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Antinatalism Rule
  • I'm not sure where they got the impression anyone was blaming children unless they are intentionally being obtuse to attack ideas they disagree with. Similar to people who screech "you hate dogs!?!" when you complain about shitty dog owners.

  • Biden sends defiant letter to Democrats says time to end questions, come together
  • The primary issue is that democrats unfortunately are the party of everyone from the center right to far left, so there is much more infighting. Additionally, they tend to hold those in their own party accountable, whereas the republican party will circle the wagons around just about any clown, regardless of misdeeds.

  • priorities
  • I have a 256gb ssd for the os since windows likes to devour hardrive space for reasons unclear to me, a 2tb ssd for games and other applications I need to move quickly, and a 2tb hdd for general storage. It all works pretty well together.

  • Why is Horizon: An American Saga flopping in theaters?
  • I'm with the other guy. The movie going experience was awful for a long time until I just stopped going. If they've made changes, they've made them too late for many people, especially when they are charging $20+ in my area. Additionally, regardless of what changes they've made to the seats, that doesn't change how shitty other people are. The noise, lights, running around, spilling food/drinks everywhere, etc creates an environment more akin to a wrestling match than a movie.

  • ‘Guess what? Mummy is a sex worker’: the sexologist who wants to build a ‘slutopia’ for women
  • It is quite interesting that you believe prostitution and rape have been "left behind" in any appreciable way. It is also quite interesting that you equate the two. I'm supposed to be just agreeing and disengaging, but that is quite a fascinating mindset.