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It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • I am on a quest to play through all of the classic FPS. So I will put some time in Doom64.

  • Steam owner Valve accused of ripping off 14m UK gamers
  • Valve is not the one setting the prices. The publishers/developers are. One could argue that they are increasing their prices becauses of Valve's cut, but they aren't. A Ubisoft game for example costs the same on Steam as it does on the Ubisoft store, which is obviously not taking any cuts for its own games.

    Also, 30% is the industry standard. Here is a nice overview IGN made in 2019.

    Edit for the price parity argument: If the parity would have increased game prices to include Valve's cut, AAA games would have gotten 30% more expensive many years ago. But they didn't.

  • What was announced at the Xbox showcase that you're most excited for?
  • Perfect Dark

    Never played the original one.

  • When you stopped caring about staying in good shape?
  • I know you don't care, but I was in the same position as you. I gave up and tried to drown myself in food and alcohol.

    Things can change. Even if you are 100% sure right now that they won't. When they changed for me, my mind and body already had irreparable damage. My memory suffered from the alcohol, my body will forever look ugly from the rapid weight gain. No amount of working out can fix that.

    What I am trying to say is: Even if you don't believe in it, your attitude can change. Just like that, from one day to the next. Then you will regret your choices, but the damage is already done. Remember that.

  • Was muss man beachten, wenn man Sonnenschutzcreme kauft?
  • Für mich wichtig: Schnelles einziehen, hoher Lichtschutzfaktor, kein zu starker Duft, kein fettiger Film auf der Haut. Bevorzuge Sprays und bin mit dem von Eucerin recht zufrieden.

  • What communities would you participate in if they were here on Lemmy ?
  • TipOfMyJoystick

    I loved helping people find games they couldn't remember the names of.

  • Willkommenspost
  • Musste mit dem Saufen aufhören, wollte/konnte ich aber nicht. Als Ersatzhandlung dann mit Fleisch aufgehört. So bin ich einige Jahre vorher auch schon zum Nichtraucher geworden. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Vom Vegetarier zum Veganer dauerte es dann noch ein paar Jahre, der Weg zeichnete sich aber schon früh ab.

  • Weekly what have you been playing discussion - week of May 27th, 2024
  • I finished the second half of Hrot, a boomer shooter. It plays like a mix of Dusk and Quake 1, set in Czechoslovakia in the 80s.

    Really good atmosphere, nice enemy variety, good level design with lots of secrets, great music, average gunplay.

    I had a lot of fun and reading up about all the references to real life Czechoslovakia and Chech culture was quite interesting and educational.

    I started playing Dave the Diver. It has a lot of charm, but it feels like two mobile games stiched together. I kinda like it, but I wish there was more to it.

  • voltage rule
  • Danger Danger!

  • What is a song you wanted to find again for a long time, but it gave you no clear clue about how to search for it?
  • A pretty famous song from the 80s. I only remember the intro, which sounds similar to the intro of "Take my breath away" by "Berlin". Just a bass, going Dum Dum - Dum Dum. I know nothing else, not even if the singer is male or female. Tried to find it a few times, no luck.

  • Where do I look when seated at a restaurant to seem normal?
  • Sounds exhausting. How about the menu? Study it like there will be a test on it tomorrow.

  • Challenge
  • Keep the change.

  • Produktion von Fleischersatz 2023 um 16,6 Prozent gestiegen
  • Finde das Rügenwalder Zwiebelmett echt gut. Hatte aber das Original auch sehr lange nicht mehr, vielleicht fehlt mir da der direkte Vergleich.

  • Chevelle - Still Running
  • Reminds me a bit of Filter.

  • Skindred - Nobody


    Squid - Houseplants Squid - Houseplants (Official Audio)

    We're excited to announce our debut album Bright Green Field, out Friday 7 May 2021! The first single ‘Narrator’ is out now:

    Squid - Houseplants (Official Audio)

    The Sword - Barael's Blade


    Russian Circles - Malko


    Bloodstar - Bloodstar


    Wet Leather - Yours and Mine Wet Leather - Yours & Mine

    Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter: Director / Producer / Editor - Ethan Samuel Young Director of Photography - Sam B. Jones Production Designer - Sofia Warren Producer - Adèle Borden Associate Produ...

    Wet Leather - Yours & Mine

    Guess the song

    Bing Image Creator. The prompt was the songs lyrics, edited to fit the character limit and to remove redundancies.