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Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • They tried this with firefighters before way back when, and then realized that fire doesn't seem to care who's subscribed or not lol. Can you imagine? "The fire and EMS lobby" would be powerfully pushing for reduced safety and maybe even starting fires themselves LOL.

    Edit while looking up the first thing: Oh my word... mercenary firefighters are a thing for the rich and we're living in clown world.

    EDIT: Link went to NYT because it was top result, but screw that lol. Fixed.

    I can see it now though...

    Privatized emergency services be like:

    "Thank you for calling 9-1-1, this is Janeanniesomebody, can I have your 14-digit emergency insurance number, date of birth, and mother's maiden name please. Okay thank you, one moment while I verify that..." (Click)

    "Your call is very important to us. Want to skip the line when it matters most? Did you know, for only $49.97 a month, you can get Emergency-Services-Plus+! Whether you want help fast, or to regret being covered for the rest of your life, we have a plan right for YOU!

    "Remember, emergency insurance means you can have peace of mind that, when you're in mortal danger, we're only a phone call and 45-minutes-to-1-business-day away! Not signed up yet? Press 1, and we can help!"

    ((Trendy upbeat hold music))

    "Did you know? We're always hiring!"

    (Receiver pickup) "Thank you for calling this is Devaidengregjimmothy, dispatch specialist, how can I help you today? Hello?......Hello?...."

  • AI taking over the world
  • Maybe not "the end of all work", but pretty close to it:

    John Maynard Keynes predicted a 15 hour work week due to the rapid increases in production from emerging technologies.

    He sadly didn't forsee how ridiculous levels of production would become the new norm, subsistence would be mainly tied to employment, and all-encompassing ever-present work would become the state religion.

  • Metamorphosis
  • But also, as I'm learning, not engaging with social media basically makes you invisible to a majority of social circles.

    I tell people I'm an artist and they're shocked I don't have Instagram. "Yeah it sucks my attention away and traps me in doomscrolling. I'm on like, Signal and Discord tho!"

    Awkward look annnd ghosted. Lol.

    Being on predatory platforms sucks away your time and soul. (I remember twitter loved showing me stuff it knew would bother me.)

    ...but that's where all the people are. What a concept.

  • What advice would you give to people in their 20s?
  • All sound advice, but coming across the extra capital to invest, much less in your 20's, is a harder prospect than it sounds for most people these days.

    I'm not sure if you can get fractionals of SPY or VTI, but $300-500 a paycheck or even a month of money you can't use on the moment is a hard ask for much of the working class.

    It's less like "Stop the avocado toast and lattés and netflix" and more "If you stopped buying a new graphics card every month you could afford stonks that will be mature when you are elderly."

    Lol like, we aren't living in luxury and frivolous with our money in the first place, it usually poofs away into food and rent these days. (And gas and the car, if you aren't in one of VERY few places that are walk and bike friendly.)

    But for people who have it. This is a sound strategy. On that note, I have a relative who's got very few expenses, often broke...and they're constantly buying new full-priced releases on Steam. This degree of resource mismanagement vexes me so. Lol

  • if you like doing your job and going home, how do you bear with coworkers who are lazier but more popular than you and get away with doing less?
  • Omg you knocked it out of the park with this one. Everything is such a race to the bottom in this system.

    It's always about competitive undercutting, and what's the most ruthless cold-blooded calculations one can get away with, and this Type A disease of being obsessed with zero-sum conflict to reveal who's the absolute best of everything.

    "Why can't we just chill and it'll get there when it gets there?"

    "What?! Look at (for example) China! Do you see them chilling? No! They normalized 12 hour shift burnout before us, this will increase their production 3%, and then undercut us by 12% and steal all our business and we're screwed! So we need to squeeze our people harder to beat them!"

    "...And then they'll squeeze their people"



    "This might be a good time to inform you we expect you to train the new overseas team before we'll surprise ambush-fire your entire department."

    ...Repeat the above but for undocumented immigrant labor...then maybe child labor...then probably right back around to slavery again...

    "Oh no we all agreed this would be so bad for humanity, but gee, the competition did it and we wanna stay competitive so..."

    Man seriously why can't we all just be doing our own thing lol...

