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WTF is wrong with Killing Floor 2?

The game now requires an always-online connection, even if you play offline. Just tried it myself by setting Steam to offline mode and you can never 'Ready Up' into a map. This was not the case before the Epic Games Store integration they did awhile ago.

The game is now bloated to 100+ GB install. If you already own KF2, you need to pay more for the Ultimate edition for all the silly weapon packs they added to the game over the years VS buying it bundled (???). All the stupid lootboxes are STILL in the game. It takes forever to boot this game off a HDD.

It just sucks man. I heard about the game in the anniversary post and wanted to play KF2 again. Its crazy how this game somehow gotten worse over time. How can KF3 possibly be good?

20-minute Analysis on Withering Rooms, a strange combination of Roguelite and Survival Horror

The game came out recently and I was taken aback by how much content and effort went into it. Alot of videos out for this game atm seem to be mostly reviews, so I thought it would be far more interesting to break the game down for ppl who might want to play it.

Did you want to watch a 56 minute analysis on a souls-like? This is a video about Lords of the Fallen:

And maybe it's also about some other things.

I'll atleast promise you this:

This isn't me trying to push a low-effort post on Lemmy. LOTF is a very interesting souls-like that people discarded pretty quickly. I think the game is worth paying attention to- both what it does right and what it did wrong.

SteamDeck solution for Media Frontend?

I like setting up my SteamDeck docked on my big TV. Newer games look rough at 720p, but playing older/indies at 1920x1080 + 4 controllers is a great experience.

Let's say I want the option to boot into a frontend that makes it easy browsing a local collection of shows/movies on a USB. What are my options? So far Kodi seems to do exactly that, but I've heard of Jellyfin/etc.

Xbox PC USB Adapter still doesn't work on SteamOS 3.5
  • Gotcha. I get that the newer Xbone controllers have BT, but:

    1. Two of mine dont (older controllers)
    2. the ones i have tried on have worse latency than Dualsense (generally only newer controllers have actual good BT latency)

    Its just frustrating the 360 adapter "just works" but this newer one doesn't.

  • Xbox PC USB Adapter still doesn't work on SteamOS 3.5

    Just a public PSA and was a little sad. I thought the latest kernel updates would address this. Until then, when you plug the official Xbox Wireless USB in- nothing happens.

    The 360 Wireless USB adapter still works tho for some reason. 10+ years and its still kicking.

    Metallic Child is underappreciated & on sale. Here's a 1-hour analysis tearing it apart:

    I'm shamelessly shilling my shitty youtube video. But I'll atleast include a TL;DW:

    • +High effort production value despite budget roguelite
    • +Really fun combat loop & decent post-update content grind
    • +Alot of unexpected heart & care put into the story
    • --Scummy microtransactions
    • --Meta progression system blows
    • --Combat has objective issues that makes it worse than other roguelites

    Its a good game with annoying flaws. But if you're into isometric action Roguelites like Hades or Curse of the Dead Gods, then

    1 hour overanalyzing an underappreciated, unknown Roguelite:

    Metallic Child is a niche roguelite that has alot more heart put into it than it first appears. You can check the game out here:

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