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What Daniel Radcliffe has said as JK Rowling said she will ‘not forgive’ him and he can ‘save his apology’
  • "vulnerable women reliant on single-sex spaces" deserve help, and safe spaces, but that does not require abusing other vulnerable people. Casting all LGBTQ+ folks as potential predators is not okay.

    Maybe, we could all install some privacy effective bathroom stall doors and all feel safer while we poop.

    And let's legally mandate them. Folks installing an entire new business facility can afford a more expensive door. We don't have to keep sucking at this.

  • What Daniel Radcliffe has said as JK Rowling said she will ‘not forgive’ him and he can ‘save his apology’
  • "I’ve met so many queer and trans kids and young people who had a huge amount of identification with Potter on that and so seeing them hurt on that day, I wanted them to know that not everybody in the franchise felt that way," he (Radcliffe) wrote. "And that was really important.”

  • Our tax dollars so this mf can try to arrest librarians
  • To support the idea that it is class based, I suspect we will find it is being selectively applied to poorer communities, which specifically drives the most able-to-change-jobs (often the best) librarians to move to other communities where this is not being applied.

    I base my assumption on historic selective enforcement of other laws with similar vulnerability to abuse - such as selective enforcement during prohibition.

    I believe that if librarians, of any kind, are being targeted, we should suspect class warfare because libraries are historically a source of improved equity.

    So my assertion is that any action taken against any library should be examined carefully under a lens of suspected class warfare.

  • What are You Working on Wednesday
  • CrowdStrike incident retrospective, of course.

    Also... How about something fun...

    I'm working on kicking Roku out of my home media solution stack, because they changed their terms of service. It reads to me like they can report what I watch (internal to my own network) to their partners for various reasons. I'm not a fan of that, so I'm learning a lot about Kodi.

  • Unpersoned (22 Jul 2024) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  • DeGoogling myself was pretty eye opening. I counted on their services for so many things, that it took me about a year to complete. I would not have enjoyed having to do that overnight.

    And if it had happened abruptly, I would have lost access to quite a bit of content I've "purchased" (purchased unlimited licenses to) over the years, and tied to my Google account.

  • Just a dad helping out
  • It only needs to look good on whatever screen size the client's CEO's favorite administrative director uses, when she checks on it, on a Friday evening, seven weeks after delivery (but still well before I'll ever see my $500.00...)

    Wish me luck guessing the screen size...

  • Google’s plan to turn off third-party cookies in Chrome is dying
  • "Results showing returns on investment with Google Display Ads showed a 97 percent recovery, which Ad Age called strong, but effectiveness dropped in attempts to engage the same customers with follow-up ads, showing only a 55 percent recovery in spending for re-marketing audiences."

    There are no winners here, in any of this.

    After all the posturing about Privacy, all that really happened is data-driven fuckery to get people to buy stuff they don't need.

    If I hadn't already kicked Google the hell out of my personal life, this could have been another last straw, for me.

  • Do you folks use Amazon a lot, and if yes, then why? If no, then what alternatives do you prefer?
  • I do my best not to feed money unnecessarily into Amazon, because they're well on their way into abusing their near-monopoly advantage.

    I can't change how the world treats a company that shrugs off news of their employees peeing in bottles, and doesn't seem to care about heat exhaustion in their own staff. But I can control how I react to that news.

    I use separate dedicated online retailers for groceries, hardware, and toys. I generally get free or very low cost delivery, directly to my door, within a week. My delivery timing is actually more reliable than it was with Amazon, back when I still ordered a few things from them, after they started enshitifying.

    I'm generally always using a retailer who has a presence in my city, so if I need to return something, I just return it at the store.

    The quality of the return desk experience is usually what determines which specific retailer I buy from, for each category.

    (Which is ironic because I almost never need to return anything. I'm shockingly good at fixing stuff, so if I get something mildly broken, I just fix it and use it. But I really hate it if it's a hassle on the rare day that I do.)

  • Mr. True wastes no time serving justice (May 14, 1914)
  • a self-righteous male Karen trying to pound the world vigorously into submission according to his ideals.

    Yep. Everett True is an asshole with poor impulse control, who sometimes - completely by coincidence - does the right thing.

