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  • Almost everyone on the left in the US regards CNN as corporate garbage.

    I think far left, not left. But even if this were true, it is far from being called "Russian troll". What do you think in the article that makes it or him "Russian troll", or even "corporate garbage"?

  • Switched to linux before it became mainstream
  • I do not understand this joke. Is it about "time is relative"?

  • Is kbin social under maintenance?
  • It's the biggest lie that there is "server upgrade and service will be recovered in couple of days" or something like that. Unless it is constant server upgrade.

  • Moscow warns West of escalation after Ukraine told it can hit Russia
  • Don’t judge other people by yourself.

  • Switched to linux before it became mainstream
  • You misspelled Unix.

  • Israel won’t end war for deal to free all hostages, PM’s aide said to tell families
  • That was never stated as official policy. Nor the actions aligned with it. You confuse Israel with Hamas, who both stated and acted upon it.

  • Is Trump going to prison? What to know about the possible sentence after his conviction
  • Cohen pleaded guilty to eight counts including campaign-finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud. It were more serious allegations.

  • Trump supporters call for riots and violent retribution after verdict
  • I kind of understand them, because if you listen Fox News, you will learn about Soviet style prosecution, about how judge manipulated court. “Expert” after “expert” say that it is political hunting, etc. It is easy to manipulate those with single source of news and views.

  • Colorado enacts right-to-repair law banning restrictions on parts pairing, mirroring Oregon's ban
  • That’s because the state is essentially responsible for house safety- there are many codes the buildings have to satisfy. Not everything is regulated like that. There are no many codes (if at all) associated with chargers, and charger safety is responsibility of a company making the charger. So at least I can see some logic here. But with low power devices like console the risk is very low to have someone electrocuted because incorrect low voltage (compared to what car is using to charge) card is installed. Maybe there is a risk of fire?

  • me_irl
  • Which one? With the tail?

  • Colorado enacts right-to-repair law banning restrictions on parts pairing, mirroring Oregon's ban
  • I don’t know. Could still be safety concerns? In many districts/counties you can’t even change a light-switch yourself.

  • Colorado enacts right-to-repair law banning restrictions on parts pairing, mirroring Oregon's ban
  • I understand exception of medical devices where manufacturers carry huge responsibility if something goes wrong. But consoles???

  • The ugly truth behind ChatGPT: AI is guzzling resources at planet-eating rates
  • They are really left leaning, not balanced, and it shows in their opinions, but also in news selection. Since fediverse is also left or even significantly left leaning, it gets shared a lot here.

  • The ugly truth behind ChatGPT: AI is guzzling resources at planet-eating rates
  • This is horrible article. The only number given related to LLM is 700,000 liters of water used, which is honestly minuscule in impact on environment. And then there are speculations of “what if water used in aria where there is no water”. It is on the level of “if cats had wings, why don’t they fly”.

    Everything we do in modern would consumes energy. Air conditioners, public transport, watching TV, getting food, making elections… exactly the same article (without numbers and with lots of hand waving) could have written. “What if we start having elections in Sahara? Think about all the scorpions we disturb!”

  • Judge Dumbfounded When Man with Suspended License Attends Court [on zoom] While Driving
  • Yes, but this is agreed in advance, not “I am late, let me call”

  • Gamers aged 55+ account for almost a third of gamers now, and that share is on the rise.
  • The relative costs of computers, consoles and games themselves is significantly lower today than in the eighties.

  • People Don't Seem To Understand
  • Don’t worry, despite negative signs, it is all just covfefe.

  • Anon is a Tunisian gamer
  • You don’t understand. It is a motivational poster about perseverance. Or is it demotivational? Always confuse them.

  • Here's the available evidence of what happened at Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza — NPR

    Videos and photos provide some clues, but much remains unknown about the horrific explosion at the site.

    Here's the available evidence of what happened at Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza — NPR
    /kbin meta MxM111

    Can't block particular community

    For some reason I just can't block @196. For several month, on PC and on iPhone. I can block other communities, but not this one. It goes into page with saying that over next few days the infrastructure will be updated. I thought in a few days it would be resolved, but it is more than two month. I thought maybe this is not known bug?


    In Defense of Platonism. We are not in simulation, but we are numbers or information.

    This is a series of proposition that leads to the conclusion (somewhat convincing in my eyes) that we are not physical, but informational/numerical/mathematical structures.

    o Consciousness can be simulated, or better said, run on a computer. No difference between meat computer and silicon computer o A world with conscious beings can be simulated as well. o No difference what computer that simulates the consciousness can be (meat or silicone) – substrate independence. o So, imagine that the simulation is run by a god with very long lifetime on a beach where he put pebbles of two different colors to represent ones and zeros. The first line of pebbles represents simulated world state at one time, the second line of pebbles is the world in second moment of time and so on. o There is no question that that world is as real as ours, at least for the creatures living in that world – and that god can even ask questions and receive answers from the creatures of that simulated world by rearranging pebbles. o There is nothing “magical” goes in the god’s brain either. It can be a program for Turing machine, also written in the same pebbles. o So, we have near infinite field of these pebbles, and it is the world. This world is defined by rules, how the next row is obtained from the previous row, and by initial condition – the orientation of the pebbles in the first row. o To understand the world, one needs a set of interpretation rules and capability to do such interpretation computationally, but the world itself exists independent from somebody understanding how to interpret it, or even from presence of that somebody. o Interesting possibility – there could be multiple interpretation rules to understand the same pebble field, producing different worlds and different creatures in it. This is not related to the argument. o Similarly to how we abbreviate binary sequences, 1110 = E; 0011 = 3 , that god could use numbers, letters, symbols to shorten what is written on the sand with pebbles. o In fact, we have examples of such shortening in math, that infinite number of digits is shortened to just one simple letter. For example, pi. There is a set of rules about how to generate digits of pi, similarly to as those pebble rows are generated. And who is to say, that there is no such interpretation of the digits of pi that describes a world with conscious creatures in it? The set of rules can be extremely complex, but so what? Just because I do not know this interpretation, it does not matter for the creatures of that world. o So, suppose that such interpretation exists (if it does not, then lets denote whatever that god is writing with pebbles by single letter – it does not matter for the arguments presented here). So, when I (not god) write this letter “pi”, do I create the world? Of course not, this world exists by itself, without me writing the letter pi. And I will argue it does not depend on whether human civilization exists or not – pi does not care. o Now, even if existence of a primordial physical world is required for the math to exist, there are infinite upon infinite abstract mathematical “simulations” or “letters” that nobody even needs to conduct or write, that describe infinite upon infinite number of worlds with conscious creatures. So, what are the odds that we ourselves live in that primal primordial physical world, and not in some kind of pi?