  • What occupation requires the most education/training only to be very low paid?
  • Fantastic thought-provoking points here. You're right, that's something I had kinda forgotten about when I wrote before:

    Helping-professionals are (ideally) in those professions to help people, so their employers essentially hold patients/clients/students up as shields.

    You're right, to change things would require a cultural shift that sees providers as "people" rather than "services." But generally it would be an extremely difficult PR war to sell to the people who require such services.

    The soulless bosses are basically comic book villains: They know heroes will put themselves at considerable risk for the greater good, but won't risk the harming of innocents... the greedy ownership class hides behind those innocents and, what's worse, trains them to accept such a low standard that any action that would drop that standard would turn the peoples' anger against the heroes who already sacrifice so much to help them.

    I hate not knowing what to do past understanding what's so wrong. :(

  • They just have undeniable chemistry or something
  • Click was SO GOOD.

    But I'm still a little mad at the betrayal by the marketing, making it seem super silly and goofy, leaving my young self unprepared for an emotional gut-punch. Lol

    It effectively did what it set out to do though, being a modern fable about where our priorities in life ultimately lead us. I think of it often, especially the way it portrays the trap of career-worship, and when I catch myself wishing time away.

    That silly movie had so much heart it might have actually shaped my young worldview a bit. Lol

    Movie was based.

  • What occupation requires the most education/training only to be very low paid?
  • I think like in many helping professions we have a majority of very idealistic people who don't negotiate very well.

    Maybe that's exactly what we need: A training course for helping professions that teaches them to ruthlessly negotiate fair terms against capitalists.

  • What occupation requires the most education/training only to be very low paid?
  • $50 per call but you can bet the patient is being billed $5k minimum for the ride, probably pocketed by insurance agencies or the hospital execs.

    I can't understand how people are EMTs and why there haven't been riots over this, but God bless them.

  • What occupation requires the most education/training only to be very low paid?
  • It creates:

    • Statistically, a constantly desperate hand-to-mouth workforce that must depend on employers to sustain their existence.
    • Armed forces signup incentives.
    • Easily-swayed consumers of products and services. (Run by those with access to nepotism and/or education, naturally.)
    • And easily manipulated voters.

    Underfunding education and having people basically born into debt isn't a neglectful oversight, it's a deliberate strategy.

  • What occupation requires the most education/training only to be very low paid?
  • Perhaps you misunderstand.

    The hours are very high and the classroom time is only a small part of it.

    The billed hours are extraordinarily low. :D

    Warm and fuzzy feelings of inspiring the next generation are supposed to stand-in for actual wages in the USA.

    Also better have plans to fill in that summer gap. I'm sure it's not fun vaycay time for teachers like it is for a lot of the students.

  • What occupation requires the most education/training only to be very low paid?
  • Which is crazy, because it widely depends on the district.

    You could be in rurals-ville, FlyoverState, USA and make a pittance. (Oh plus BTW, the excitement of torches and pitchforks coming for you, your staff, and your collection. Politicians also attempting to undermine the entire institution of libraries for strategic mob-outrage points. Ah, perks!)

    Or in some urban areas that are well-funded, librarians and especially branch managers are paid stupidly well. Their jobs mostly being general management duties, listening to the complaints of the insane and unreasonable, tresspassing the insane and unreasonable, and answering "Do you work here? Where's the bathroom?" Of course, that's when they're not stuck in pointless meetings.

    Lots of stress sometimes. But BMs make low six-figures. I imagine there's worse jobs.

    But it's one of those things where a spot usually opens up only if someone moves, retires, or expires.

  • The Hated One - "Ai Will Wage Wars Over Water"

    The Hated One has been pretty solid in the past regarding privacy/security, imho. I found this video of his rather enlightening and concerning.

    • LLMs and their training consume a LOT of power, which consumes a lot of water.
    • Power generation and data centers also consume a lot of water.
    • We don't have a lot of fresh water on this planet.
    • Big Tech and other megacorps are already trying to push for privatizing water as it becomes more scarce for humans and agriculture.

    ---personal opinion---

    This is why I personally think federated computing like Lemmy or PeerTube to be the only logical way forward. Spreading out the internet across infrastructure nodes that can be cooled by fans in smaller data centers or even home server labs is much more efficient than monstrous, monolithic datacenters that are stealing all our H2O.

    Of course, then the 'Net would be back to serving humanity instead of stock-serving megacultists. . .