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Mbourgon everywhere

Instead of a “renaissance man”, I’m a “renaissance nerd”. Pinball? Sure. Sci-fi? Of course. video games? Natch. 70’s Italian Prog-rock? A raison d’etre.

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Steve Albini & The Hendon Mob
  • Steve Albini was a man of many talents. It’s crazy when you find out just how many influential bands he worked with. Specifically Mono mentioned working with him on their brand new album. I was stunned how many genres he worked with - I knew him from Nirvana and “Some Of Your Friends Are Already This Fucked”.

    And yeah, poker too. RIP you legend.

  • Invalids on tour ( tappy math-rock) Invalids

    Buy tickets for Invalids concerts near you. See all upcoming 2024-25 tour dates, support acts, reviews and venue info.

    Just found out a couple of weeks ago that the band Invalids is going on tour starting this week! They are playing the entirety of Eunoia, at least at the show in Denton, Texas. I found them when Permanence came out, so I’m looking forward to it

    I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the vocals, but it definitely is tappy math-rock, which is my go-to. Hope some of y’all can make the various shows. And the show in Denton also has Clout Chaser, so it ought to be interesting. :)

    What is DNC is working with RNC
  • I’d argue yes. And it’s still a combination of “exceedingly competent and yes still incompetent in other ways”. The intelligence is here, to paraphrase William Gibson, it’s just unevenly distributed

  • What is DNC is working with RNC
  • Sure, years later. They flew the stealth fighter f-117a around in Nevada for 10 years before it became public knowledge. The government is simultaneously capable and incapable. Different groups have different responsibilities, different budgets, different helpers and detractors, etc.

    Same thing with Trump. He is simultaneously capable and incapable. He can barely put sentences together, but has like-minded people who are less incompetent, able to push extreme policies through. And there are other groups using him as a tool as well. They don’t care about and will shove him once he’s no longer useful. But he’s very good at taking attention away from other things.

  • What is DNC is working with RNC
  • Overall you’re right. But there are some notable exceptions. Arguably Iran/Contra, the CIA spying on all phone calls, the Drug War. But the big one would be The Manhattan Project, since it employed literally hundreds of thousands of people.

  • Apple Vision Pro's Cheaper Version to Bring Bigger Displays with Lower Resolutions with New OLEDoS
  • Go do the demo. It is honestly really impressive. Had no intention of doing it, I’m not the target demographic or audience, but I was there to get a battery replaced and while I waited they did it. My jaw dropped at least twice.

    I’m at a loss for the kind of things it can do for me day-to-day right now (and yeah, they have to come up with good selling points there), but for a virtual desktop I’d be there if it were cheaper. But you kinda see where they’re heading - glasses where you could read the web, check weather, watch tv, or play games, the UI, and the phone is just a computing brick that sits in your pocket all day

  • Hellana Pandora - how have I missed this guitarist?

    Nice compositions, good tapping, great instrumentals and shredding. I think this counts as djent/prog-metal, posting it here first.

    How the heck have I missed this?

    Bat Fact: Bat pregnancies are kind of a big deal
  • Fun fact: once a year a 100‘ x 100‘ cave in Mason Texas becomes one of the most populated bat caves (bat nursery), holding anywhere from 2 million to 7 million. In the spring, pregnant bats come to this cave for some reason (they don’t know why) and hang out here until they give birth. Once they do, they spend the next couple of months rearing their young, eventually taking them on flights, and 1-2 months after giving birth the babies are now the same size as their mom, and they all go back to whichever cave they originally came from.

  • postrock Mbourgon everywhere

    [NewPost-rock] Reformation / Backyard Roller Coastrt

    Combo of post-rock and post-metal. Fairly upbeat. Found the previous album on R a couple of years ago and figured I’d share this - literally came out yesterday.


    Seen in /memes

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    > nothing like pushy maniacs to make my day complete


    iPad Pro 2022 13" vs iPad Air 2024 13"?

    I am looking at these two, trying to find a deal on the Pro 2022 that makes it close to the price of the 13" 2024 Air. Right now the "deals" are still in the $999 range for it, as opposed to $800 for the Air. Which sucks - seems like the 2022 is still better, but $200 is $200. I have a pro 10.5" now, but the lure of bigger has finally won out, years later. Trying to see if I'm missing anything - on paper the 2022 is still better, even if older.

    Advantages of the Pro 2022:

    • FaceID, not TouchID
    • Promotion display (120hz vs the Air's 60hz)
    • can run external display

    Advantages of the Air 2024:

    • Cheaper
    • Newer - supported longer?
    • ? Anything else?

    "Programming Sucks"

    Don’t know how I’ve never come across this, but this made me laugh and cry and nod appreciatively.


    Standards - Cosmos (from the new album!)

    Another bouncy & tappy release by Marco.


    Warm Gaze (RP from Traditional Art)

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    > Warm Gaze - by C.M. Duffy (Acrylic on panel)(2024)


    Elephant Gym US Tour TONIGHT

    Fantastic show, and sold out! Definitely see, and their opening tonight was Standards, also fantastic!


    VINTERSORG - Fjällets mäktiga mur (Official Lyric Video) (Folk metal, Sweden 2017)

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    > VINTERSORG - Fjällets mäktiga mur (Official Lyric Video) (Folk metal, Sweden 2017)


    Finsterforst -holy cow you guys. FFO Moonsorrow. 44 min EP!

    I specifically added the folkiest track, but the whole album is fantastic. Hidden gem!


    Cool game on Steam NextFest - Lovecraftian deck builder. Menace from the Deep on Steam

    Menace from the Deep is an enthralling Roguelike Deckbuilding card game that unfolds in a dark world, drawing inspiration from Howard Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos.Set against the backdrop of 1920s USA, the narrative revolves around a clandestine occult society.

    Menace from the Deep on Steam

    Production values are high, some interesting additions to the genre. Like Slay the Spire, but with Elder Gods


    Found this on a best-of-2023 list. Love the symphonic bits! Spurv

    More on the crescendo-core end of the spectrum, but really good. The symphonic bits are a delight.

    postrock Mbourgon everywhere

    New upbeat tappy album - Erin Malone (FFA Pictures of Wild Life)

    Cross-posting this here because this is definitely “post-rock with more tapping”

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    > I think I found this album due to The Post-Everything Collective monthly round up. Some nice happy(and tappy) instrumental math-rock to start 2024 with.


    New upbeat tappy album - Erin Malone (FFA Pictures of Wild Life)

    I think I found this album due to The Post-Everything Collective monthly round up. Some nice happy(and tappy) instrumental math-rock to start 2024 with.

    Yellowstone National Park Mbourgon everywhere

    Set photos from a new(?) Yellowstone tv show

    Unsure which Yellowstone this community is for, but here are some set photos from a show they’re shooting. Fort Worth, TX.


    Well? Math-rock AOTY?

    Curious what everyone thinks the top album of the year is. Personally, I found Syncatto, which is the flamenco/math/(metal?) band I didn’t know I needed. I really dug Gabba’s “Recollections”. “Sonorous Faith pt 2” was just as triumphant and joyful as part 1, but maybe that’s post-rock?

    OH! Night Verses! Unsure if that’s math or djent or what, but hot damn.

    Shout out to “Oh The Ezekiel”, enjoyable one-man band.

    postrock Mbourgon everywhere

    Alarmist -

    Safarisogood, by Alarmist

    No idea where I found this gem, though with my luck it was either here or the R site.

    Alarmist, Popular Demain. Part Math, part Post. Electronics and near-Gloss-Drop Battles with some jazz.