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Rex Murphy, the sharp-witted intellectual who loved Canada, dies at 77
  • Rex Murphy, the socially-malignant gas-pump-fellating pseudo-intellectual who claimed to love Canada but was really just perpetually daydreaming about a socially conservative Randian right-wing dystopia, has finally and permanently shut the fuck up at 77.

    Fixed that for you, NatPo.

  • Kagi search engine, mod censorship, fun stuff
  • That thread is fucking bizarro, and is itself unhinged.

    The CEO seemed fairly reasonable to me (if someone were bashing my company on their blog I'd like a chance for rebuttal), though they did ignore the "please stop emailing me" request.

    It almost feels like everyone involved from the blog post to the thread comments are in the middle of a manic episode. What in the heck is going on?

    If anything I bet this results in a net subscriber gain for Kagi.

  • Canada’s population hits 41M months after breaking 40M threshold
  • Good luck (I mean that sincerely). I've heard it's not terribly easy to move here if you're not a recognised refugee. There was a lot of "I'm moving to Canada if the trumpet plays" talk in 2016, but I don't think it resulted in any significant increase in Americans moving here.

    I will say, as a Canadian, I and a number of my friends are considering moving away from Canada if America goes full totalitarian (which is looking likely, if not this election then the next). It's essentially America-lite here now, but with a higher cost of living and lower salaries. Most of us are thinking New Zealand or Ireland.

  • Going back multiple pages?
  • I don't believe that's possible. I think at one point there was a way to disable all access to the history API, but I don't believe that option exists anymore. Additionally, it would break a lot of websites.

    Unfortunately I think this is probably a result of the way YouTube implements their "auto play next video" feature, and they are unlikely to change that.

    An option might be using an alternative YouTube front-end, rather than using the YouTube site, but I don't have a lot of experience with those. (other people on here do though)

  • Going back multiple pages?
  • No. The API is correctly named, but I can see how it could be misleading (and concerning!)

    That API allows websites to programmatically go somewhere in your history. It can go forward, back, or to a specific point in your history, but it can't see what that history is, it can only go back 3 pages back or forward 2 pages for example. It doesn't actually know the history, it just navigates to those points in history. So Google isn't going to know that you were on Pornhub 3 pages ago, for example.

  • [Feature Request] Convert WEBP to JPEG when sharing?

    (This is my first post sent from Sync, so hopefully I don't mess this up too badly...)

    This might already exist, or might just generally be a stupid idea, but here we go:

    I share images from Lemmy / Sync pretty frequently, primarily as direct images to Facebook Messenger. However, Messenger doesn't like WEBP files, and quite a few instances seem to be using WEBP instead of JPEG or PNG.

    It'd be a time-saver (literally minutes a day!) and reduction of friction if there was an option to convert WEBP to JPEG on-the-fly when sharing. Right now I have to check the image format, and if it's a WEBP I need to download and edit / re-save before sharing.

    I was going to say this would be a nice value-add for Ultra, but I'm already subscribed 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I bet this issue doesn't actually affect that many users (stupid North America and its reliance on Facebook Messenger), but it does ever so slightly annoy me, so I figured might as well shoot my shot and make a feature request.

    It's annoying enough that if Sync was OSS I would have submitted a PR already.

    All that said: Sync is great and I'm so happy it was transposed from Reddit.

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