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That clock
  • Damn, 1999 wants its racist joke back

  • Rekord bei geschenktem und geerbten Vermögen
  • Das muss dieser freie Markt sein von dem alle sprechen. Fairer Wettbewerb und so.

  • Als Kostprobe: Händler liefert Standortdaten von Millionen deutscher Nutzer
  • "Identifizieren konnten wir beispielsweise eine Person, die sich in hoher Position für ein Bundesministerium mit Fragen der Sicherheit befasst, sowie eine Person, die für einen deutschen Geheimdienst arbeitet. Wir fanden Bewegungsprofile an Standorten deutscher Geheimdienste, wo auch US-amerikanische Agent*innen der NSA ein- und ausgehen sollen."

    Das diese Leute ihre Handys nicht schützen und Standort generell ausgeschaltet haben oder verschlüsseln, ist schon peinlich

  • Mehrheit der Eltern bezweifelt, dass Schule gut aufs Berufsleben vorbereitet
  • Als jemand der auch in Schulen pädagogisch arbeitet: danke dir. Unterschreibe ich so.

  • Linksradikaler Nürnbergerin droht Auslieferung nach Ungarn
  • Während hunderte oder mehr bekannte Nazis in Deutschland frei rumlaufen. Schaut euch die Haftbedingungen in Ungarn an. Das ist Folter.

  • Almost perfect - shame about the body art on her shoulder...what are your thoughts?
  • Ha! Go fuck yourself. Nobody's body exists to be viewed by you. No body exists to please you.

  • Are there any guides to living?
  • I mean you have wikihow but it's not really high-quality all the way through. There doesn't exist one guide. All of these topics are highly debatable, have different opinions with far different perspectives. Some things you just have to figure out yourself with the help given to you. Means: get as much info as possible, compare, talk to others, reflect on your own experience and expectations.

    There is no "one better way" to do these common tasks. And many companies spend an insane amount of money to spread (mis)information on how best to eat, exercise, get to work, clean, dress, wash.... So I don't believe there's "objectively" one way to do anything. Find your way.

  • There's a clear winner here
  • Well I have 4 decades already and I've read a lot of books. Light and heavy. Because that's what life and art is about. I don't believe in comfort food all the time. Sometimes you just need the poetry of hardship.

  • Zensus 2022: Nur 969 Menschen divers
  • Zensus 1822; nur 969 Menschen linkshändig!!

  • Telemental health visits decline when cost-sharing returns, new study finds
  • No shit. Poor people (who are more likely to have mental health challenges) stop going to therapy if they cannot afford it? Get these scientists a nobel prize

  • There's a clear winner here
  • To be fair: I am currently reading "how high we go in the dark" by Sequoia Namamatsu. It's so sad. It's speculative fiction, but everything is too real and too sad.

    Being an adult means also confrontation with sad topics

  • [DE] ADHS-Austauschgruppe auf Signal/SimpleX
  • Aber ist das hier nicht der beste Ort dafür? Statt einer anderen Gruppe oder Messenger?

    Stell doch deine Fragen, du wirst sehen, es gibt meistens hilfsbereite Menschen

  • Schluss mit 49 Euro! Deutschlandticket wird 2025 teurer
  • Komischerweise sind Autobahn-Kosten immer "zu halten" und das Fahren auf der Autobahn kostet nichts. Also verarscht mich nicht.

  • vicky's close-up
  • Am I dead inside? This does nothing for me. Pure clinical shot. No character, no flaws, no nothing. I think I'd rather be attracted to actual people than just a featureless pussy/ass-shot

  • That's not what I meant...
  • You're just talking to be correct? Fine, you're right. Have a peaceful life

  • That's not what I meant...
  • That's beside the point. If you only care about your hygiene because of others, you're neglecting your own comfort. I'm not wearing deodorant, for example, because I don't want to. I'm still not smelly in the negative sense (yes I asked), because I take showers regularly - and I take showers regularly because I care about my own body

  • That's not what I meant...
  • I don't agree in the slightest. Because if you care, you won't do that probably. Self care is not about others, but about yourself, hence "self". If you only bathe, are gentle, dress... because of others, maybe you have different issues

