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Ascension with all Hero classes :D calling it quits (for) now
  • If you want more challenge, the chals are right there. I very much relate to the mindless playing on a run that's too easy (i.e. no chal)

  • [DEV] Custom Notes in ShatteredPD!
  • Looks like no more need to switch to a notes app, this is wonderful

  • Seductress Necromancer - Lvl 30 Champion
  • Keeping yourself fed is also easier when you use up less food while exploring

  • [DEV] New Adventuring Notes in Shattered
  • Knowing the floor is probably enough, if the player wants, replay the seed on no chal and just magic map the floor might be enough to figure out what they missed

  • [DEV] A New UI for Scrolls of Upgrade
  • Strength required. Probably trying to use a shorter description to make the UI look consistent

  • I don't know and at this point I'm afraid to ask:
  • Fair, that's where the elixir of toxicity (and optional stamina pot) come in during the bossfight. And in normal game, that's where I disengage when faced with 3 or more ghouls

  • I don't know and at this point I'm afraid to ask:
  • You also don't need all that many to be helpful. Set him on fire, poison him, maybe blind if you fancy, but then focus on minions (or whatever else damaging you have for the last phase, then invis until deferred happens)

  • New curse just dropped
  •'s called a curse for a reason. And I will note, at range a decent number are still usable attacks

  • [DEV] Shattered's New Catalog UI pt.2
  • 9 badges? Time for some hunting then!

  • Second ascension... Damn these thieves!
  • Tips for next time: Get yourself killed early (Goo if you need that badge as well) then leave the item by the stairs to pick up on your way out

  • How are you all doing so well?
  • And if you don't know how to avoid it, even +2 leather pretty much nullifies it. If you can't find anything better, send it rather than die

  • SPD v2.4.1 working well.
  • No spare transmutes then? Seems worth a roll if you had any

  • Seriously??
  • Need to have Swarm intelligence for that, enemies normally don't alert others. Depending on your loadout, something to blind then ranged damage is one good option, the other is to just walk up to the skelly so the robot can't shoot you (e.g. yellow seed to avoid taking hits).

  • SPD +16 Warhammer
  • Easiest you can do is of course use version 2.4.0. play the seed and id the hammer if you find one... Under normal conditions +16 is of course a bug, but if I'm reading that right they say that they found it somewhere in the first area at +2

  • the generation did a funny
  • Also other (later game) options such as ally swap, heroic leap etc

  • ⚔️ How do I escape my own stupidness?
  • Perhaps invis potions and chains if the plan is to invisibly waltz over

  • It bugs me when there is an obvious path forward, but a single undiscovered tile (or a trap) causes my character to take a path all the way around the level. Share your ideas for fixes.
  • Rather than a popup, perhaps as suggested use the "arrow to continue moving" when path length is much larger than direct distance ignoring obstacles, and show a short trace or arrow to indicate the plotted path. Do this before a single step is taken, either tapping the target location or the continue arrow executes the path

  • Is the pitfall trap too OP?
  • Spell is phase shift, I can also think of Ally swap or any other ability which allows jumping or teleporting, such as Assassin's reach, Smoke Bomb, Heroic leap, some duelist weapon abilities etc.

  • A truly cursed wand
  • There is no bug to hunt this time, though you might try to find where the branch to do this is

  • I really like the new entrance/exit room styles but...
  • o7 for the pillar of infinite surprise

  • Finally went and completed the run, first 8chal!


    Now then, time to gather some potions

    Set up a simple farm


    May I interest you in some dew?


    Why hello there: another rare champion

    Mildly related, do you usually clear the curse on f1? To me it just feels right to do


    Didn't realize level gen could make empty space like this

    No wonder I couldn't find the door while on my way down


    Why hello there! I don't think I've met a rare variant champion before


    Love that Yog does not spawn in until I personally stroll over


    Huntress QOL suggestions

    As a Huntress players, I find there are 2 things that annoy me the most, that I would love improved:

    • When the Spirit Hawk dies (expires, no enemy present) while sleeping, I very much want to wake up, similar for wards getting sniped by ranged enemies
    • Often enough especially when farming I want to repeatedly shoot in the same direction at an enemy I can't see. I'd love some convenient way to shoot "same aim as previous shot" repeatedly when there is no visible enemy.

    Wake up when the Sprit hawk dies

    I would very much like this as a feature. Especially when trying to farm, it's decently convenient to sleep e.g. in a garden while the Spirit Hawk acts as a lookout. The only problem is that the hawk seems to expire after some time, and the game does not interrupt the sleep for this. I would very much like to be woken up for this, just as if I was hit with an attack. Similar goes for a ward getting destroyed without seeing the enemy for a turn.


    Embers in demon spawner room look exactly like the floor

    Internal server error trying to upload a screenshot, so no pic here

    But I would very much like a visible graphical difference, which there doesn't seem to be


    Having my cake and eating it too: projecting bow edition. Was horn of plenty