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MrScottyTay MrScottyTay

An almost 30 Software Dev that enjoys gaming, woodworking, electronics and plenty of other hobbies. Too many hobbies.

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MicroJournal is a distraction-free writing tool with Cherry MX hot-swap keys - Liliputing
  • It's just a planck with a screen attached to it. Could easily make your own with a pi zero and a screen and turn you can use any keyboard and will be able to call it around a bit easier than that awkward shape

  • Beyond Good & Evil remaster arrives next week with "improved graphics", new in-game content, and more
  • That's just how camera controls were best then, they were always horizontally inverted and not many key you change it. If you emulate or play it on pc, you can at least rebind it so its no longer inverted

  • China's AI-Powered Sexbots Are Redefining Intimacy, But There Will Be Limitations - Are We Ready?
  • Where'd he come from Where did he go, where's the sexbot: Gigolo Joe?

  • I am hungry, but I can't eat.
  • You should try and work on yourself or get the help you need if you truly are. It's not something that should be dismissed just because you hear it may be common among others

  • Hello Kitty Island Adventure - Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch
  • It's been on ipad for quite a while now, this is just a port.

  • STRAY | Coming to Nintendo Switch
  • Looks super rough imo. How do all of these ports look like they're being viewed through Vaseline but games like Mario odyssey are nice and sharp.

  • I am hungry, but I can't eat.
  • You sure you're not depressed?

  • me whenever hbomberguy uploads a new video
  • There's a lot of YouTubers that started doing big videos like that and i just don't have the time to watch something like that and give it all my attention. Same with caddicarus, used to watch both of these a lot but since they started having massively long videos i just haven't bothered with them in ages

  • Minecraft players outraged as Microsoft deletes accounts that weren't transitioned
  • A proper corporate database with the security it needs and the amount of people accessing it (remember how many people bought Minecraft) yes it would be expensive to have multiple databases doing the same thing.

  • Minecraft players outraged as Microsoft deletes accounts that weren't transitioned
  • Hard disagree, of i play Minecraft, it's for vanilla Minecraft. Clones just don't capture that arm feel and vibe of Minecraft either

  • Microsoft in damage-control mode, says it will prioritize security over AI
  • As beginner friendly as they are you still can't play Sims 1 and 2 on them.

  • I banned my daughter from using the iPhone she bought. It made her a better person | Em Rio
  • Technically lemmy has lots of algorithms. It wouldn't work without any

  • Why the gradual death of the console exclusive makes business sense
  • Nintendo are an anomaly though, they're not struggling financially and when they do the higher ups take a cut so everything else stays business as normal for the most part and they just keep trucking along comfortably

  • Steam owner Valve accused of ripping off 14m UK gamers
  • True on the legal front but just wanted to share my anectode on how they're not always the best for customers because usually you just see the good stuff when it comes to steam and valve

  • Sky News Leaders "debate" discussion thread 🧵
  • They're already up. My girlfriends filing fell out but they can't see her until September

  • My RuneScape-inspired fitness RPG, WalkScape, has a new Closed Beta wave starting one June 1st!
  • Just want to let you now that I've not had any issues since. Everything's been working as expected now.

  • Astro Bot Will Get Free Post-Launch DLC
  • Can't wait for this game. The other one was so good and this is everything I've wanted since then. This news just makes me more excited.

  • Steam owner Valve accused of ripping off 14m UK gamers
  • I had gifted a game while there was a sale but the person i gifted it to never got on their pc within the next month so i just got refunded and they never got the game. I complained that i still want them to have the game and they essentially just said that i need to now pay full price or suck it. They just didn't seem to understand that this was an issue at all and were just fobbing me off. I guess technically since i didn't lose money it's not the worst thing. But it's massively annoying because we were about to play that game together until we realised they never received it due to this so to me it felt very anti consumer.

  • I've only ever seen people complain about them tangentially. Guess I'm not following the communities they usually pop up in

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard is a Mission-Based Game, Not Open World
  • Hasn't each game pivoted hard from the previous,?

  • What would you recommend for a new player?

    Basically anything goes.

    What should a new player learn or do really on to get the most out of the game. I just started today. I've had brief moments with the game on the past when I was younger but never enough to say I actually know the game.

    Vegan Fitness MrScottyTay

    I'm raising money for Millington's Magical Barn Animal Sanctuary by skating 100km through the month of August Help raise £200 to Millington's Magical Barn Animal Sanctuary by Skating 100km in August

    Weʼre raising money to Millington's Magical Barn Animal Sanctuary by Skating 100km in August. Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page.

    Help raise £200 to Millington's Magical Barn Animal Sanctuary by Skating 100km in August

    I did a similar charity skate challenge last year with a goal of 50km with me finishing at 80km. This year my overtime goal is 150km if I get enough good weather to push myself beyond the 100km.

    Millington's Magical Barn are a lovely vegan ran animal sanctuary that currently look after around 90 animals that were victims of neglect, abuse or were headed towards slaughter. At Millington's they wil be looked after for the lenght of their long natural life. They even look after a few disabled animals too.

    Please donate if you believe in this cause, as well as motivating me to push myself further fitness wise!


    What are people's favourite pre-WOW MMOs that are still worth playing today?

    I long for the days of yore, but I never really got into MMOs until WOW and I've always been jealous heating the stories of people playing MMOs prior.

    At some point in the future I'm going to be making an XP era PC build where I plan to play some older games from my childhood as well and any MMOs from that era that I missed out on

    Also going to try and get properly into FFXI at some point too but I'm wanting to hear other suggestions too.

    I've tried everquest but the way they center the character in the 3rd person view starts to mess with my motion sickness a bit feeling like I have to look at the ground a lot more than I'd normally prefer.


    Question: In-app links to other instances and communities

    Is there a way to have links to instances and communities in comments to actually open in jerboa rather than going to a browser?