI Model
  • Sorry for the late reply, but this doesn't really seem like it'd come close to invoking any of the US's neutered antitrust enforcement. Open AI doesn't have a monopoly position to abuse, since there are other large firms offering LLMs that see reasonable amounts of usage. This clause amounts more to an effort to stop reverse engineering than stifle anyone trying to build an LLM.

  • OpenAI Suspends ByteDance's Account After It Used GPT To Train Its Own AI Model
  • I can't speak for every jurisdiction, but I'd be hard pressed to see why it wouldn't be legal in the US, especially in these circumstances. ByteDance is a massive legally sophisticated corporation, so they should've been expected to fully read and understand the terms and conditions before accepting them. They probably won't bring a legal challenge, because they know they don't have a particularly strong legal argument or a sympathetic angle to use.

  • Pressure grows on Apple to open up iMessage
  • They did fully not exclude it from legislation yet. Apple simply contested their iMessage's as a gatekeeper under the definition used in the act, and the Commission is in the process of determining whether or not that is true. If iMessage is determined to be a gatekeeper, Apple will only have bought themselves a few more months before they have to comply with the DMA.

  • Brew time for single, double, triple shots?
  • Yeah I wouldn't worry about your brew time too much as long as it's tasty to you. I think most online resources (at least in English) tend to completely ignore single shot doses, since third wave espresso and milk drinks are centered around a 16-22g shot. I'd be really curious to hear what you thought the sweet spot was for single shot timing.

  • Brew time for single, double, triple shots?
  • I always dial my espresso by taste, not time. Doing this will give you a lot more flexibility. That being said, I think the range where most of my coffees feel dialed is about 25-40 seconds.

    I want to preface this by saying that I rarely change my shot from my standard 20g, so everything I'm going to say is conjecture, but I would guess that a single shot that takes 30 seconds to pull would be wildly overextracted. The reason why a double shot will take so much more time is because the puck of coffee that the water has to force its way through is much taller. Creating channels through a larger puck (or a puck made from much finer grinds) takes more energy from the water, so it should take longer. Once channels are made, the puck will quickly deteriorate, which is why the flow rate is so much faster at the end of a shot. That being said, you will definitely want to adjust your grind size for a single shot. Grinding finer than you would in a double shot will allow for a more even extraction in a single shot without overextracting the coffee, but it still shouldn't take as long as your double shot.

  • Lactose free latte
  • If you're looking to get a similar texture to whole milk, your best bet is probably an alternative milk with a similar fat profile to whole milk. That's what makes whole milk the ideal milk steam so nicely. Many alternative milk brands will have a "barista" version of their milk that is intended to steam as nicely as whole milk. In my own experience, these have had much better texture than lactose-free whole milks, but you might have to hunt for a brand with a flavor that your gf likes.

  • Cool YouTube cooking channels?
  • Internet Shaquille is something that hasn't been mentioned yet that I think really resonates with what you're looking for. All of his videos are short, focused, and aimed at helping regular people in the kitchen (with the exception of his April Fools videos, which satirize clickbait videos). There is some humor, but the information density of his videos reflects his ethos of not wanting to waste your time. To this end, sponsor reads appear at the end of the video (if they're sponsored at all), so you can completely skip them.

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