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Does Kamala Harris have a chance and
  • The Democrats are out of time, and they could rush to nominate her as their candidate in August. It’s likely they will find the best polling candidate, and I hope they look for someone outside the Biden/Harris administration. Someone without the baggage of the last four years and complicit in hiding the condition of the current president.

    Personally I hope they ask Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to lead. (If she will accept) Of all the possible nominees I’ve read about she has the most experience.

  • Are Asian characters on TV required to be Christian?
  • Not an expert. Just surface observations. Where I live there are a lot of South Korean-Christian churches serving the S Korean American community, so I just assumed it was a common religion there. It was my understanding that South Korea today is one of the most western like cultures in Asia, so it didn’t surprise me. We had an influx of S. Korean immigrants after the Korean War, and over the years while we’ve been allies and held a military presence on S. Korean soil. Ive worked with a few retired military persons who met their spouse while stationed in South Korea.

    On a side note Christianity may be an exclusive religion (1st commandment: thou shall not worship any gods before me), but from my understanding Buddhism is not. Perhaps it’s possible to be both without any conflicting beliefs. I know there are plenty of conflicting beliefs already wired into Christianity. What’s a few more between peaceful religions.

  • Honda Will Kill All of Its Gas Motorcycles by 2040
  • I love it! We went from battery tech to being me getting scolded like a toddler. We are going to have to disagree here. If you can’t stay awake and alert for 19 hours, fine. Good on you for recognizing your limits, but you have to concede there are people out in the world who can do it, safely. Probably more than you think. Yes there is a reason truck drivers keep logs and take lawful mandatory rests. They do it as a job every day, and they get exploited to keep a schedule. Mulitple days of sleep deprivation will have consequences. Were are talking about 1 recreational day on a motorcycle with plenty of preparation. Believe or not it’s not hard. Especially in perfect weather conditions.

  • Honda Will Kill All of Its Gas Motorcycles by 2040
  • I appreciate your point of view, but I think it’s kind of reductive. Anyone taking on a road trip like that needs to understand their physical fitness and their limits. I wasn’t bragging. And there are plenty of people out there who have done what I have so there is no reason to think I’m treading new water. I learned from others who ride. You keep yourself physically fit, Get a good nights rest, stay hydrated, but most importantly you know your limits and know when to stop if there are signs. You do you, and I’ll do me.

  • Honda Will Kill All of Its Gas Motorcycles by 2040
  • That’s optimistic and I like that, but a company like Honda doesn’t make decisions based on optimism. They’re confined by government regulations and bottom line profit. I heard last year that they had planned to discontinue the Goldwing soon due to JP environmental regulations, so this announcement doesn’t surprise me. The Goldiwng is a 6 cyl with a 5 gal tank that estimates about 300 mile range. I do hope that at some point in my life we will see comparable range performance in EVs. The pessimist in me is worried we’re going to be limited in the distances we can travel in a day. The last time I made a trip across the US from California to home it took 3 days. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken if we had to stop to charge every 200-250 miles. I haven’t even heard of an EV cycle with anything near that range yet. 15 years isn’t that far away.

  • Honda Will Kill All of Its Gas Motorcycles by 2040
  • I’ve made multiple 1,200 mile trips in under 24 hours on my Goldwing. I don’t think we are anywhere near the battery tech required for anything close to that, and I’m worried the technology limitations will prevent batteries from ever reaching that.

  • Appeal
  • For anyone who doesn’t understand what this flag represented for the last 250 years. Go find out. I’d say if any of us should fly this flag it should be a Supreme Court Justice. If you don’t like him based on his rulings then fine, say so, but don’t besmirch this flag and its meaning based on some small group who recently co-opted it. This post reeks of small brain syndrome or someone intentionally trying to tear down our institutions to weaken us as a nation. Which seems to be the warfare of the social media age. Slow like a millstone. Constantly grinding from the edges at our foundation.

  • You bore me human.

    I this a firm and polite way to tell an opinionated coworker to stop pushing his agenda I don't care about?
  • Say to them.

    Look. I see you’re very heated on this subject, but I can’t afford to care right now. I don’t want to get worked up about this. All this conversation is going to do is bum me out or make me agitated. It’s not good for my work environment. I’m just trying to concentrate on my work and hopefully get through the day in a better mood than when it started.

  • Solar Eclipse April 2024

    In the path of totality at Carbondale IL. Carbondale Reservoir. Near Southern Illinois University. Thank you Carbondale!

    iPhone 15 Pro Max. No skill whatsoever.


    Well... Shit.

    I was headed back home 1200 miles when at the first gas stop I let my bike fall over. I tried to park it away from the gas pumps to get off and stretch my legs. The spot I chose (poorly) was unleveled and the wind caught it and pushed it over. The tip over scratched the saddle bag and broke my brake lever. At my next stop I found an auto parts store for some steel stick epoxy to temporarily ‘weld’ the lever back together. I let it cure for a few 30 minutes before setting off angain, and then a few hours before using it properly, but that only lasted a few hundred miles. Everything is an easy fix, but damn I was utterly deflated the rest of the trip with my scratches of shame.


    A Hawk in our Back Yard

    This guy has been visiting us regularly. I hope he takes care of our ground hogs for us.