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  • Free Cooking Learning Resources Thread
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  • Indian Dosa Recipe

    Recipe Link -

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  • Free Cooking Learning Resources Thread

    We'll use this thread to share free cooking learning resources.


    1. Food Network

      • Offers a variety of recipes, cooking tips, and video tutorials.
    2. BBC Good Food

      • Features a vast collection of recipes, cooking techniques, and meal planning ideas.
    3. Allrecipes

      • A community-driven platform with a wide range of recipes, user reviews, and cooking advice.
    4. Epicurious

      • Provides expertly tested recipes, cooking guides, and food articles.
    5. Serious Eats

      • A source for in-depth cooking techniques, science-based food explanations, and recipes.

    YouTube Channels

    1. Tasty

      • Known for visually appealing recipe videos and cooking hacks.
    2. Gordon Ramsay

      • Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay shares cooking tips and recipes.
    3. Jamie Oliver

      • Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's channel includes easy-to-follow recipes and cooking inspiration.
    4. Maangchi

      • Korean cooking expert Maangchi shares authentic Korean recipes.
    5. Binging with Babish

      • Recreates dishes from movies and TV shows, along with cooking basics.

    Online Courses

    1. Coursera - The Science of Gastronomy

      • Explores the scientific principles behind cooking.
    2. Udemy - Cooking Basics: Cooking Fundamentals

      • Covers essential cooking techniques and skills for beginners.
    3. Skillshare - The Art of Baking: A Beginner's Guide

      • Focuses on the art and science of baking.
    4. America's Test Kitchen Cooking School

      • Offers a variety of online cooking classes with detailed instructions.
    5. Rouxbe Cooking School

      • Provides professional-level online culinary courses.


    1. The Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer

      • A classic cookbook with a comprehensive collection of recipes.
    2. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat

      • Explores the fundamental elements of good cooking.
    3. The Food Lab by J. Kenji López-Alt

      • A scientific approach to home cooking with detailed explanations.
    4. Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child

      • A classic French cooking reference by the legendary Julia Child.
    5. How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman

      • A comprehensive guide for both beginners and experienced cooks.
    Flight sim people are on another level
  • Flight simulators are a pretty niche hobby. Spent a lot of time playing the Microsoft Flight Simulator - comes handy if you wanna study aviation or become a pilot.

  • What are some must have Firefox plugins?
  • Indeed, uBlockOrigin is super helpful.

  • Crosswords Friday 01/19/2024 Discussion
  • Thank you for sharing these 💖💖 I always solve these in my free time.

  • Heyoooo - just wanted to say Meoww!!

    Heyoooo - just wanted to say Meoww!!

    Countries that let anyone in?
  • Finding a job in your own country will be a far more better, easier and comfortable option, please consider doing that.

  • Venus by Tuesday
  • New next level science unlocked.

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  • Literally WTF.

  • Rule
  • Community notes can be used as a good narrator.

  • What are some must have Firefox plugins?
  • uBlockOrigin, DarkReader & ProtonPass

  • Cute Kitten

    Cute Kitten meow meow

    AI shouldn’t make ‘life-or-death’ decisions, says OpenAI’s Sam Altman
  • OpenAI went from an interesting and insightful company to a horrible and a weird one in a very little time.

  • I need to sleep - why do you have the lights on?

    I need to sleep - why do you have the lights on? meow.

    Kitty sees a squirrel!
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  • Three Cute Cats

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    Cute Cat :3
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