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Trump Rally Gunman Was ‘Definitely Conservative,’ Classmate Recalls
  • Spain supported the colonies in the American Revolution. They were at war with Britain in Europe at the time and they provided money and supplies to the colonies as well as attacking several British positions along the Mississippi River and ramping up the European War. The Fourth of July holiday doesn't even mark a battle, it marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the war had been being fought for over a year at that point.

  • What are some unwritten rules of Lemmy most users don't know?
  • I have limited agreement with your thoughts on defederation. The ability to defederate is important because there are instances that host csam and other illegal things. That content federating across all instances could put some instance owners in legal jeopardy and is undesirable even without legal considerations. Beyond filtering illegal content and large amounts of spam I prefer to curate my own experience. That's why I chose It's a general purpose instance with a good admin that is generally well moderated. doesn't tend to cause problems for other instances so few instances have defederated from it and it basically only defederates instances that host illegal material or copious amounts of spam.

    Not everyone wants that same experience though. The amount of political posts and doom posting can get overwhelming and depressing. Constantly seeing posts that challenge or attempt to invalidate parts of you identity gets exhausting. More controlled and curated instances can be a nice break from the full experience. Anytime I've interacted with beehaw communities it has been pleasant and much less stressful than the general lemmy community. I can understand why some users prefer to stay in that environment for all of their time on lemmy. This is ultimately recreation, users should enjoy their experience here. The same with blahaj, it's nice to sometimes see content concerning minority identities without there being the same debates in the comments. When I interact with communities there and see how they talk about things I learn and grow as a person. Those discussions wouldn't be possible on a less controlled instance.

  • It's official. He was a Libertarian.
  • Not really, the difference between left and right seems to mostly be where they want the government's focus to be. Left wants to primarily regulate business focusing on reducing harm and fair treatment for workers while allowing as much freedom of choice to the individual as possible. Right wants to primarily regulate individual behavior enforcing their religious and/or ethical standards while allowing business as much freedom as possible. This is of course a broad generalization and the entire political landscape in the US has been creeping right for decades.

  • Biden’s Call With Hispanic Lawmakers Goes Off the Rails
  • Harris is very unpopular with a large portion of the democratic base because of her very close ties with law enforcement and resistance to criminal justice reform while Attorney General of California.

  • Sovcit is confused.
  • Lee's Famous Recipe was founded by Colonel Sanders's nephew. It is much closer to the original KFC. You can get all of his original recipes, the gravy change is what he hated most, at Claudia Sanders Dinner House in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

  • Sovcit is confused.
  • Kentucky uses it's otherwise defunct state militia as a legal basis for a program to recognize residents of the state who perform significant and/or consistent acts of charity to their communities. The program is "The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels" and when a person is inducted into the program the governor officially appoints them as an officer in the state militia with the rank of colonel.

  • CNN hosts told they're "complicit" in Trump re-election in live interview
  • Who's going to invade, occupy, and rebuild the US like the Allies did in Germany? The US is the most powerful country in the world, is the third largest by both land area and population, nobody has the resources for either the invasion or the rebuilding. American fascism would be a long lasting fascism with civil war as the only hope for restoring democracy, as much as we have it now.

  • Man Sentenced to Four Months in Prison for Carrying a 6-Inch Master Sword in Public
  • I've seen Highlander, you can conceal a full size katana in the inside breast pocket of a trench coat. You can even go for a run with it there and the coat will flap and move like the sword isn't even there.

  • Watched Batman Forever last night for the first time since the 90s. (Thoughts and spoilers ahead)
  • McDonald's is to blame for Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, sort of. Batman Returns was a very dark movie, it is my favorite live action Batman so far but it wasn't made for kids. That didn't stop them from making Batman Returns happy meal toys. The toys were all bright fun things like Penguin spinning his umbrella and they came out a few months before the movie. Kids got excited to see it and too many people assume that any comic book movie is made for kids. Batman 89 wasn't exactly kid friendly, for the 80s it wasn't too bad though. Batman Returns on the other hand had Danny Devito's Penguin. Parents were horrified, kids had nightmares, and, sadly, Tim Burton got fired from the franchise. The series was changed to be family friendly and died shortly thereafter.

  • Are there any complete foods recipe builders still working? is still up but building new recipes with the recipe builder doesn't seem to work anymore. Are there any recipe builders still working that calculate the full list of FDA rdi vitamins and minerals?




