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This trips me up more often than I care to admit

To be fair, it does get pretty complicated
  • They can start a bed and breakfast!

  • He deserves it, dadgummit
  • Classic Twilight Zone remake coming in 3... 2... 1...

  • What are good options for fans (tower, standing, etc.)
  • Every tower fan I've ever owned has been a piece of junk. Which is only a sample size of two but that was enough to put me off of the form factor. Pedestal fans are cheaper and more reliable but take up much more floor space. Anything bought at a big box store is almost guaranteed to have plastic gearing in the oscillator which will eventually start to make noise. No clue if there are "premium" brands that aren't overpriced bougie bait but I am all ears if anyone has suggestions.

  • He deserves it, dadgummit


    To be fair, it does get pretty complicated


    Sometimes the best character to play is your true self



    The homeopaths of spin
  • Not sure if you felt it, but I just manipulated your vote.

  • Make new friends today!
  • Neither do I.

    I saved this picture close to 20 years ago, just because it was ridiculous. I've always wondered, "What the everloving fuck is going on here?" And I've never come up with an answer. But last night, in a state of what I suspect was hypomania, I decided that now is the time for it to shine once again.

  • Tradwives Are Doing Conservatives’ Work for Them
  • Can't get much more traditional than that.

  • Mario for president
  • While I agree that Mario would be a better choice than what we currently have, he's basically unelectable. His residence in the Mushroom Kingdom, ethnic accent, and the considerable amount of skeletons in his closet would be a buffet for the corpo media empires.

  • ‘Not acceptable in a democracy’: UN expert condemns lengthy Just Stop Oil sentences
    • For the convenience of our constituents, protest hours are 10:00-14:00 every second Thursday of the month.
    • Citizens may apply for a protest permit at their local post office.
    • In the event that potential protestors have different local post offices, each protestor must apply at all applicable post offices, indicating their post code of origin on the back of page 27 (BLUE INK ONLY).
    • Duplicate applications will be denied.
    • Please state clearly the reason for the proposed protest in the application in 25 words or less.
    • Applications take approximately 6-8 weeks per word to process. Successful applicants will be notified by post no later than 12 April of the following year.
    • Approved protests must be addressed to the brick wall behind the library and are confined to the space enclosed by the chain link fence.
    • If multiple approved protests occur on the same day, please form a queue, tallest to shortest. The group with the most amount of members in the top quartile will be granted the protest space for the day. Others will need to re-apply after a 60-day probationary period.
    • Chants will be kept to a conversational speaking volume.
    • For the safety of the public, no food or drink will be allowed.
    • Infractions of the rules as outlined in the application will result in the locking of the fence gate for a period of no less than 6 days.
    • Further punishments are determined at the sole discretion of the Peaceable Protest Committee. Sentences start at 5 years with no maximum. Appeals may be made after the sentence has been served.
  • Biden's exit makes Trump the oldest nominee in U.S. history
  • The evil black lady coming to take their freedumbs.

  • Time has taken its toll on you
  • I've been so conditioned by bots on the other site running tshirt scams that I have to stop myself from automatically downvoting similar comments on lemmy.

  • What will you do if there's a second civil war in the US?
  • Playing hard to get is just going to encourage the crazies.

  • Time has taken its toll on you

    What will you do if there's a second civil war in the US?
  • Probably get shot by some Y'all Qaeda cosplayer for having a mixed race spouse. Whether this happens before or after my brother gets taken out for being gay is up for debate. I hope my sister is spared because her meathead baby daddy is a right wing useful idiot, but she's an unmarried bisexual mother and that doesn't pass the purity test, no sir.

    I kinda feel bad for my mom since she was largely apolitical until a black man had the audacity to get elected president, but there's nothing I can do to stop the parade of leopards once they go face-hunting. Doubly so if I'm dead.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • The good option would have been to run a good candidate over a year ago.

    "Eight years ago" is indeed "over a year ago."

    dead horse pummeling sounds

  • And what's up with that oral fixation anyway
  • Here's to the Daffy in your life never running out of patience 🍻

  • Just waiting for the inevitable server shutdown
  • You've basically gotta structure your entire life around it.

  • Jesta is besta
  • Thanks! I had a thread on the old site where I left the "besta" part blank. Anyone who chimed in to fill in the blank, I tried to take a picture to match. An IRL friend tried to be a smartass and said "on fire."

    Backlog ftw!

    Old man yells at clouds

    It sucked to nuke that thread, but I'm sure pigboy included backups when he sold off our content. Someday, somewhere, some no-talent assclown is going to make line go up just a tiny bit more thanks to our creativity. And isn't that what makes life worth living?

  • I don't even know where to start


    Jesta is besta


    So am I modifying my old character sheet or filling out a new one?

    Microblog Memes MelodiousFunk

    Just waiting for the inevitable server shutdown


    Make new friends today!


    Aussie Jesus laying down the law


    They say each rupee has a little magic inside it


    Here kitty kitty




    And what's up with that oral fixation anyway


    Acornator Zero


    I'm trying, Zinn. I'm trying.


    The problem with pronouns


    I'm aware every month