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Breakfast Tablets
  • Yes, but with the tone and shape variation as in the photo would be awesome

  • Breakfast Tablets
  • What!? No way! I want my breakfast cereal to look like this, it's awesome!!

  • First Christmas display of the year... in July
  • So it sounds like saying "Christmas in christmas in"?

  • nuts
  • I haven't been keeping up with the news much, I know about Trump's ear but... Is the top image for real, are people actually doing this in the US?

  • Why would a chain retail employer take more than a month to give you shifts if at all?
  • Agreed. It's really helpful to see these replies, it's so easy to lose objectivity when upset

  • Why would a chain retail employer take more than a month to give you shifts if at all?
  • I'll hound them, even if I magically get another job overnight. I'm pissed about the whole ordeal and my Karen energy keeps building up

  • Why would a chain retail employer take more than a month to give you shifts if at all?
  • I hope so too, but I know myself to be naive especially when it comes to corporate manoeuvres.

  • Why would a chain retail employer take more than a month to give you shifts if at all?
  • Interesting, I've lived in a few different places and never heard of this. I'll look it up. I'm in Australia atm. I will see what I can find out through Fair Work.

  • Milk ruins cereal.
  • No. No, no, no, nooooooooo!!!!!!1!!1!!! Take my upvote and don't follow me

  • Why would a chain retail employer take more than a month to give you shifts if at all?

    Is there some advantage in having employees just doing nothing? I got an offer in early june, got paid for training and induction, got the uniform, and then, radio silence.

    I chased them up on the phone three times and today, when I called yet again they asked me to send them an email at a specific address. It's been over a month after I got the training btw.

    I realise I need to look for new job obviously as these idiots are pulling my leg. But can someone explain why would they bother with recruitment if they don't need staff?

    Shame rule
  • I've no idea about anything on this thread except for Baman and Piderman

  • What makes gel capsules so expensive in comparison to other pills?
  • Trust me I take no pleasure in taking any of these, my doctor prescribed them. It's been a while now and the difference shows in my blood tests, so if it's placebo I got some next level mind powers. My next appointment is still a few months away though, and I plan on asking her opinion about the brands and the type of pill/capsule, but for now, it's Lemmy.

  • CrowdStrike IT outage affected 8.5 million Windows devices, Microsoft says
  • 8.5M worldwide? I was expecting higher numbers, interesting

  • What makes gel capsules so expensive in comparison to other pills?
  • Okay, now that moves my goalpost a notch: are they really as effective as people claim? Do they have a longer shelf life or something? I'm trying to figure out if the price difference is worth it in my personal case. Many times with products you can tell the quality difference very easily, but this is a tricky one

  • big sword
  • Come one we all know it was polishing spears

  • When you pair your Bluetooth earbuds and one hasn't charged
  • I have Jabras too. The only apples I buy are by the kilo

  • What makes gel capsules so expensive in comparison to other pills?

    Disclaimer: I'm in Australia and here vitamins must comply with certain regulations. Feel free to read about it:

    I bought vitamin D the other day, and couldn't help but to notice the price differences, such as:

    Brand A: $8 x 300 pills Brand B: $30, x 250 capsules Brand C: $40, x 300 capsules

    All had the same amount of vitamin per dose (1000 u). They all had the AUST L label which means they undergo controls to ensure that they have what they claim to have, and that they are made under certain safety standards.

    I also buy iron supplements but there is nowhere near this much difference between brands. The only obvious difference was the type of pill, the more expensive ones were gel capsules while the cheap ones were hard pills.

    So, are gel capsules really that much better? Is the price difference justified? Are there other issues that could explain the price difference in terms of quality?

    big sword
  • Currved swords. Can you believe it? Curved swords!!!

  • Audio podcasts where more than one person is speaking should not exist.
  • I think you are very wrong so have my upvote.

    Although I agree I prefer one person vs interviews or conversation podcasts, these also have a place and "should not exist" is a bit too much

  • How should I prepare for euthanasia?
  • I believe Australia recently approved a law which allows for assisted dying, however, I'm not 100% sure if that's the case and if so, whether foreigners are allowed or in which state does it work.

    My recommendation would be to search online for an End Of Life Companion or a Death Doula. They will be able to provide you with the information you seek, free, and if you wish, they can also assist you in person for a fee.

    Good luck OP

  • How should I prepare for euthanasia?
  • A lot of people seeking euthanasia are in a very weak physical condition, in which getting by themselves and jumping from said bridge would be a feat. This includes people who are bedridden or who have temporary memory blackouts, you have people who would if only they were allowed to leave hospital or if their families would leave them alone to do so.

    People seeking this usually aren't healthy, independent and self reliant. Those already jump the bridge.

  • When you pair your Bluetooth earbuds and one hasn't charged

    ALWAYS GETS ME AAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHH I make sure I disconnect them from all devices; I make sure they are well positioned in their cases; that the charging lights are on etc and yet.... they disappoint me like this...