    He Walked On Water by Randy Travis


    Sheb Wooley - The Purple People Eater


    Where My Heart Will Take Me by Russell Watson

    The theme is very controversial among the tv fans. It was a rock song that was superficially changed and renamed for a tv show. I'll take either version.


    Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry


    Oh, What a Beautiful Morning by Rodgers and Hammerstein

    Name the show for bonus imaginary points.


    The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks


    Man of Constant Sorrow


    Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days


    Ode to the Little Brown Shack Out Back by Billie Ed Wheeler


    If LLM continue to be the dominant branch of AI development what affects will they have on spoken language?

    The ubiquity of audio commutation technologies, particularly telephone, radio, and TV, have had a significant affect on language. They further spread English around the world making it more accessible and more necessary for lower social and economic classes, they led to the blending of dialects and the death of some smaller regional dialects. They enabled the rapid adoption of new words and concepts.

    How will LLMs affect language? Will they further cement English as the world's dominant language or lead to the adoption of a new lingua franca? Will they be able to adapt to differences in dialects or will they force us to further consolidate how we speak? What about programming languages? Will the model best able to generate usable code determine what language or languages will be used in the future? Thoughts and beliefs generally follow language, at least on the social scale, how will LLM's affects on language affect how we think and act? What we believe?


    Why would the average person choose a brain implant over a skullcap?

    In the future direct interfacing between the brain and technology seems likely. The rudimentary technology has already been demonstrated and Musk's company is working on an implant meant to be a commercial product. My question is about how you see the interface eventually working. In particular I am curious about what the advantage of an implant is.

    From the demonstrations I've seen things like typing, moving cursors, ect can be achieved with sensors applied to the body externally like an fmri skullcap or a neckband that reads vibrations in the vocal cords. External sensors are much safer to apply than a brain implant, they can be replaced much more easily if they malfunction, and they can be upgraded. I have read an article that said there are advantages to implants for people with medical issues like paralysis because the implant can offer feedback providing a more "normal" experience and interacting with specific nerves gives more precise control and less lag time. For medical applications like restoring lost function that makes the risk of surgery make sense. For the average person what advantages do implants offer over external sensors that make the risks of brain surgery worth it?


    Oral alternatives to Revolution+

    I have a cat that absolutely hates topical medicine. I use Revolution+ because it's an all in one and was what the vet recommended when I got my cats but one of my cats runs when he sees the box, fights when I am putting it on him, and hides for a few hours after he gets treated. My other cat doesn't really like getting it put on but I put a spoonful of wet food down, apply it while she's eating and she's over it by the time her treat is gone. I wish my male cat took it that well, I hate that I have to do it monthly when he reacts so badly.

    They are due for their annual vet visit in June and their current supply of Revolution+ will run out the same month so I'm planning on asking the vet about alternatives then but would like to have some research done and some specific questions to ask and/or products to ask about. The cat that has the strong reaction is a door dasher and occasionally spends 15-20 min outside eating grass and my dog has daily walks near a wooded area so I treat them all as if they were indoor/outdoor. I'm fine with using separate products for flea/tick and internal parasites as long as I can stop chasing him down and fighting with him once a month.

    What are the best options to treat cats who hate topical products for parasites?


    I'm trying to build my own recipe for a challenge, can anyone offer a critique or some advice?

    The parameters of the challenge are:

    Must use an instant pot.

    Must feed 4.

    Must be vegetarian.

    Servings can be no more than 650kcal each. (Max total 2600kcal)

    Must be storable/freezable.

    The challenge is for a meal planning/food prep group so I'm using frozen or canned ingredients.

    Here is the recipe I have right now:

    1 box chickpea rotini (900kcal)

    1 bag frozen chopped onions (120kcal)

    1 bag frozen sweet corn (360kcal)

    1 bag frozen peas (240kcal)

    1 can sliced Spanish olives (175kcal)

    1 can mushroom stems and pieces (60kcal)

    1 can diced tomatoes with jalapenos (75kcal)

    1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup (140kcal)

    1 carton vegetable broth (20kcal)

    Half teaspoon salt

    2 teaspoons black pepper

    It's a total of 2090kcal right now which is 523kcal per serving.

    I can still add about 500kcal and I'm thinking about adding some vegetarian cheese because I'm concerned it won't be creamy enough. I put the tomatoes and olives in because everything had a a similar flavor and I thought adding some contrasting acidity would keep it from being bland.