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Meta to broaden hate speech policy to remove more posts targeting 'Zionists'
  • Let's not pretend that there isn't an active effort to undermine the meaning of Nazi. I've seen many more claims of Nazi being overused than I have of anyone actually accusing someone of being a Nazi, in good faith or otherwise

  • Meta to broaden hate speech policy to remove more posts targeting 'Zionists'
  • Pretending the state of Israel isn't a form of regional power doesn't make it go away.

    Don't get me wrong, Israel has shown time and again that it does not deserve that power and must be dismantled. But that doesn't sound like what the law is talking about.

    Maybe I'm being overly pedantic about the language in use

  • How are y'all liking the remake?

    Personally, I was apprehensive of the new art style, but it's growing on me.

    CNN hosts told they're "complicit" in Trump re-election in live interview
  • Acceptable to whom?

    My question is directed to you, the person who wrote

    The Democratic Party cannot fail us.

    I despise voter shaming. The politicians have to EARN our votes. Always. No exceptions.

    This is kind of what I'm getting at. I interpreted your statement as "it is functionally impossible for the Democratic Party to not fail us" instead of "we need the Democratic Party to not fail us.

    IMO, both of these things can be true:

    1. Voting for the Democratic party is the best form of harm reduction available to us at this point in time
    2. We should be critical of Democratic handling of <gestures vaguely at everything>
  • A Driverless Car in China Hit a Pedestrian. Social Media Users Are Siding With the Car
  • Is every scenario on that site a case of brake failure? As a presumably electric vehicle it should be able to use regenerative breaking to stop or slow, or even rub against the guardrails in the side in each instance I saw

    There's also no accounting for probabilities or magnitude of harm, any attempt to warm anyone, or the plethora of bad decisions required to put the car going what must be highway speeds down a city stroad with a sudden, undetectable complete brake system failure.

    This "experiment" is pure, unadulterated propaganda.

    Oh, and that's not even accounting for the intersection of this concept and negative externalities. If you're picking an "AI" driving system for your car, do you pick the socially responsible one, or the one that prioritizes your well-being as the owner? What choice do you think most people pick in this instance?

  • Should I use a reverse proxy in a homelab?
  • Don't use jellyfin.server.local

    .local is reserved for mdns, which doesn't support more than one dot. (Though it may still sometimes work).

    In any case, to make that work you need either a DNS server on your network or something like duckdns (which supports wildcard entries).

  • Trump asks judge to gut classified documents case after immunity ruling
  • That's cute. It's a short, punchy statement to absolve yourself of responsibility to help.

    It's also fantasy.

    There will be a lot of real harm done to real people in the transition to fascism. Not doing everything you can to stop it is allowing that harm to happen.

  • Trump asks judge to gut classified documents case after immunity ruling
  • The point is that if the destination is fascism, violence might be justified if no other avenue is available.

    Like yes, the rhetoric is obviously extreme, but that might be what's necessary to get the Democratic party to actually use the tools available to them, like packing the courts

  • Shoko Server not recognizing any anime
  • You might be able to get the same hash if you did a backup of the disk in iso format. It doesn't matter though since you wouldn't be able to use that format to play anything.

    All that to say that these seem to be the wrong tools for what you're actually trying to do.

  • Transactional Server role for desktop use

    I really like the way the steam deck is set up with a read only root and flatpacks for user installed software.

    Would it make sense to do something similar with a transactional Server base with minimal desktop packages installed and flatpacks configured for other desktop software?


    [unRAID] Change all docker containers to not autoatart while docker service is disabled

    I've got an unRAID (6.11.5) server that I'm recovering from a bit of data loss on. I have the array started, with VMs and Docker disabled in settings.

    I'd like to start the docker service without any containers spinning up automatically. Is there a way to do that? Is there a config file somewhere I can edit to disable autostart?