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I mean it.
  • One of my friends was a cop when George Floyd was murdered. He said something like "I don't know what was in his heart so I can't say for certain that he was racist." I said well the area was 3% black and this happened to him while a crowd of people said stop, you're killing him all over suspicion of a nonviolent crime; what are the odds that this happens to a white person, then understand that white people are significantly more than 3% of the population there.

    He's not a cop anymore.

  • For the dudes here... What "girl" song you secretly love?
  • Toxic by Britney Spears. Absolute fucking banger. Musically interesting for an American pop song. Each chorus has the chords walk down, which is pretty cool, but then on the next bar something really interesting happens. Instead of walking down from the second of the four chords, there are back to back tritone substitutions! So fucking cool!

  • Roughly 5 Percent Of All Cybertrucks Are For Sale Online Right Now
  • I wonder how expensive it would be to scrap pretty much everything but the battery and chassis and then build a decent vehicle around it. I'd rather have a smaller EV than that, but I bet the range would be pretty great on that with a lighter build that isn't fugly and stupid and prone to failures.

  • Steve Bannon asks appeals court to keep him out of prison due to his importance in Trump’s campaign
  • But Hunter going to prison is how he could be important to trump's campaign. I'm sure there are already desperate emails begging for money with AI photos of Hunter and Joe behind bars rolling out now. "Biden Crime Family" in impact font. If not now, then soon.

  • Firefox Browser Blocks Anti-Censorship Add-Ons at Russia’s Request
  • If things would stop getting shittier, then yes. I'm not entirely sure that it applies here so I understand your annoyance, but you're seeing "enshittification" everywhere because we're seeing the practice of enshittification everywhere. I applaud it being called out. We shouldn't be seeing higher prices for worse experiences, but that's the current trend. If you're tired of seeing the word, then it'd probably be a good idea to take a break from c/technology because I don't think it's stopping any time soon.

  • What would you do with your time if you didn't have to work to meet your food, housing, and healthcare needs?
  • I would be a better husband, first of all. I'd have much more time and energy available for more than what I already do around the house plus better dates. Beyond that, I think I'd write and record a bunch of music just to share with the world, maybe try to make a few bucks off of it but not beyond "buy me a beer" type donations from people who can spare it. I really want to do a post-rock concept album before I kick the bucket, just to have a big completed project checked off. Maybe I'd write some bad poetry too until I got sorta good at it, maybe a book if I had enough to say.

    I'd also play even more video games, obviously. Maybe I'd finally hit champ in Rocket League lmao.

  • 274 killed, 698 injured...
  • Any god who is all powerful and all knowing--yet allows this to happen--is not a god worthy of anybody's worship. If there are such beings, then our universe may be nothing more than a child's misplaced Tamagotchi, forgotten under their bed or at the bottom of their backpack.

    Is it better to have an uncaring god or no god at all?

  • Trump claims credit for Biden’s insulin price cap
  • Trump signed an executive order to put it in place later. Biden on day one paused everything to vet whether it aligned with where he wanted to steer the country. He decided to not do that by something as flimsy as an executive order and made it a piece of a big bill that was signed into law, protecting it beyond the whims of a future president. Trump's administration deserves credit for mobilizing it, but executive orders probably don't have the teeth to actually make that idea come true and definitely are far from permanent. Now it is the law of the land, and that's because it went through both parts of Congress and then was signed into law. It is indisputable that charging more for insulin is against the law, and this law was a textbook case of legislating constitutionally. Big pharma has no grounds for suing or not complying, but they might've if it were just an executive order.

  • Crowd boos Rob Schneider off the stage when he started telling anti-trans & anti-vaxx jokes
  • Imagine starring in a movie where your character is desperately trying to explain to loved ones that they're trapped in the wrong body and don't understand how to navigate this gender that they find themselves in and then come out in the other side being transphobic. Like, he's so media illiterate that he doesn't empathize with his own characters. So then it was just hateful jokes the whole time, I guess. Dude stopped maturing at like 15.

  • working around the clock to take away our rights
  • It doesn't even seem to be much work now that they aren't pretending to have legitimate rationale behind these decisions. They have a 6-3 majority, lifetime appointments, and zero oversight beyond impeachment which will never fucking happen. They're bulletproof assholes and they'll push as far as they feel like so long as they don't piss people off enough to assassinate them, and it's almost exclusively conservatives who would go to such lengths, so yeah they're bulletproof.

  • Trump's obsession with revenge: A big post-verdict danger
  • Maybe I'm being optimistic, but I have to assume that since an adult is in the white house right now and since we know what happened on Jan 6, there will be significantly more resources in place to protect the Capitol and other government buildings around the country this upcoming January. Plus we've seen that the FBI got a bunch of them and charged, convicted, and sentenced them, so there's some precedent to act as a deterrent now. The cultists may be fucking morons, but they're also absolute goddamn cowards, so I don't think they'll try to "storm" shit that is obviously properly defended, especially when they know that they'll probably be caught and go to prison for it. At least not thousands of them like last time. Maybe like 50 total will push through, but they ain't even getting to the steps outside this time.

  • Butts, breasts, and genitals now explicitly allowed on Elon Musk’s X
  • Time to drop a ton of photoshops of Musk with a diseased micropenis until he changes his mind about this. Maybe shops of Zuckerberg and Musk heads onto gay porn stars so it looks like Mark is dominating Elon's asshole in the literal sense rather than just the figurative sense.

  • How much time do you spend on Lemmy?
  • Depends on the day. If I dismiss outliers where it's less than 20 minutes, my average is probably about 90 minutes based on checking my app history over the past few weeks. A good chunk of that is typing comments, sometimes looking up a good link to include. I usually swipe through while skimming posts and open comments for a post once in a while, occasionally adding a comment in there. I rarely post anything but comments.

    Today I'm at 35 minutes and probably mostly done for the day.

  • Bikini Bottom Twitter MrVilliam

    What are they even doing up there? Jazzercise?

    Political Memes MrVilliam

    What do you think history textbooks will say 50 years from now?


    Last Call of the Season

    There's only a week or so left! If anybody wants to party up to try to climb just a little further, DM me. I think I'm Diamond 1 in 2s and plat 2 or 3 in 3s, but with a teammate who meshes with me I can do much better.

    Everybody well above or well below my rank, put your rank down so others can try to find a buddy or two as well.

    With player trading coming to an end, I guess this could also be a last call for trades.


    US East 2s Diamond

    It's the last weekend of the season. Anybody looking to go for broke in ranked to see what's possible with fewer inhibitions?

    I'm on PS5 in NoVA and bouncing around low Diamond. If you rotate properly, I'll forgive every whiff.


    Fun Team Names?

    Whether it's a club name, club tag, or tournament name, what are some interesting names you've used or seen?

    My friends and I recently played a tournament and somehow won with the name Socialist Jiu Jitsu. Our club name is Aunt Tifa. We used the club tag [BLM] for a while, but the amount of racism in the text chat was exhausting, so now it's just [ANTI]. It was pretty entertaining to get people tilted and then silently dunk on them, but the toxicity wasn't fun most of the time.


    Work/Life Balance

    Nobody ever laid on their death bed wishing they had worked more.

    Breathe clean air. Enjoy sunlight. Eat fresh produce. Be a free human when you can.