    46 'Like a gopher, crocodile, and ostrich' combined: NC paleontologists discover new burrowing dinosaur

    The 99-million-year-old fossils of Fona herzogae may help paleontologists fill in gaps in evolutionary history and share insight into how animals are impacted by a changing environment.

    'Like a gopher, crocodile, and ostrich' combined: NC paleontologists discover new burrowing dinosaur

    Can you recommend a free minimalist documents app? (replace Google Docs- can be offline)

    Hey Lemmy! I'm ashamed to admit I haven't yet quit Google Docs. I think I should especially since I got a lot of documents which I really have no reason to keep online, I've been doing so out of lazyness as I'm used to GDocs and its ease of use.

    I'm looking for a text editor that lets me paste images straight from my clipboard into the documents, this is a must for my workflow.

    Another feature I use a lot is the side menu/index, which is created automatically when I insert a header and lets me jump quickly to any part of my document.

    With that in mind, the search function is also essential, I need this to either have a search bar or work with ctl+F

    Of course I need some basic color and font size variation, and having the ability to create tables is handy but I don't need any kind of math functionality.

    I could use Libre Office but I'm looking for something bare bones and lightweight. I haven't used LO in years so it may have changed, however from memory it's pretty well fleshed out and I find all the extra features distracting especially since I don't need them. I'm not sure though, perhaps I'm wrong and you can convince me?

    Have you got any suggestions? TIA


    How can I find out when my Android phone was first activated?

    I'm not too tech savy. I've searched online and found two methods that use Google Play or my Google Account, but for the life of me I can't find the settings I'm supposed to find. And also, wouldn't this information just be stored on my device? Why do I need to ask Google about my phone ?

    Another method is using an IMEI code, which I've found on my phone but the website I've tried said they have no information about me. I could try again on a different website but this feels dodgy to me. Maybe I'm wrong.

    So, is there a simple way to access this information? Thanks.


    What's going on with TikTok getting banned?

    Not that it personally affects me- I'm not in USA and it's one of the platforms I dislike the most. But I can't find a concise explanation for why.

    I've searched for news articles and those I found either don't address the reason behind the ban and talk about US politics, or are vague about it, saying it would collect user sensitive data.

    I've also found lists of countries banning TikTok from government devices, okay I understand that, and some countries banning it completely because of cultural sensitivities, which I doubt is US' case.

    Fair enough. What kind of user sensitive data would it be collecting? Isn't this what most social media apps do already? What makes TikTok stand out in this regard?


    What's the appeal of family life vlogs/ YT channels?

    I'm curious about the audience demographics of these videos.

    I see these random videos with thousands and sometimes millions of views recommended on the trending section. These people are not famous stars of anything other than just being a regular family that decided to share their daily life on YouTube.

    Sometimes they are very wealthy and I understand seeing snippets of the lavish lifestyle could be interesting to others. But most of the time these are average/medium-high income families. No mansion, no Bugatti.

    Many of the trending videos have a reaction as bait ( ie. "Telling my partner I'm pregnant" etc) but when skimming through these channels most of their content is mundane stuff: "our breakfast routine", "last Friday at the park", " weekly update", etc.

    What's so appealing about this? I couldn't care less but their following obviously says a lot of people do. Who watches this and why? I don't know anyone in my circles following this type of content, do you? Why would millions of people follow some random stranger online?


    That erratic pulsating sensation on your legs after a brisk walk- what is it? And more questions

    As the title says. I go for a 20 minute walk and when I stop moving, I'm not feeling tired or even agitated at all, yet my legs feel like they're pulsating in different areas, always near the skin. It's not synchronised with my heartbeat. It stops after a few minutes.

    Chat GPT says these are just muscle twitches caused by dehydration or lack of electrolytes. I'm not convinced. Why does it feel almost on the skin and not deeper in the muscles? Why do I feel it after a 20 minute walk that doesn't make me sweat but I don't feel it after a 40 minute leg focused workout???? Wouldn't that be more strenuous on the legs?? Does this thing even have a name?



    What mundane things of our era could be seen as beautiful or admirable in the future?

    For example, buildings and houses more than a hundred years old keep getting more and more rare, and often have an aesthetic that stands out, more ornate or with a particular style that most people can't afford today or that is not financially convenient etc. But back in the day, that's how things were built and most people didn't put much thought into it.

    Another example, illustrations for advertisements ( either billboards or magazines). Up until the 60s (declining from the 70s onwards) a lot of ads had hand drawn illustrations, which required a lot of skill and talent to make. Yet people took them for granted, it was the standard quality of illustration for ads.

    So the question is, are we currently mass producing something that will be seen in a similar light in a couple of generations? Thoughts?


