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Who would win: every human in the world vs. every animal in the world?
  • Do viruses and bacteria count? Antibac resistance is building. I imagine a virus that fritzed our brains would give animals some advantage.

  • Did you use pre-internet online services like CompuServe or Quantum Link? How was your experience?
  • Culture in general was much more monolithic

    That’s interesting - I didn’t experience the advent of the internet like that, probably because I’m from a fairly multicultural background and travelled at lot at that time. I lived near DC for a few months in 1976 and went on a three-week road trip around California in 1990 and did notice how isolated from the rest of the world Americans in general seemed, especially outside the big cities. I was a real novelty, exotic even, and I’m a white cis het woman. Just with a funny accent, from a country they’d never heard of.

  • What are some free interests/things/hobbies you can do in the city?
  • Look for volunteer opportunities. In my town I found a litter-picking group that met once a week. Then through members of that group I joined another one that maintains flower beds and planters around the town. Then joined an effort to rehabilitate an environment project on a nearby farm, and ended up in the beekeeping team. Another group I was in for a few years organises gentle walks for elderly folks. I learned a huge amount from all these things, and none of it cost me anything but time.

  • Signs you're getting old?
  • Stage one: Effortful noise when rising from a low chair/sofa

    Stage two: Inability to rise from a low chair/sofa. Beanbag? Nooooo….

    My own turning point was finding myself unable to get out of the bath by just standing up. It was comic but also terrifying. I eventually worked out I could lever myself up with my arms. Phew.

  • Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man
  • “I see you dress to the right, sir.”

  • Experiments
  • How is she inside the cage yet also outside the cage? My brain hurts.

  • *I now know why you cry*
  • I’ve never watched Terminator. I like sci-fi generally (The Fifth Element is one of my favourite films) but I don’t know… it just never appealed to me. A lot of shooting and chasing and emoting I’m guessing? And Arnie. Not my cup of tea.

  • I bought frozen BBQ eel and the best before date says LJ349. What does this mean?
  • Some uk supermarkets have started dropping the use by date in favour of codes like this. The article says it’s to reduce waste and that staff will have special training to know when to bin stuff. I imagine the training is in how to read the codes.

  • What's inside the London Tower Bridge?
  • Both sides have elevators. One side also has the bridge lift, the mechanism that raises the central bridge to let ships through.

  • Android 15 will free you from using Google Wallet as your default wallet app
  • Hey, leave us boomers out of it! I love being able to pay with my phone. No more carting around a handbag, stick my phone in my pocket and I’m good to go. I can buy stuff, read a book, chat with friends, listen to music and podcasts… brilliant.

  • Why do Americans measure everything in cups?
  • Back in my childhood (60+ years ago) we had recipes that called for a “breakfast cup’ of this and a “teacup” of that. And yes, we did have actual breakfast cups and teacups, which had significantly different volumes. What kind of cup do they use in the US I wonder?

  • What's the actual advantage of eSIM over a physical SIM?
  • There's no headphone jack... but I just Bluetooth audio to my hearing aids, so it's not a problem.

  • What's the actual advantage of eSIM over a physical SIM?
  • My phone has two SIM slots (Oppo Find X3).

  • Peak mankind
  • I went psst psssst pssst to a cute cat in a garden I was passing, not noticing a woman walking towards me. She thought I was hissing at her, gave me such a LOOK. She was wearing hijab, I'm an old lady, who knows what was going through her head.

    No dopamine for me that day.

  • Man pulled over for driving with massive bull riding shotgun in Nebraska
  • Licence plate: "Boy & dog".

    "The officer chose to write him a warning and ask him to take the animal back home and leave the city.”

    So much to enjoy in this story.

  • McConnell appears to freeze while speaking with reporters in Kentucky
  • Ugh yes. It was like her gadget had malfunctioned, AGAIN.

  • McConnell appears to freeze while speaking with reporters in Kentucky
  • My sister's absence seizures turned out to be stage four brain cancer. I know he's an arsehole, but doesn't he have anyone looking out for him? At all? He needs help.

  • that's some good goya
  • From Wiki: "In 1819, at the age of 72, Goya moved into a two-story house outside Madrid that was called Quinta del Sordo (Deaf Man's Villa). Although the house had been named after the previous owner, who was deaf, Goya too was nearly deaf at the time as a result of an unknown illness he had suffered when he was 46."

    I've seen these paintings and had no idea about any of this. I also want more weird art history facts.

  • Sock blankets

    Thrilled to have found a Lemmy knitting group! I'm a sock obsessive, I just love knitting socks, so I've ended up with an staggering amount of "scrap" yarn. The solution - blankets. This is my second Cosiest Memories project and this time I have a Plan. The first one was truly random, with lots of placement errors. When it was finished I did a dark icord edge, and suddenly it was smart!


    So for the second one I'm adding an inner border of that same colour and (eventually) will finish with icord. I might even knit some more socks!


    My first post

    I'm a Reddit refugee and in all the years I was there I never made a single post. I'm very much enjoying the Fediverse, especially Lemmy, and thought I'd share my happy place with you all.