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  • There is a very simple explanation for this specific case: nobody on is subscribed to [email protected]!

    Most community related activities on Lemmy will only be sent to instances that have at least one subscriber for the community.

  • Upvotes and comments not federating from small community
  • other instances will need to have at least one subscriber to the community to be sent votes and new content

  • Why does deleting a post not actually delete it?
  • This is addressed in the upcoming Lemmy release 0.19.4 where contents will no longer be included in API responses. Until then it's up to clients to actually hide it. Content is kept for a few days to allow you to undo deletion, but you can also edit your content before deleting it to remove that. There is also a scheduled task running once a week I believe that will replace contents of deleted comments with something like PERMANENTLY DELETED.

    Regardless, as Lemmy is a public platform, you should be aware that people may be storing this information on linked platforms regardless and may not respect the edits/deletions at all.

  • Comments don't load?
  • ah, annoying that that seems to be happening accidentally so easily :/

  • Comments don't load?
  • Hi,

    is this consistently happening with the same posts?
    Do you see comments when you try the same post again later?
    You mentioned this happens with both the default front end and also with Alexandrite, does it happen with the same posts on both of them?
    Can you reproduce this in a private browser window?
    If you can, would you mind sharing a post that this is happening with so we can take a look?
    It would also be useful to see the associated error message.

  • How to report trolly/scammy account
  • the reporting endpoint is the same, doesn't matter where you report from.

  • How to report trolly/scammy account
  • you can't report users yet.

    there's an email address for our ticket system in the sidebar of this community.
    it's either that or trying your luck by sending a private message to a random admin. tickets are often a better option.

  • does lemmy world automod removing a post from Ani social affect only lemmy world?
  • if the missing NSFW mark is the only reason for removal we're generally open to restore content after that has been fixed.

    we will not actively search out content that has been removed and then was updated to include the nsfw mark, but this would be doable on request.

  • does lemmy world automod removing a post from Ani social affect only lemmy world?
  • Hello,

    the post was removed by a Lemmy.World admin.

    Since the post is not in a Lemmy.World community and your user is not on Lemmy.World either, this removal is only affecting Lemmy.World users.

    Our AutoMod is only notifying you about this happening, but the wording should be improved to make it more clear what happened.

  • Can't post or reply, just spins
  • probably, yes. certain VPNs are currently blocked.

  • Quick video demonstrating that sends every activity out twice
  • we've switched from using multiple federation sending containers (which are supposed to split receiving instances across workers) to just using a single one.

  • Temporarily blocking activities from
  • feel free to reach out to me directly via matrix at if you want

    edit: fyi, mentions of @[email protected] will usually not be seen.

  • has gone read only to us
  • except it doesn't work well for the rest of lemmy/the fediverse.

    many other instances seem to be getting hit by this, but they don't have as many activities generated locally for this to become much of a problem. additionally, this is mostly affecting instances with high latency to the instance that is being flooded by kbin, as lemmy currently has an issue where activity throughput between instances with high latency can't keep up with too many activities being sent. the impact of this is can be a bit less on smaller instances with smaller communities often not having as many subscribers on remote instances, although we've seen problems reported by some other admins as well. this includes e.g., which i suspect to have been hit by responses from a lemmy instance, while the lemmy instance was actually only answering the requests sent from that kbin instance.

    during the last peak, when we decided to pull the plug for now, was sending us more than 20 activities per second for 7 hours straight. can easily handle this amount of activities, but the problem arises when this impacts our federation towards other (lemmy) instances, as e.g. votes will get relayed by the community (magazine) instance, which means, depending on the type of activity being sent, we might have to be sending out the same 20 requests per second to up to 4,000+ other fediverse instances that are subscribed/following the community this is happening in. trying to send 20 requests per second, which lemmy does not do in parallel, requires us to use at most 50ms per activity total sending time to avoid creating lag. when the instance is in australia, with 200ms+ latency, this is simply not possible.

    looking at the activity generation rates of some popular lemmy instances, anything that is significantly above is likely not just sending legitimate activities.

    ps: if you're wondering how i'm seeing this post, you can search for a post url and comment urls on lemmy to make lemmy fetch them, even if they haven't been directly submitted through normal federation processes. this requires a logged in user on lemmy's end.

  • Temporarily blocking activities from
  • so far this has been a single case with and lots and lots of cases with

    no other instances have been observed behaving like this yet.

  • Can't make account, I tried and failed with two emails, and it says password doesn't match
  • Hello, disposable email addresses are not allowed.

  • Banned by an admin?
  • see for now.

    we've been spending a bunch of time already during the last days to get a solution in place on our end that will allow us to selectively reject federated activities from kbin, such as allowing comments and posts while rejecting votes, which seem to be the main issue currently, but we're seeing some stability issues with this currently.

    we're planning to unban the affected users from the communities once we have this stabilized, as we currently have to pick between

    1. defederate from (and other kbin instances when they are affected)
    2. reject all inbound activities from affected instances
    3. temporarily ban affected users in the communities associated with the issue
    4. drop all activities with certain characteristics, such as votes, when coming from a specific instance
    5. drop all activities with certain characteristics, such as votes, when coming from a specific instance and exceeding a rate limit

    1-3 are all options we can do with existing tools, 4 and 5 require a custom implementation on our side. as 3. has the least overall impact of those we decided to go with 3 for now, which seems to work out rather well so far, except for the individual user experience of affected users.

    4. has been our primary focus to implement currently, but it takes time to ensure this works as expected, as we're essentially building this from scratch. 5. may be implemented afterwards if we want to spend additional time on it.

  • So I really am the cancer on this platform
  • for a magazine to show up on lemmy, a logged-in user needs to visit it first. afterwards, to ensure that new content is published to lemmy instances, someone from that instance needs to subscribe to the magazine. this needs to happen on every instance as far as i know. this is one of the reasons services like or exist.

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