    New pterosaur species discovered in Queensland Outback fossil find confirms giant 'demonic pelicans' filled Australia's skies 100 million years ago

    Fossilised remains thought to be 100 million years old have been identified as a new species of pterosaur, a powerful flying predator with a wingspan of up to 12 metres.

    Outback fossil find confirms giant 'demonic pelicans' filled Australia's skies 100 million years ago

    Australia's "age of monotremes": new platypus species 'This was like a bonanza': What Tim Flannery's discovery in a museum drawer could tell us about Australia's monotremes

    The "echidnapus" is one of the newly described ancient monotremes from a fossil hotspot in NSW that could give us more clues about an era when egg-laying mammals diversified.

    'This was like a bonanza': What Tim Flannery's discovery in a museum drawer could tell us about Australia's monotremes

    Will people show off their old computers and phones in say, 30 or 50 years in the future?

    Every now and then I see a vintage car in the street, originally from the 40s or 60s, in spotless condition. Cars have been around for longer than computers.... But would such a thing be viable for electronics?

    Wait, does it exist already and I never heard of it?

    This... Really feels like a very stupid question. Sorry


    Anyone had good results with hair growth products/methods?

    I'm starting to notice my hair is thinning a bit. Nothing drastic. Just natural aging. No, nothing unusual came up when I got my blood tests, my doctor didn't find anything wrong with me.

    I'm just asking to see if any of you had good luck with any products. I know grafting is an option, and I also know that there are hair clinics which are very expensive etc. but I'm after an "at home" method.

    Is there a product you would recommend?

    20 Ecuador declares ‘internal armed conflict’ as gunmen take over live TV broadcast | CNN

    Ecuador’s President Daniel Noboa has declared an “internal armed conflict” in the country, ordering security forces to “neutralize” several criminal groups accused of spreading extreme violence in Ecuador.

    Ecuador declares ‘internal armed conflict’ as gunmen take over live TV broadcast | CNN

    How is it possible that a laptop can read a CD flawlessly, but every other device I've tried the CD on skips at certain parts?

    I've had this CD for ages. Decades. It would always skip at a certain parts on two of its tracks. I've never in my life heard the full CD because of this reason, always having to skip forward to the next track.

    I've listened to it on at least four different devices, among them a very large Sony home stereo system. I've always thought the CD was faulty.

    But today, I ripped the CD on a cheap old laptop and guess what. For the first time in my life I heard the whole uninterrupted tracks. What is this sorcery? Can someone explain?


    Just before death you are granted one truthful, understandable answer to one question. What would you want to know?

    Obviously a hypothetical scenario. There is no way to pass on the knowledge to anyone else. Time freezes for you only, and once you have your answer you are out of this world.

    The question can allow you to see into the past, present and future and gain comprehension of any topic/issue. But it's only one question.

    Edit: the point isn't "how to cheat death". You can't. Your body is frozen and there is nothing you can do with this knowledge other than knowing it, and die. So if you would rather be frozen in a limbo just thinking of numbers for eternity, be my guest.

    Such a variety of replies, it's been really interesting to read them!

    What would you want to know? Personally I'd want to see a timelapse or milestone glimpses of humanity's future until the end of Earth's existence (if we survive that long)


    Horse people of Lemmy- how easily can someone steal a random horse? (several questions)

    I'm not experienced with horses. I know many are trained to work for just about anyone. They were used in wars and police still use horses this day and age for crowd control, so I guess they can stomach a bit of violence and chaos. But most domestic animals behave differently with people they're familiar with vs random strangers, so I presume horses would follow suit?

    My question is inspired by countless movie/videogame scenarios in which there are a bunch of random horses tied, and a character just picks any, hops on and rides away.

    Or, there's a fight, horse owner gets killed and the thief rides away on the horse.

    Regarding horse behaviour only, are these realistic scenarios?

    How likely is that a horse would resist being mounted by a random?

    Wouldn't they be scared or angry if their previous rider just got killed right there?

    Is it possible for an experienced person to tell at a glance how obedient a horse is? (How?)

    These are my sudden horse questions. TIA


    Do you follow any youtubers that talk about film, tv, animation or vfx?

    I'm wondering if you know about any creators making analysis or historical commentary on film.

    The only one I know is Every Frame a Painting, can you recommend others in a similar vein?


    What does it look like for a YouTube creator when the audience uses something like NewPipe or Freetube?

    I'm not too tech savvy so I appreciate responses in layman's terms.

    I have a rough concept of how NewPipe works, (correct me if I'm wrong though!) basically it's a scrapper so it somehow reads the information in YouTube, anonymously, and filters the ads for you.

    What I'm interested in knowing is, how does this behaviour look like from YouTube's perspective. Can the platform "tell" that someone is accessing their content but not the ads that should go before and inbetween the videos? Do these views requested by NewPipe count towards the global amount of views a video has? Do content creators still get money from youtube ads with NewPipe views? Do they also get to see engagement data from views (such as which parts are skipped)? Etc etc.