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Independent auditors confirm top VPN doesn't log your data
  • To counter some of the other comments, them being based in Panama is a huge plus imo, if you're inclined to do things deemed illegal by local authorities. They have no incentive to comply with government issued search warrants or the like. Most western country-based companies are legally obligated to comply with those requests, or even store information for a number of years. With quantum-based decryption there's no saying how long even encrypted data will be safe.

  • Wish I could beam this into every persons head
  • I heard this tip that works decently sometimes.

    If you notice it's dirty, don't conclude that you have to clean. Instead, because you're noticing, you should conclude you want it to be clean. That obviously requires you to do some cleaning, but it's something you want, not something you're forced to do.

  • The Fairphone 5 is less about what comes in the box and more about what you get over the years
  • Yeah, the rage seems to usually stem from two misunderstandings:

    1. It forces you to use Bluetooth headphones.
    2. A 3.5mm jack is cheap and trivial to build into a phone, so there's little or no reason to not include it.

    You already pointed out why neither of those are legitimate reasons. For 1 you just need a simple dongle, not new headphones. For 2, because the Fairphone is modular and repairable, it's not just the 3.5mm jack but also a custom replaceable daughterboard they'd have to develop and keep in stock.

    Not having a 3.5mm jack is a minor inconvenience at most, I don't get the rage either.

  • YouTube
  • This idea that nobody on the internet is willing to pay for anything is outdated. Most people know that if it's not money, they're paying in data, time and/or attention. I much prefer paying with money, as do most people that use Proton, Kagi and other paid alternatives to free Google products.

  • What is an average person living in the US supposed to do about corporations raising prices?
  • The video responds much better than I could. But in short, Gary doesn't believe the housing prices to fall until the rich are taxed more. So get in soon if you can, it's only going to get worse.

    Might be wrong, who knows. I'm not able to buy a house currently anyways so I'd have to wait either way.

  • What are some items that really aren't worth paying the expensive version for?
  • Yup, really wanted ANC ones for on the train and very happy with my €50 Edifiers. Sound fine and the ANC is good. Watched tons of reviews on XM5s and Bose QCs which only seem to offer meaningless improvements.

    I do also own good cans and DAC for when I'm at home, but paying over €300 euros for something you'll only use in noisy environments and fussing over audio quality you won't be able to optimally enjoy anyways is silly.