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I went back to Reddit…
  • I used to use “sort by rising” on Reddit and felt like I was able to engage much more that way. Then they took that option away and I was either getting junk posts or ones that were already too popular to remotely be a part of the conversation. That’s actually when I went to third party apps, I know everyone hate the native app but before they changed the sort options I was fine with it. Then a few months later they destroyed access to third party apps and I joined the exodus and came here. But it honestly felt like they were intentionally pushing me away, as stupid as that sounds. Anywho, I do wish there was more content here but at least I feel like I can participate and not be lost at sea

  • A ~~cool~~ guide to the fascist future
  • Compulsory voting is definitely intriguing…even if you had the option to vote “null” meaning not vote for anyone but at least you had to make the effort to say something. The crazies I think are a relatively small portion of the US, they’re just SO much louder than everyone else

  • But it'll all be fine, I'm sure it'll blow over and never affect me
  • I so want nothing to do with this election, I feel so defeated and disgusted by all of it BUT I keep reminding myself that if I don’t vote then I essentially voted for whoever ends up winning. And that could easily be Trump. And in my view he’s not just an awful candidate, he’s an existential threat eat to democracy. So I will vote. But damn, literally almost anyone else could beat Trump, why this is our choice is so insane.

  • Victory lap!
  • I love this idea! I have videos of my grandparents where my dad interviews them about their lives. And then one of my dad when we interviewed him about his life after he was diagnosed with cancer. Can’t really bear to watch that one but some day I should save them online somewhere. I like the idea of them being part of an archive and part of searchable history fo future generations

  • Have you ever, given someone a major step up in life, been a mentor, and measurably altered the trajectory of their life for the better?
  • I think once he got back on his feet you probably reminded him (through no fault of your own obviously) of that horrible painful time in his life and it may have just been too unbearable to be around you. And he may not have even made that as a conscious decision. Still it’s completely unfair to you and you didn’t deserve that. Your value in being a good person in this world is appreciated, at least by an internet stranger :)

  • Art is in the AI of the beholder

    Just received the photos of a sewer scope inspection for a client and the AI series of description fails gave me a giggle


    A Series of AI Description Fails

    From a client’s recent sewer scope inspection report, goes from cute to existential to aha!


    Found this surveillance system on my afternoon bike ride

    The cameras wrapped around the tree, some very cool old school cameras too. Really blended in fun art piece, nearly missed it


    When a friend kindly asks if you need anything transported over his 20 hour drive back home you must mess with them!

    There is no bearded dragon but now I know I have a friend willing to transport one across state lines with no questions asked


    He is my evening nightstand duck, we get each other


    How can I filter my feed to only show posts that are in English?

    Just the title, if I’m looking at “All” I have to scroll past a lot of posts in other languages that I can’t read and I have t been able to find language as a filter option. Thanks!


    Owning a dachshund in a nutshell


    Owning a dachshund in a nutshell




    That feeling when your rescue finally fully trusts you is magic <3


    Looks like Apollo is officially gone, such injustice and so heartbreaking :(



    Why would Reddit push users away from their app shortly before announcing API changes?

    I can’t wrap my head around this, it seems so bizarre. The only reason I’m here now is because I joined Apollo right after Reddit changed its app to remove the sort by rising feature. It completely changed my experience on the app for the worse and I sought out an alternative, and I know I’m not the only one that had this complaint. I was a faithful Reddit user/poster on the official app for 6 years until just a few months ago. Why would they make their app less user friendly a few months before announcing the crazy API changes. They drove me away from their app and then drove me away from the site altogether.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? It just makes no sense to me


    Happy National Dachshund Day!