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DISCUSSION: Episode 20
  • Congratulations, you are being adopted.

  • EA SPORTS WRC will be adding EA anticheat, game will not playable any more. On ProtonDB game is rated Platinum
  • WRC is a rally racing game.

    And even if it weren't, this is a shit take.

  • (by Dnaitari)

    Artist: Dnaitari | twitter | danbooru

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    Arch Chan (by Ideolo)

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    Power (by Kit)

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    Marcil (by Edomon-Do)

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    Helltaker (by Noah)

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    Workout (by Ormille)

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    Sharla (by Ormille)

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    A2 (by Fadingz)

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    Remilia's new mirror
  • I love that Remilia, an immortal being, owner of a mansion, Scarlet family head...

    Doesn't have her bathroom remodeled for her height, and instead climbs onto a step stool each day(/night?)

  • DISCUSSION: Episode 20
  • Funny you should mention god, and his intentions concerning the creatures of the dungeon...

    Izutsumi is 17. She's not quite a kid anymore... But she's a kid. And Maizuru clearly never bothered treating her as more than a vaguely human creature.

    Maizuru might have done well enough with Shuro, but she clearly didn't put the same effort into her "pet" as she did her "waka-sama".

    When it comes to people to be around. Ones that value good communication, co-operation, and honest interaction (unlike a certain Kabru), Izu could not have lucked out harder on a group to end up with.

    Izu has been "taken care of" her whole life, but never by people who concern themselves with who she is and where she is going, the way Laios' gang does.

    I love the way they dealt with Izu scratching up Laios' face. Marcille comments that it's horrible, but none of them so much as hint at being vindictive about it. You can just tell that among the Nakamotos, that would have meant corporeal punishment.

    But here, no-one stares daggers at her, or tells her she's a bad person. The only one giving Izu any crap is Chilchuck, and he apologized for it.

  • World Guide Expanded - Asebi/Izutsumi
  • Literally her only flaw is that she hasn't realised she is a perfect being and does not need fixing.

  • 'Does Everyone Hate Real World?': Ghost In The Shell: Arise Director Bemoans The Rise Of Isekai Anime
  • Helping people self-insert works, unfortunately.

    But the success of Frieren and Dungeon Meshi are showing that people are probably getting a little tired of these fantasy worlds having a random person from the real world walking around.

  • We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem
  • Altman going "yeah we could make it get things right 100% of the time, but that would be boring" has such "my girlfriend goes to another school" energy it's not even funny.

  • DISCUSSION: Episode 20
  • And the gang is already going all parental on her. Chil especially has experience, I'm sure, being a father of three.

  • satsuki
  • Thanks for trying. Good bot.

  • Kikuri [Bocchi the rock] (by Zuzu)
  • This comment doesn't need existing.

    Block the community, and sod off.

    Also op, feel free to say hi over on [email protected] 👍

  • DISCUSSION: Episode 20
  • So many Izufaces!

    And Marcille (or even the whole gang) has clearly adopted this new baby.

    Even as a retainer Izu was acting freer than most, and right as she has gained real freedom, she is now chafing at the restrictions of a survival situation.

    The gang is genuinely trying to co-operate and form a relationship of fair "give and take" but Izu has very little experience with being given anything, not without a catch. And while the catch in this situation is very real in that the gang is hoping shell be helpful and pull her own weight, they are not her owners, nor do they want to be.

    Voluntary co-operation is very new to this young cat-person. But the gang is refusing to show her anything but kindness despite her prickly attitude, let's hope they can gain the fickle trust of this feline friend!

    And she can move! Chil and Izu dealing with the Ice golem was wonderfully animated, though she didn't seem to pick up on the fact that without Chilchuck showing her where to apply her combat skills, she would have been screwed, and she ends up taking credit for the whole thing.

    Chilchuck is still the bigger person in the end. I love the details in how he, and later Marcy, talk to Izu about what it means to be a functioning person. How being too hedonistic and selfish is counterproductive, and that being more well rounded in how you go about life, requires that you show concern for others and consider the bigger picture.

    I belly laughed at Laios' wanting to "explore" Izu's body. Of course he would want to know every detail of this exotic creature that is Izutsumi!

    I was overjoyed to see Izu in the OP, too! I wondered last week whether they would add her in this week, and sure enough, here she is!

  • Minimal Menu?
  • I personally use the fullscreen dashboard launcher, but I also use krunner for a lot.

    It's probably the most minimalistic option, just pops up a tiny text field that you type things into and it will then suggest apps, actions, files, commands etc.

    The default keybind is alt+space but I bind it to meta+space.

  • Minimal Menu?
  • If you mean this, it looks like it hasn't been updated for 6 years.

    I would not hold my breath on a fix coming for plasma 6 if it indeed doesn't work.

    It's forked from simple menu which looks to be maintained, and should be similar?

  • Dropping in! (Blue Jay)
  • Ok that's bloody genius.

    Did you glue the fingerboard to it to be used as a perch like this?

    Edit: Checked the thingiverse, I see it's bolted.

  • "Hold your spoon properly!"
  • This has Lemmy front page energy I can feel it.

  • Ani.Social May 2024 Notice
  • Ah! That's why I noticed seemed to "forget" a bunch of federation.

  • Ani.Social May 2024 Notice
  • It's in the post:

    We will likely relocate back to Asia in the future when a fix is available.

  • Yoko (by Marse)
  • Aw fuck why'd you have to point that out! Can't unsee.

  • Determined Bocchi by @ito
  • They have likely found a prompt combination that produces a unique result.

    But their works also have a certain sameyness, in the eyes and faces.