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"Soundblaster" was such an 80s/90s name for a computer part.
  • I built a config.sys file with a menu that then passed the menu choice on to autoexec.bat so I could choose at boot time between 3 configurations- one with expanded memory for older games that required it, one with extended memory for everyday use and newer games, and one with everything extra (including CD-ROM drivers) stripped away to maximize free conventional RAM for the one or two games that needed that...

  • We need this level of energy. All the time...
  • including the dak side of it.

    I assume you mean dark- but there is no dark side, the moon rotates with respect to the sun as it goes around the earth, so it has a day / night cycle of about a month.

  • I fucking hate the job search
  • I've worked a lot of different jobs over the years, some well in my skill set, some well outside, and if there's one thing I've noticed, it's that with very few exceptions, knowledge and skills matter very little, what matters most is sucking up to the boss, a skill I am exceedingly bad at. Interestingly enough, one of the jobs where skill mattered most was construction, even when I worked for my uncle, he barely cut me any breaks. He once said "you hammer like old people fuck". Not to mention the number of times he yelled at me because I was shit with a tape measure. "Cut it 3 times and it's still too short". Yeah nepotism didn't help me there.

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • Hybrids are more affordable than full electrics, and have some of the benefits.... I have a Kia Sorento and its torque was enough to climb out of a pretty deep rut that would have required shifting into low4 on my dad's 4x4... Plus it gets about 600 miles on a tank.

  • 376 boys in blue sat around and let 19 kids and 2 teachers die
  • I live in Arizona, one of the more trigger-happy states (we allow concealed carry without a permit) but I haven't been personally affected by any gun violence in 20 years. There was a shooting on the edge of my neighborhood a few weeks ago, but I didn't hear about it until days later, just happened to see a news story. It was some sort of party situation, the people knew each other, not random.