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ADL faces Wikipedia ban over reliability concerns on Israel, antisemitism - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
  • In a written statement, the ADL said the decision by Wikipedia was the result of a ”campaign to delegitimize the ADL” and that editors opposing the ban “provided point by point refutations, grounded in factual citations, to every claim made, but apparently facts no longer matter.

    You of all groups should know that the last part of your statement is a common right-wing dog whistle that gets used when someone doubles down after their "facts" get rejected for bigotry and/or inaccuracy. By using that phrase, you've automatically cast doubt on the legitimacy of your actions and statements. At best you're ignorant of a common dog whistle, which is embarrassing for an organization who should be well-versed in this kind of thing; at worst you've signaled to everyone that you're potentially peddling "alternative facts", which casts doubt on everything you've done in the past. Either way, you're ultimately hurting the Jewish people by making that kind of statement.

    Mira Sucharov, a professor of political science at Carleton University, said Wikipedia’s decision represents a major opportunity to reflect on why the ADL is facing scrutiny and rethink communal approaches for fighting antisemitism.

    “This is a sign that the Jewish community needs better institutions,” she said.

    They really do, and I feel bad for them. The places that should be defending them seem more than happy to ignore them or even throw them under the bus in the name of Zionism.

    Like, okay, personal beliefs on Zionism aside, if your organization is tasked with defending a group of people, you should ensure your actions aren't going to endanger, delegitimize or otherwise encourage bigotry against said group. That means that even if you're a Zionist Jewish organization, if your task is to fight against bigotry towards Jews, you shouldn't be ignoring non-Zionist Jews nor should you be dismissing their views. Instead, you should be listening to what they have to say, condensing it and releasing it in an manner easy for non-jews to understand (which means providing political, historical and religious context, because many people, myself included, don't understand as much as they think they do about Judaism).

    In the current context, you should be giving people statements from Zionist and non-Zionist Jews about Palestine, and attempt to include non-biased historical, religious and political backgrounds for events that are occurring.

    I think ethnically Jewish people could make an honest argument that they should have some portion of Palestine based on historical origins (I think it's a weak arguement, but I think you could argue for it). However, that doesn't excuse the way that the IDF and Israeli government have treated Gaza and the West Bank.

    You can criticize the Israeli government while also believing that ethnically Jewish people should be able to have a country they have control over. Other countries do this all the time (get criticized for poor treatment of the "outside" ethnic group(s)), why is this somehow different for Israel? Why aren't we allowed to criticize Israel? I can talk about how France, a white, French ethnostate, is mistreating Muslims without being a racist bigot; I should be able to talk about Israel the same way.

  • Paradox Interactive has completely cancelled "Life By You"
  • My biggest complaint about Sims-likes is that the visual style always looks too serious. It gives me the feeling that whatever I'm going to do with my not-Sims, it's gonna be something that makes me regret my real life.

    You wanna know what I did the last time I played the Sims 2 though? I repeatedly held parties at my Sim's house and then lured the guests into a room they couldn't get out of. I also used the moveobjects cheat to collect police cars whenever a cop showed up to shut the party down. By the time I was done I had amassed around 70 urns, many hysterical immortal Sims (Sims with households can't die while visiting someone's house in the Sims 2), 4 Police cars and a fire truck.

    The Sims has a mischievous air to it that tickles the devil on your shoulder and begs you to listen to them. None of the Sims-likes I'm aware of seem to have the same air.

    Edit: now I want to play the Sims again.

  • House Republicans' burning problem: 'We desperately need a place to smoke cigars'
  • 'member when conspiracies were relatively harmless like flat earthers and ufologists?

    'member when the main source of Christian extremism (in the US) was the Westboro Baptist Church, and most people just laughed at them because no one really took them seriously?

    What the fuck happened?

    I'm actually very confused because the US 10yrs ago was radically different than the US now. How did everyone completely lose their minds? This is a semi-rhetorical question because I'm aware of some of the contributing factors, it's just... I feel like somewhere in the past 10-15yrs I slipped sideways into some kind of an alternate reality.