  • For people which companies made return to the office mandatory, how did it go?
  • Interesting related data point (since there aren't many answers here yet, and I hope to stir more) - my company embraced remote hiring aggressively and recruited a fantastic batch of talent.

    I figured, remote work and all, it would be easy come, easy go. I figured we might lose remote folks as quick as we recruited them. I was wrong.

    So far, annecdotaly, our staff attrition rate is significantly below what it was when we hired 100% in-person, all things considered.

  • If Clinton, Trump, and Did Not Vote were presidential candidates in 2016
  • We could probably spin it around and give a tiny tax break for those who vote.

    Now you're talking!

    It'll still definitely get attacked though.

    Yeah. It'll be presented as unnacceptable to us temporarily-embarassed-billionaires.

  • [Nasser Junior] The Handover
  • I'm in this picture and I am okay with that.

    I call it "mentorship". Not the part where I leave you with a pile of my crappy code. The part where I ask for more money, and I leave if I don't get it.

  • A Pipeworks Crash Course Home

    Pipeworks is a mod for Minetest allowing the crafting and usage of pipes and tubes - mt-mods/pipeworks


    Since I couldn't find it, here's a bare minimum guide to starting using the Pipeworks mod.

    This recipe builds a trivial item sorter.

    Mods you need:

    • Pipeworks
    • Mesecon
    • I3 Inventory (optional, strongly recommend)

    Resources you need (if building this in survival):

    • 24 wood planks for 4 chests
    • a lot of leaves (for plastic for tubes and for the injector)
    • a lot of mese Crystals (for the injector and the sorting tube segment and the blinky plant)
    • 3 saplings (for the blinky plant)
    • 2 iron for the injector

    To build the parts - look up the part recipes in I3 Inventory, or the MineTest wiki.

    The Build:

    In this order, place, on flat ground, in a straight line:

    • A chest
    • A stack wise filter injector
    • A pneumatic tube segment
    • A sorting pneumatic tube segment
    • A final chest

    Now place the last two chests on the ground on either side of the 'sorting pneumatic tube segment'.

    Now place a 'blinky plant' beside the 'stackwise filter injector', to get it running. Yes, it must be a blinky plant.

    Now throw some crap in the first chest and watch it get moved randomly to the other 3 chests.

    Now, grab an item you want sorted, say 'dirt block'. Left click on the 'sorting pneumatic tube segment'. Put the dirt block next to one of the colors. Put more dirt blocks into the first chest.

    Watch the dirt blocks follow the color you chose.

    Repeat with more item types.

    Now your inventory is sorted, kind of.

    Finally, add additional chests and sorting tube segments, as needed, to suit your personal play style.

    Edit: Of course now I found a decent wiki page that has more detail, so I put that in the URL.


    PSA - MineTest on SteamDeck Minetest on Steam Deck: usage and review

    In this article, I will explain how to set up Minetest on the deck, and review the controls, performance, and experience.

    Minetest on Steam Deck: usage and review

    MineTest on a SteamDeck is so fun, y'all.

    (Edit: MineTest is a free and open source game engine that started as a clone of Minecraft, and has grown to be that, and much more.)

    I would have tried it sooner, if someone had mentioned it to me, so I'm mentioning it to you.

    Edit: Disclaimer, I'm not the author of this blog. It's the walkthrough I followed to start playing.


    Newbie Lessons

    Here's things I learned, so far, as a new player of Minetest. I'm new at this, so I'll gladly update this post with any corrections.

    • Mineclone2 is a great place to just start playing!
    • When confident enough to choose my own plugins, I switched back to MineGame/default, for the bigger library of available plugins.
    • Mesecons is redstone, but looks way nicer. Insulated wires alone look like a huge sanity saver.
    • The world is dramatically taller and deeper, so you're going to want a teleporter or elevator plugin. I found Travelnet a practical option.
    • if you're coming from Java edition Minecraft, you may be pleasantly surprised how much faster, lighter and more efficient Mineclone is.
    • The hang glider plugin is a giggle and a half.
    • Building a Cotton farm was a quicker path to beds and hang gliders, for me, than searching for sheep.