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Are there any genuine benefits to AI?
  • I work in IT for a Fortune 500 org.

    We use LLMs to improve worker efficiency. There is a ton of taking info from here and there and entering it into our system. AI took the workload from humans doing data entry and freed the humans up to do less tedious things.

  • Ghost in the Shell comes to mind
  • Would new Forest live through the 90s-20s instead of the 50s-90s?

    I'm not sure it'd make a good story. The technology is what changed the world in the past 30 years. The 1960s were a super tumultuous time and make a good sorry.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Tea tree oil.

    Put some in your finger, rub on toenail and between toes.

    You can find it at the health foods store.

    Edit: do this 2x daily for at least a month.

    Change your socks daily.

  • I pay for all monthly subscriptions using money from third world countries and im glad of it
  • Your post doesn't make sense.

    Specifically, how you get money from these "third world countries"?

    There's nothing wrong with being paid by a nation for doing work for them.

    The first half "I pay for all monthly subscriptions", good as a functioning member of society you need to pay your bills. There is nothing controversial about it. You could have omitted that part.

  • Reduce, reuse, redirect outrage: How plastic makers used recycling as a fig leaf
  • You've been lied to. Recycling plastic was never about saving the planet. It was too get consumers to be okay polluting with plastic. That isn't changing. Recycling plastic is not the answer. It never was. The oil lobby spent millions to trick you into using plastic.

    The article says that new recycling processes just create other pollution.

    To solve this, we stop using petroleum based plastic.

  • Why do companies love chrome so much?
  • Would you prefer they go back to mandating that you use Internet explorer?

    Progress is slow little steps forward, with a step back here and there.

    Chrome was better that ie. It was also available for use on all of the big operating systems.

    The fewer Internet browsers a page has to support the faster it is to build and the more people will have a uniform experience there.

  • Airports are separated from all societal norms
  • Do people just not brush their teeth after every meal?

    In the USA the norm is morning and evening. Twice a day. Only at home.

    Across my life in corporate America, I've seen a few people doing it after lunch, but it's very rare.

  • McDonald's is promising 'attention to affordability' after the price of Big Mac meals hits $18
  • I'm not familiar with in n out. Most chain burger places cost their fries in chemicals to make them crunchy longer. A natural cut fry becomes unappetizing like 10 minutes after it's out if the fryer.

    There are trade offs with each way.

    One is "cleaner" or maybe purer One has a better customer experience

  • Biden says this is the ‘weirdest campaign ever’ as Trump suggests he’s an Elvis lookalike
  • If that's the case, why didn't they pass any meaningful bill in the first 2 years of his presidency?

    He didn't champion anything, so Congress didn't give him any bills to sign that he wanted.

    It's not 3d chess. Hell, it's not even checkers. It's that Republicans are stuck with this moron that a significant, and very loud percentage of their base LOVES.

  • Why does everyone hate Cloudflare?

    They get shit on a lot here. Why? What do they do and how is that different from other companies that offer similar services?

    What I know of them: they offer DDS brute force/spam protection for websites.


    Wayfair CEO sends a harsh wake-up call to employees

    The CEO recently informed employees that further blurring the line between work and life is the recipe for success and is pushing for staff to put in more overtime, according to an email Shah wrote to his employees, which was obtained by Business Insider last week.

    “Working long hours, being responsive, blending work and life, is not anything to shy away from,” he wrote in the email. “There is not a lot of history of laziness being rewarded with success. Hard work is an essential ingredient in any recipe for success.”

    Shah informed staff that this is a change that will be pushed for in the “weeks and months to come,” citing that the most successful people he knows follow this work culture.

    “Everyone deserves to have a great personal life – everyone manages that in their own way – ambitious people find ways to blend and balance the two. I think that is what we all should do,” he wrote.

    He is also encouraging staff to be “aggressive, pragmatic, frugal, agile, customer oriented, and smart” and to be more careful with spending company money going forward.

    “I would also encourage you to think of any company money you spend as your own. Would you spend money on that, would you spend that much money for that thing, does that price seem reasonable, and lastly – have you negotiated the price? Everything is negotiable and so if you haven't then you should start there,” he wrote.

    Minnesota Mamertine

    Minneapolis business owners pressured to hire mpls coppers Small business owners say they're pressured to hire off-duty MPD cops for security - Minnesota Reformer

    Small business owners — particularly immigrant owned — say they've been pressured by police to hire off-duty officers to provide security.

    Small business owners say they're pressured to hire off-duty MPD cops for security - Minnesota Reformer