    The most extreme Christians I knew didn't approve of homosexuality, but also weren't yelling "god hates f*gs" at people for being gay. They believed in a 7-day creation, but didn't lose their minds and thirst for blood at the sight of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

    The worst racists I'd met believed in white supremacy, but weren't cruising around looking for POC to lynch (with the exception of cops, that is). They hated Hispanic people, but mostly kept it to themselves.

    Maybe I was just really sheltered, but while it seems like our level of tolerance has grown, the extremes have gotten worse. Like, the graph of tolerance is still going up, but the data point distribution is getting worse.

    Edit: to put it another way, my experience growing up in Texas' suburbs was that people were "tolerant" in a "I don't like you but I won't bother you so long as you don't bother me" kinda way. Not ideal, but not terrible either. Now though, it's more "I don't like you and that bothers me, so I'm gonna bother you".

  • Cool S rule
  • I think you're thinking of Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer, which is not a shitpost but the greatest fps game ever made, you turd!

    (It's a spinoff of Hypnospace Outlaw, which I highly recommend, especially if you're old enough to remember the internet pre-y2k because it's basically a very high quality pre-y2k Internet simulator. Also it doesn't use the same "S" but it is a parallel-universe version of it).

  • MTV is turning 43
  • Honestly kinda sad I missed the "golden years" of MTV. I didn't grow up with cable or satellite TV; so my sister and I would watch the shit out of Nickelodeon, cartoon network, discovery and animal planet when we were on vacation or at our grandparents house. However, I grew up with my parents waxing poetic about how MTV used to have the best music and they would have (supposedly) gotten a cable or satellite connection if only MTV still showed music videos.

    Looking back it was obvious bullshit and they wouldn't have gotten a subscription even if MTV only played their favorite bands and music videos; but at the time it meant I was always hoping MTV would start showing music videos again so my parents would get cable and my sister and I could watch cartoons, science, nature, history and engineering shows.

  • When people call me Vivian instead of Vibia
  • For some reason I enjoy intentionally mangling people's names to make them sound silly. If I were to use my name as an example, I'd probably turn it into "modsy" or "mobsy". Haven't run into anyone yet who's told me to cut it out, so it's kinda turned into a game to see how hard I can mangle a name and still be understandable.

    Edit: mosdy, mosby, mobdsy, moldy, moffy, mothy, mawshy, etc

  • $843 million lawsuit against Valve already has its own website: "The Steam Claim" accuses the biggest store in PC gaming of "overcharging" players
  • No. It's easier to go after the "good guys" than the bad guys because they're easier to beat. They won't use all kinds of slimy, underhanded tactics to fuck you over.

    Edit: I don't approve of the lawsuit against valve, but that's the way of the world. Scummy companies and people have many tools they can use to drag you down to their level.

  • Choose your Fighter
  • "raptor"

    There's more than one kind of raptor, buddy. Also why doesn't the raptor have feathers? If you're gonna mush all the raptors together into a single species, at least draw the feathers. This is offensive to theropods around the world as it turns us into a homogeneous, featherless caricature.

  • 1990 - 2005 Gaming Build
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 2; Need for Speed 2 and 3; SimCity 3k.

    Also, check your monitor properties. Afaik most CRT monitors (not TVs; those run at 60hz/50hz depending on region) are meant to run at 75~85hz. If it's running at 60hz when it's meant to run at a higher refresh rate, then that might be why it's nauseating (my crt has a very noticeable flicker at 60hz, but that goes away at 75hz).

