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Those guys back in 1700s probably had nothing left to lose
  • I live in Vancouver, easily top 10 city, probably top 5. And yeah you're right, I do know two people who advocate, my aunt and uncle. No one else I know is even remotely passionate about urbanization efforts. Lots of people I know use public transit, but they don't view it as something that can be relied on as their main form of transportation. Yes, the fact that our public transit is not nearly as good as it could be is a huge part of it, but the point remains that most people do not feel strongly about improving it.

    I'm sure my privilege has kept me in a bit of a bubble but there are seriously very few people who feel strongly about public transit and cycling infrastructure. Even my less privileged friends are hardly advocates for better infrastructure and the people I've met through sports leagues all drive, I'm literally the only person I know who rides a bike everywhere they go. I used to frequent a local news website and any article that mentioned road diets or public transportation became toxic battlefields between pro and anti car folks.

    There is absolutely a significant group of advocates in the city, but I really feel like you're misjudging the percentage of people who support urbanization efforts.

  • Series: Conservatives of Lemmy: What do you think has gone awry in modern society and how might it be constructively addressed?
  • Idk if anyone can define conservative at this point.

    If I was being generous I would define conservatives as people who are in favour of less regulation, less social support systems, more privatization, anti-legalization/decriminalization of drugs.

  • Series: Conservatives of Lemmy: What do you think has gone awry in modern society and how might it be constructively addressed?
  • I'm not arguing for affirmative action, but the current system does not treat everyone equally. People applying to jobs with black sounding names get hired/interviewed much less than white sounding names on equivalent resumes.

    I don't know what the solution is but the current system is not working.

  • The Fallout TV show really helped Fallout 76's numbers
  • I went back to play FO4 with mods and it honestly still fucking sucked. The AI was so bad I started to wonder if the mods were making it worse. Like seriously awful AI in basically every interaction. It's hard to get immersed in a world when everything's so damn clunky and awkward.

  • Disaster is nearing. Mass displacement. Mass starvation. Mass death. It is all imminent. Do you understand?
  • The Netherlands went from car dependent nightmare to cycle capital of the world in a generation. Meaningful change takes time but it is possible in our life times and it isn't going to happen on it's own.

    Voting is good, talk to your friends. Be that annoying person who won't shut the fuck up about how annoying cars are, change peoples minds or at least plant the idea in their brain that we can exist without cars.

    Apathy solves nothing.

  • Those guys back in 1700s probably had nothing left to lose
  • I live in a city with solid public transportation and bike infrastructure, easily top 10 in North America. Almost everyone I know takes public transit only when it's convenient (ie they want to drink) but otherwise drives everywhere. I don't know a single person who advocates for more public transportation or bike infrastructure.

  • 10 years later
  • Can confirm. Am pretty smart, have wealthy parents, slept walked into well paying job after years of depression/inactivity because I had a safety net that meant I didn't need to slave away at a minimum wage job to avoid destitution.

  • Does no-ads transfer?

    I paid for no-ads Reddit back in the day but when I tried to transfer purchases nothing happened. Is this intentional? $30 seems steep for no ads but I'm a cheap bastard.

    Sorry to ask a question that's probably been asked before, couldn't find an answer.