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I was awarded my 3 gallon award today for blood donations.
  • "You donated 3 gallons of blood, here have this fugly glass ball"

    Sorry but man that's an ugly piece. Well done though! The real price is feeling good about doing something good.

  • What fiction or fantasy battle deserves a Sabaton song?
  • "Fiction or fantasy"

    What? Fantasy is fiction.

  • tood
  • Dooteow

  • Cruciferae
  • How is your stroke going?

  • Baybe what's wrong? You've barely touched your Strawberrum
  • Bum

    All very Yum for the Tum!

  • Chilling
  • Firstly, do you not realise you can just search the title to find the article and get your answer...? It took 10 seconds to do:

    Secondly, why did you reply to that comment with the question? Why would they know the answer?

  • Houseplants
  • Houseplant: 🌱

    Me: :)

    Houseplant: 🌱

    Me: :)

    Houseplant: 💀

    Me: :'(

  • Eurovision has become an ugly mess
  • Wrong country. How do you even mistake Finland and the Netherlands?

  • Rule
  • Butt-er-fly

  • Study reveals "widespread, bipartisan aversion" to neighbors owning AR-15 rifles
  • I'm playing Fallout 4 and my favorite weapon uses .308 bullets, I run out all the time and then have to use other weapons that just don't feel as good. I spend way too much time going to shops to buy all they have and collecting resources and crafting them just to have less than enough.

    It seems the real world has a similar problem.

  • WTF?!: RIP Steve Albini
  • Sad, but what the hell is this post? It reads like some schizophrenic rambling, the bible quote only makes it more so.

  • Signups are now open on the VEGAN LEMMY server -> 🥳
  • Signing up, but Lemmy sadly isn't a great place (yet) to be a vegan. The anti-vegan bullshit is never ending here, it's really infuriating. I try to interact with veganism here but I always end up just ignoring it because I can't stand all the stupidity and trolling that always follows.

  • NSFW
    Root Vegetable Abuse
  • The thumbnail made me think it was actual porn and they were slapping their dicks.

  • Men over 30, what do you keep in your bedside nightstand?
  • I don't have a bedside nightstand but I do have a shallow shelf over my bed where I have sleep meds, paracetamol, wireless earphones, a roll of TP, microfiber cloth and and also put my glasses and snus can there when I go to bed.

  • Bigfoot and Jeff
  • Do you not know you can zoom...? It's easily readable.

  • Bernard Hill: Titanic and Lord of the Rings actor dies
  • It's a joke comment. It's in bad taste and not funny, but clearly not serious.

  • Mazzy Star - Fade Into You (Official Music Video)
  • Kinda re-discovered Mazzy Star last year, extremely good! Lots of melancholic nostalgia.
    I remember my mom listening to it a lot when I was a kid in the mids 90s, it was a hard time for her as she had just separated with my dad. Being a single mom, with me at around 5 years of age and my little sister at 3 years old she had found several female musicians with powerful music that helped her get through life at that point. These aren't specifically musically related to Mazzy Star but they are closely related in my heart, and all highly recommend, some of my earliest memories:

    The Sugarcubes - Birthday (I turn to a pile of mush when I listen to this, in a good way of course)

    Angelique Kidjo - Agolo (the whole album rhis is from, Ayé, is so damn good)

    The Cranberries - Zombie (No need to say anything here other than "holy shit" at the view count)

    Thanks for posting!

  • Anon revisits early youtube
  • I don't think there will ever be a place like the old web again. Lemmy is better than reddit, but lots of the crap from there is just as common here, stuff that really wasn't as common before. I'm absolutely certain a disturbing amount of people say dumb shit, make spelling mistakes and stuff like that simply to get "interraction".

  • Black Kansas City teen Ralph Yarl sues white man who shot him for ringing the doorbell
  • You're like a toddler that's just repeating themselves with their fingers in their ears, your reasoning is on part with a toddler too.

  • “Democracy is on the ballot”
  • Sorry, but I gotta ask what happened with your typing in that last sentence. "There's, she was ---"

    I think you tried to say "There she was ---" But you somehow added three unnecessary characters.

    I'm in no way going against what you wrote, just can't understand what happened.

  • Did Sync stop working for anyone else? (Error loading page: 503)

    This started about two hours ago, website and other apps (like boost for lemmy) work fine. I tried disabling my adblocker (adguard), rebooting my phone, reinstalling and resetting the app. Might this be something to do with Lemmy 0.19?