    Edit: to expand on this for any late-comers: CRTs work by using an electron gun (aka particle accelerator aka a motherfucking PARTICLE CANNON) to fire an electron beam at red, green and blue phosphors. When the electron hits a phosphor, it emits light based on the color hit. This beam sweeps over the phosphors at a speed dictated by the display's refresh rate and illuminates the phosphors one-by-one until it has illuminated the entire screen. This is why trying to take a picture or video of a CRT requires you to sync your shutter speed with the CRT. If your shutter isn't synced then the monitor will appear to be strobing or flickering (because it is, just very, very quickly)

    These phosphors have a set glow duration, which varies based on the intended display refresh rate. A refresh rate that is too low will cause the phosphors to dim before the electron beam passes over them, while a refresh rate that's too high can cause ghosting, smearing, etc because the phosphors haven't had a chance to "cool off". TVs are designed to run at 60hz/50hz, depending on the region, and so their phosphors have a longer glow duration to eliminate flickering at their designated refresh rate. Computer monitors, on the other hand, were high-quality tubes and were typically geared for +75hz. The result is that if you run them at 60hz then you'll get flickering because the phosphors have a shorter glow duration than a TV.

    Note: this is a place where LCD/LED panels solidly beat CRTs, because they can refresh the image without de-illuminating the panel, avoiding flicker at low refresh rates.

    Edit 2: oh! Also, use game consoles with CRT TVs, not computer monitors. This is because old consoles, especially pre-3d consoles, "cheated" on sprites and took advantage of standard CRT TV resolution to blend pixels. The result is that you may actually lose detail if you play them on a CRT computer monitor or modern display. That's why a lot of older sprite-based games unironically look better if you use a real CRT TV or a decent CRT emulator video filter.

  • Self-talk
  • All the time and it weirds me out. I didn't do it as a kid; I didn't start doing it until I reached college. Makes me wonder if it's a part of, or a remnant of, depression and/or anxiety.

  • US designates Scandinavian neo-Nazi group and three leaders as terrorists
  • Just a reminder: whenever you see a white supremacist, Nazi or other racial supremist with a beard, it seems like 99% of the time it's because they're trying to hide a """racially superior""" chin behind the beard. The guy in the bottom right with the immaculate beard is probably hiding a chin that merged with his neck.

  • Wells Fargo fires more than a dozen employees for faking work using mouse jigglers and keyboard activity simulation
  • The alternative explanation is that the employers have investments in corporate real estate and don't want their investments to lose value. Personally, I think that the the people at the top probably have investments in corporate real estate, while middle managers are the way you describe.

    I don't think the people at the top usually care what the employees are doing so long as they're making money, and being in the office means they're keeping corporate real estate prices afloat. As such, being in office makes money for the executives, even if that money isn't made directly through the company.

    Middle managers on the other hand, likely don't have any significant corporate real estate investments, nor are they as likely get significant bonuses for company productivity. As such, it makes more sense for their motive to be more about control than it is money.

    That said, I do know some executives do indeed see employees the way you've described them; an infamous example comes to mind about the Australian real estate executive talking about how they needed to bring workers to heel and crash the economy to remind workers that they work for the company and not the other way around. I'm just not sure that many executives actually think about their workers in that much depth. I think if they did then we'd see a stark contrast of very ethical companies and highly abusive companies instead of the mix of workplace cultures we have now; because some ceos would come to the conclusion that a happy worker is a good worker, while others would become complete control freaks.

  • guess I'll die
  • Supposedly New Zealand straight-up denies people for ever recieving psychiatric help. It's insane. I'm wondering about the shit show that's going to happen when LGBT, POC and disabled Americans are actually forced to start fleeing the US, only to find that countries tend to have laws against US citizens seeking refuge, against people with disabilities immigrating, etc.

  • Rule.

    Edit: I was trying to make a joke about how her new fondness for the number "34" was because "haha funny sex rule number" aka "rule34".


    Question about federation with a certain instance after a recent ban.

    Hey, I recently received a 14-day ban from for this comment:


    While I suppose it wasn't the nicest thing I could have said, here's what bothers me. They cited rule 1 as the ban reason. Now,'s news community doesn't have its own rules section, so I was left to assume that they were applying the instance-wide "rule 1" which was, "no bigotry".

