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Justice for our boy
  • It was a witch hunt!!1!11!

  • Justice for our boy
  • That's Obi Wan Kenobi.

  • The latest Ads
  • I dunno, I fucking love Arby's.

  • Is missing from the fediverse explorer?
  • Naw... It's okay. We're good.

  • Republicans Complain About Hunter Biden Guilty Verdict
  • Lol their worst accusations are over tens of millions of dollars?

    Trump's son, who was actually involved in the government despite being grossly unqualified, was enriched by 2 billion dollars from Saudi investors.

  • Cupholder.exe
  • Can't view this without cycling my VPN... We need a way to see reddit posts without visiting reddit. Is this a thing? Like... Piped for Reddit.

  • Apple expected to enter AI race with ambitions to overtake the early leaders
  • It's just ChatGPT. Nothing is new here. Apple hasn't innovated anything truly new in over a decade. The closest you can get is their processors, and none of those are anything like the innovations they brought us 15-20 years ago.

  • Apple expected to enter AI race with ambitions to overtake the early leaders
  • Well yeah, but to be fair we now know exactly how much glue to put into our zesty pizza sauce.

  • President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, is convicted of all 3 felonies in federal gun trial
  • Trump, under a clear and disgusting display of nepotism, put his completely unqualified family members into positions of power.

    Fixed that for you.

  • Today, it has been 6 years since The Elder Scrolls 6 teaser
  • We all know that all they are going to do is re-release new versions of their old games on devices we largely don't care about.

  • Google is ready to fill free streaming TV channels with ads
  • Yes, we know. We've been alive long enough to see You Tube's slow demise.

  • name this spinoff
  • I still only recognize two people... I'll show myself out.

  • Save Lower Decks
  • This video was made by a Facebook group... I'm immediately disinterested. Sorry, not sorry.

    I do love lower decks, though.

  • Starfield's latest update draws player ire by sticking a bounty hunting quest behind the Creation Club paywall
  • I've never bought this game. When I see shit like this, I think "I shouldn't buy this game".

  • luv me rover, 'ate me small richard
  • Absolutely DISPERAGED to find the therapy seems to be doing an alright job. Very unhappy with the service, he is telling everyone he "definitely doesn't recommend how amazingly effective it is, especially since there's not a kickback for referrals. He HATES it, everyone!

    He does not, in any way, still have a micro dork that gives him constant issues. No way, guys. No way.

    He just bought a Cybertruck, in fact. It's amazing. It's so great. His penis is fine, everyone. It's not inverted at all when he thinks people are judging his ability to perform. It's absolutely throbbing, everyone! It's all great. Go buy a Cybertruck!

  • Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices from his companies over OpenAI partnership
  • That would actually be a figurative nail in the coffin for X. Apple idiots love X.

  • Apparently, Google's new AI-based search is quite honest.

    For those not aware, Google is rolling out their new AI-based "Generative AI" search, which seems to mesh Bard with the standard experience.

    I asked it today why Google no longer follows their "don't be evil" motto... The results are pretty hilarious.


    Why am I not seeing the correct comments and vote tallies for certain communities from other instances?

    I hope it's alright to ask a question here, because I'm very curious about an important facet of this instance:

    I noticed this morning that when I visit some of the communities hosted on other instances, I'm seeing an incorrect vote count, and few to no comments. Is this due to the recent breach, and does it relate to defederating from other instances temporarily?

    Example: 85 total comments[email protected] 12 total comments