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Biden Says He Told Nigeria to Kill Fewer Civilians — but Nigeria Keeps Killing Lots of Civilians
  • So… should we start a war in every place on earth that genocide is occurring? Really channel our inner dick Cheney and waste life and treasure in regime changes?

    No one here is advocating for that. “Stop funding genocide” is a far cry for “Channel your inner Dick Cheney”

  • Hush money isn't illegal, it's 'democracy,' Trump lawyer says in defiant trial opening statements
  • It’s because Hush Money Trial is pithy. It is succinct yet distinct. Fraud Trial would be a great name if there weren’t several more of them to differentiate from, and Election Fraud Trial Relating to the Disclosure of Hush Money Payments regarding a Mushroom Shaped Erection doesn’t fit in the headline.

    Erection Fraud Trial does have a ring to it, though.

  • Americans’ new TV habit: Subscribe. Watch. Cancel. Repeat.
  • In three years, this went from a very niche behavior to an absolute mainstream part of the market

    It’s because of the fracturing of the marketplace. For a while there were only a few major Film/TV streaming services. Netflix and Hulu, then HBO and Amazon, and a handful of niche or genre platforms.
    Then around the pandemic time, every network and their mother decided to pull their licensing to start their own streaming platform or several. The platforms all cost as much or more as before, but you need more of them to watch the different IP you are interested in.

    What the studios don’t realize (or won’t publicly admit) is that instead of replacing cable TV, they have effectively recreated the video rental industry.

  • Trump supporters gather outside courthouse and ask: Who among us hasn’t paid for sex?
  • Skit and sketch can be used interchangeably in reference to a short performance, usually comedic, but they do not have any particular connection to current events other than current events are often good material for parody.

    We do not use either word in the context of satirical writing.

  • Did the year zero never exist ?
  • ELI5 answer?

    In the conventional calendar, there wasn’t a year zero and it wasn’t skipped. Zero is the moment in time that we use to begin counting time.

    Think of an elementary school style number line: …-3_-2_-1_0_1_2_3… Each number is one year apart. This makes the numbers measure something like Age. If you are 3 years old, you can count 3 years between 0 and 3.

    But a year is not an Age. It is the span of time between ages, and the years we name are actually the spaces between the numbers on the number line. So the first year (1 AD/CE) is the first space after zero (between 0 and 1), and the first negative year (1 BC/BCE) is the first space before the 0 (between -1 and 0).

    Then there is the astronomical calendar, which does have a year zero. They get this by naming the year (the space on the number line) after the number to the right side of the space on the number line.

  • Why is Facebook still so insanely popular?
    1. It’s established
    2. It is a general purpose platform: it has personal posting, business listings, messaging, groups, communities, photos, news, clip format video, live streaming, p2p sales, business sales, event coordination and advertising, payment processing and cash sharing, games…
      Most other platforms do one or several of those things much better than FB, but FB is good enough for lots of people. It’s a one stop shop, and it does a fair job at cross pollinating the various aspects of its platform. It has enough stuff to keep to keep users engaged even if their interest wanes from one or more particular platform components.
  • Is it normal to forget your own age?
  • Totally normal. 21 was your last milestone, 22 was your first year of “I’m older than 21.” Everything after that will be fuzzy except for the decade milestones and maybe the half decade ones.

  • Wendy's says it has no plans to raise prices during the busiest times at its restaurants
  • Yes. Theoretically they can drive people away and make more money if the people they haven’t driven away spend more for less goods.

    Let’s imagine on a normal lunch hour I sell 100 burgers at lunch for $4. If I raised my price to $4.50, I’d only sell 80 burgers. If I raised the price to $5 then I’d only sell 50 burgers If a burger costs me $3 then I normally make $1 a burger, but at the middle price I make $1.50, and $2 at the high price.

    100 burger x $1 = $100 profit
    80 burgers x $1.5 = $120 profit
    50 burgers x $2 = $100 profit

    The trick is figuring out how changing price will affect demand without pissing all your potential customers off. Restaurants already do dynamic pricing with Happy Hour and Taco Tuesdays etc. They give a “discount” to entice more people to come in when they are less busy.

  • 10th Circuit reminds Colorado cop that a driver doing nothing suspicious is not reasonable suspicion to extend a stop -

    Archived page [], if you’re paywalled or region-blocked.

    10th Circuit reminds Colorado cop that a driver doing nothing suspicious is not reasonable suspicion to extend a stop -

    Archived page [], if you’re paywalled or region-blocked.