    No Bigotry.

    Apparently calling someone a tankie and a redfash accelerationist is bigotry? Are they seriously trying to equate being a tankie with being trans, gay, black and/or native american? Seriously? That's incredibly bigoted and offensive; and that's ignoring the fact that the common tankie idols like Stalin, Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un are deeply intertwined with things like nationalism, ethnic superiority, queerphobia and the like.

    Meanwhile, their modlog shows that they've dealt with multiple instances of actual queerphobic bigotry by removing the comment while also letting the user go.

    Do we really want to be associated with bigots like that?

    The thing that sucks is that there are communities I genuinely enjoy on, however getting banned for bigotry after calling someone a tankie and redfash accelerationist while actual bigots are allowed to keep hanging out on is like a slap to the face.

    I'm honestly considering leaving Lemmy and social media at this point. It seems like my two choices are corporate-owned black-box algorithms populated by soft-spoken bigots and pissed-off centrists looking for an axe to grind, and FOSS-based federated platforms where you still have to tolerate bigotry because there apparently aren't enough users and interesting content otherwise.

    Inb4 I start getting harassed by admins or something.


    Receipts (click links for images)


    (Community ban)

    (Instance ban)

    (No rules for

    (Rules for

    (Transphobia let off with a slap on the wrist)

    (Queerphobia let off with a slap on the wrist)


    MFW it's dark outside and I'm hungry and kinda cold and lonely and I just wanna come in for snacks and blankets but the human doesn't let me in. (rule)


    Edit for people who are curious: it's not Photoshop, it's a troodontid mask made by Archesuchus for their "Weird Birds" series. Here's what it looks like under normal lighting conditions.

    Not gonna lie, I really, really want one. But fursuit heads are expensive (I'm assuming the cost would be similar since that's basically what it is) and I don't have the skill or tools to make one myself. :c


    Rule of the lake

    Description: A giant snake lady sits in a lake. A man stands next to the edge of the lake and asks, "O snake of the lake, what is your wisdom?"

    The snake replies, "Osamu Tezuka, the inventory of manga and anime, created old-school furry icons like Kimba and Bagi and had a secret collection of erotic furry art that he made which was only found after his death; so weebs are really just a human-focused offshoot of furries.

    28 A retro search engine Wiby - Search Engine for the Classic Web

    Wiby is a search engine for older style pages, lightweight and based on a subject of interest. Building a web more reminiscent of the early internet.

    Hit "surprise me!" and see where it takes you.

    The site is a curated search engine that indexes web 1.0 sites (and some web 1.0-styled sites) submitted by users.


    Good thrift stores?

    Hey, are there any good thrift stores in Dallas/Plano area that tend to have stuff like instruments, electronics and/or tech equipment (ideally older stuff)?

    On a side note, is anyone familiar with Liberty Tech Computer World? It's a warehouse in an industrial area in Garland, and I was hoping it might be a place like Computer Reset since it's (supposedly) in a big warehouse, however I've been unable to find any websites associated with it. I haven't tried calling yet, but I was curious if anyone else knew anything about it.


    Mojave and Nyx sleepin' in.

    Usually they come downstairs to listen to music with me while I eat breakfast. However, sometimes they want to sleep in.


    Today I learned about the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center

    This is a """school""" that makes "pray away the gay" camps look like lovely vacation experiences. They primarily cater to families with neurodivergent kids under the guise of helping them learn how to function in a neurotypical society. They use methods like GEDs to administer electric shocks when students "act up", long-term restraints (which the students have to carry with them in case they have to be "conditioned"), solitary confinement, sensory deprivation and food deprivation. I'd highly recommend reading the entire article, especially the parts about behavioral modification, controversies, litigation, and work culture. It's so much worse than you can imagine. I wanted to quote parts of the article to highlight how bad it is, but I would be copying and pasting half the article.

    This place is still in operation.


    Tarantulas rule

    I don't have a tarantula anymore, but they're really cool.