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Microsoft points finger at the EU for not being able to lock down Windows
  • They are legally required to let Crowdstrike crash your computer.

    I call Bullshit.

    If it had been Windows NT 3.5, there would have been no bluescreens around the world. It would have stopped the buggy software, given a message accordingly, and continued it's job. That Windows was not stupid enough to crash itself just because of a null pointer in another software.

    Now you tell me that Windows NT 3.5 is illegal?

  • Ideas for what image to put on my security touch screen panel?
  • A picture that you have taken yourself and that you like, so it is a positive memory. Landscape or plants, without people, makes it calm and soothing.

    If you find that too boring, make it cycling again, but only once a day, not every 30 seconds.

  • What will you do if there's a second civil war in the US?
  • It's because that war was about national (racial) and religious identity. Families usually belonged together then.

    In Usa it will be a little different. Race would be one aspect, too. But more so your wealth/social status. A struggle between classes. Rich against poor, and many shades in between.

    And maybe young against old. Conservativism has gone too far in both (still so-called) parties. "Left" may not be progressive enough anymore.

  • How vulnerable are various Western Supreme Courts from devolving into the mockery that is the current US one?
  • How vulnerable

    More than you would think.

    While the most systems are built more robust than the Us one, it is still a sad fact that fascism / totalitarism is on the rise in many countries currently. Even robust systems are vulnerable.

    Italy has been in the hands of one man recently who owned all the press and the better part of the state, and he transformed it into a puppet show. He is gone but the country is still suffering.

    Austria was on the brink only a few years ago. One man had nearly owned the 3 powers legislature, executive and judiciary. Only a strong scandal in the press has saved the country.

  • Warum leuchtet meine LED-Glühbirne weiter, wenn sie ausgeschaltet ist?

    Warum leuchtet meine LED-Glühbirne weiter, wenn sie ausgeschaltet ist?

    Ich habe nun fast alle Glühbirnen und Energiesparlampen durch LED ersetzt. Gestern habe ich eine 4W Filament-LED frisch vom ALDI reingeschraubt, wo vorher noch eine echte alte 40W Glühbirne war.

    Sie geht wunderbar, wenn sie an ist. Aber wenn sie aus ist, leuchtet sie mit gefühlt 1/10 Helligkeit weiter, auch nach Stunden noch.

    Die alte Glühbirne hat das nicht gemacht.

    Das würde ich gern verstehen. Wie kann das sein?

    (Bitte keine Ratschläge wie "Fachmann holen" gähn).


    Warum benutzt niemand Umlaut-Domains?

    Domains mit Umlauten / Sonderzeichen wurden vor vielen Jahren erfunden, und vermutlich würden sie längst überall funktionieren. Trotzdem sieht man sie nirgends. Wie kommt das?


    Gibt es noch EC-Karten mit richtigem EC?

    Die Bank schickt mir heute die neuen Karten. Jetzt ganz ohne "EC" bzw. "maestro". Nur "girocard" ist aufgedruckt.

    Ich frage mich, ob man damit weiterhin überall bezahlen kann?

    Und: gibt es bei irgendeiner anderen Bank noch weiter das maestro-Verfahren? Oder stirbt es jetzt ganz?


    I tried to delete my comment, but nothing happened.

    The comment survived all my attempts :-)

    Is there something I could have done wrong, or is it simply broken?


    Welcher Dosenöffner ist gut und solide?

    Nachdem ich nun zweimal billig gekauft habe und die Dinger immer viel zu bald aufgegeben haben :-(, suche ich nun etwas Solides, was mir hoffentlich länger gute Dienste leisten soll.

    Wer hat einen Tip für mich?


    Where can I see may saved 'drafts'

    Where can I see may saved 'drafts' in the app, and delete obsolete ones?


    Does a whataboutist know that he is a ?



    Sometimes I am able to copy text ...

    Sometimes I am able to copy text for quoting, sometimes it does not work.

    Using the Android app, latest release.

    How are you doing it?


    What alternative to 'postman' are you using?

    What alternative to 'postman' do you like the most for simply testing a bunch of REST services?


    LemmyApiException: language not allowed

    Has anyone else seen this when trying to post a comment?

    The sub's language was English, my comment was English, too.

    How can I fix it?

    I have tried changing the language on my Android, but it did not fix the problem.