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What is your least favorite retro video game?
  • The original TOTD is awesome fun. Typing games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea though. This is just a kooky adaptation of House of the Dead 2.

    What you’ve got for a screenshot there is the revised, newer version from the 2010s. I’ve never played that one.

  • How’s the progress of (insert retro game title) going?
  • Legend of Legaia is awesome. The grinding is something I had no problem with at age 15 but now it’s almost unbearable. In the US version you benefit from hours of grinding.

    Pity about the sequel being so bad.

  • What’s Your Oldest System?
  • Depends on how you count it. I had an NES in the 1980s but did that classic kid thing where I sold it and all my games for the next generation (SNES). Therefore my oldest system is the NES I got around 2007.