  • Zahl der Asylanträge in Deutschland deutlich gesunken
  • Wenn man alle einfach ertrinken lässt oder in Auffanglager steckt, können sie keine Asylanträge stellen. Success! /s

  • My girlfriend helped me cut my screen time from 8 hours and 55 minutes to 1 hour and 28 minutes (Proof at the end)
  • Provide alternatives, educate about the negative AND positive uses of smart devices, help them use their phones for productive and useful stuff. Give them space and time to figure it out. Help them reflect on how using the device makes them feel. And sometimes, yes: take it away Edit: forgot my qualifications: I'm a childhood educator and work with school kids

  • Motherboard replacement questions

    Hi y'all, i used to be so prolific at the whole pc building thing. but now i'm out of the game with age and not buying stuff in a while. so here's my question:

    my PC is fine and i upgraded parts of it during the years. but it may be time for a new motherboard, since mine only supports 32gb of RAM which isnt enough anymore.

    what do I need to do to replace my motherboard? I guess, i'd have to re-install everything, right? Isn't windows and all the software kinda bound to my motherboard?

    since i'm fine with my 2060Super, i guess getting a new PC is not worth it, my case and hard drives are fine. i will need new RAM and SSDs. So what should I look for in a motherboard?

    thanks for reading this ramble


    Dumme Frage über Elbtunnel

    Hallo. Ich frage mich das so oft, aber jetzt frage ich mal andere Leute. Warum ist eigentlich im Elbtunnel immer in einer Röhre eine Spur "gesperrt"? Es ist immer nur oben das rote x. Auf dieser Spur ist nichts. kein Gegenverkehr, keine Behinderungen, keine erkennbaren Probleme. Egal wie voll der Tunnel ist, ist eine Spur gesperrt. Weiß das jemand? Danke


    ambigram Music Watercolour (OC)

    I designed this myself with the help of my tattoo artist

    ! !


    Versandkosten aus anderen Ländern sparen

    Hallo Leute, gerade gegen Weihnachten und diesen Festen wird es einigen von euch ähnlich wie mir gegangen sein, dass man Sachen kaufen möchte, aber das kommt dann aus Australien und der Versand ist 25€. Oder es ist ein Store, der Versandkosten erst ab einer sehr hohen Summe erlässt. Oder man hat Sorgen mit dem Zoll und den verbundenen Kosten. Hier meine Frage/Idee.

    gibt es Interesse, sich igendwie zusammen zu tun für solche Fälle? vor Allem wenn es nicht dringend ist? ist es sinnvoll, dafür eine extra community zu gründen? oder reicht eine Art Dauer-Thread hier aus?

    Man müsste eben in der Lage sein, zu sagen "Hey ich möchte bei XY bestellen, wer noch?" und dann kann man ein Paket schnüren und sich einen Teil der Versandkosten sparen.

    Schöne Grüße


    TIL that during the filming of Borat, Police was called 90+ times

    And the FBI was assigned to follow the film team on reports of a "vaguely middle-eastern man with a bear in an ice-crem truck", which has to be the funniest report xD


    I looked through a LOT of dropout shows to collect make-up looks. here's Aabria Iyengar


    Me when someone asks why I use lube


    out of context Ranma.


    this might be my last day before we all get sick of them.

    Here's the pic he's taking.

    And yes, it's a stock photo of a guy taking a stock photo of the stock market. Meta



    I wonder if my job here is done?! (so proud of y'all)


    day 10, there's so many stock photo memes here now!


    it's only day9, and y'all are joining in. I love you!


    on this day8, I am staying home


    it's been 7 days. anyone even want these? well I'll keep doing it


    I guess day 6? I lost count again >.<


    I had to check... it's day4 of stock memes


    making memes from stock photos day 3 (oc)


    making memes from stock photos day 2 (oc)


    making memes from stock photos, day1 (oc)


    Winter motorcycle gloves TEXTILE

    (location: Germany) are there ANY decent, affordable winter gloves WITHOUT leather? I can't seem to find any in the shops that I frequent. i think so far i found one pair that wasn't in the shop when i went there.