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Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs
  • Number of employees working on games is in the list at the bottom of the article. 181 as of 2021.

  • Walkable rule
  • Okay, so you're not complaining about the walkable part, you're complaining about the city part.

  • All Hail King Biden the First
  • Just yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that presidents are basically immune for 'official acts', which people are saying gives the president the power of a king.

  • Damn kids, get off my lawn!
  • That's funny, we called them push up pops.

  • I did shave them.
  • Maybe. It doesn't apply to me. I love shorts, I love my legs.

  • I did shave them.
  • This is such a trans tweet lol

  • It's terrifying...
  • Where are you getting this information? I see that the Duffer Brothers were still on as producers and writers for season 2.

    What I am reading is that they originally intended for the show to be a one-off or an anthology, but once they realized that they had a massive success, one that relied heavily on the likability of the kids, they changed their mind and started working on a sequel. Season 2 sucks because they were never intending on making it, and had a time crunch. With the later seasons though, they've known they were going to make them for years, and they had time to write better interconnected stories, so they've been improving with season 4 and hopefully 5.

  • It's terrifying...
  • Season 2 was the worst in my opinion, with the most recent season being about on par with the first.

  • If you were a video game boss, what's the most likely or most fitting way the protagonist may beat you?
  • They'd probably handle me the same way as the fish boss in Earthworm Jim. Just one smack to the face and I'm done. That's all it takes.

  • Sleep is good for the brain
  • And no one takes 0 minutes to get ready and travel to school.

  • Tokyo street

    Original piece by Arsenixc. This is just a pixel art recreation I did for practice.