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98% compatibility
  • I'll be honest, I'm still screwing around trying to get a working *arr stack on my pi4b, but then I'm also looking for more stuff on there and having it deployed as a network device automatically with dimension hosting, DNS, DHCP and stuff like that with a glutun VPN securing it all... So yeah :⁠-⁠D

  • 98% compatibility
  • If you got those running in windows, given they're built for a Linux environment (I guess you either used docker or windows subsystem for Linux), then you're eminently ready to move to Linux.

  • Anon questions the magic box
  • How about saying that a normal air con unit, with a few extra valves, can heat as well as cool - in other words, if you've got Aircon, you've got a full heat pump, just without a pipe to do the heating bit. The energy you're spending cooling your house could also be heating your water... For free.

  • 3D technology has gone too far
  • Our councils have been defunded so much that they basically don't maintain the roads. Our potholes now have "bounce" damage, where trucks have driven into the hole and bounced, further causing rebound holes. Those are now widening.

    I've driven in Poland in rural areas. There are places in the UK now where Poland had better road surface.

  • This 2000-Year-Old Wine Is Still Pourable. But You Don’t Want to Drink It
  • That means it's an aerobic bacterial process (aerobic - operating in the presence of air, or specifically oxygen in this case). Not oxidation, which is specifically the interaction of oxygen interactions with the molecule to bond preferentially over the existing bonds, "rusting" them in common parlance.

  • History repeats itself.
  • "Kei modernized their truck".

    Kei is a style of vehicle. This is like saying, "pickups modernized their truck". So let's try and understand what this misguided individual meant.

    "The small vehicle that I saw had poor crash handling". Perhaps, but that's going to be on the individual vehicle, not a class, in the same way some small vehicles handle really well, and some fall over (remember the Mercedes A class, anyone?)

    "The style of vehicle that is categorised by kei is impossible to secure, and all of them score zero". I'd love to see evidence of this, if you've got any. A modern kei-style car, the Honda E 2020 has a euro NCAP 4* rating - not the best, but not zero, and that's just the first one I found.

    Sadly, kei trucks are not commonly for sale in the UK or US, so I can't find ratings for them. There's no reason they can't be made as safe as other small vehicles, only a market preference for larger vehicles.

  • 10/10 kids books.
  • GNU PTerry. Just got both biographical books for fathers day. I entirely expect to be crushed, given how big a part of growing up his books were to me, and how devastated I was to watch his decline and eventual passing...

    I've hardly been able to read his books since, which is awful.

  • I love this concept and think it really has legs as a fantastic RPG idea...

    My comment on the original post: It takes the *humanity *out of *alien/foreign/different *races. If done properly, you can easily conceptualise different views of the world. Something like the sort of thing John Scalzi has done with his works - let’s work through how a different viewpoint actually works and then work out where the jagged edges are - all of a sudden, the different races are fighting with each other because they see the world diferently and don’t communicate properly so they assume all of the others think the same way (because they can’t concieve of anythign else without looking that far into it) and boom you’ve got a realistic world with in-built fracture lines…


    Self-hosted CM4 NAS - I have questions; sources, ideas and answers appreciated

    So I'm looking to build my own CM4-based NAS appliance. I figure that I've got the time to build it, and it'll be cheaper, more powerful and more capable than an off-the-shelf appliance (such as a QNAP or Synology device).

    I'm looking to use it for self-hosting, probably 2 - 4 SSD's to run it (Happy to spend the money on the drives, as I can spread that out over time)... will likely start with a relatively cheap 2tib 2.5" SSD like the Crucial BX500 and scale up as I go...

    I'd like a relatively neat box - something like the Argon EON. I'd like to use the CM4 because it's got the PCI-E so you can use a relatively full-speed ACPI interface to the SATA ports, which rules out the Argon EON (Except, possibly, as a donor case). I don't have a 3D Printer, but I'd be happy to purchase a printed model from a makers group or similar. I'm happy to actually build up a unit (setting up fans, etc.) but I've no soldering experience whatsoever.

    Software-wise, I've already got a RPI4 which I've been playing around with... Seems pretty good, and I had pi-hole running on it for a while (until SD card unreliability took it down).

    Does anyone have any experience with a build like this? Any advice on what cases to use, what hats for the PCIE-to-SATA work best? Anything at all, really, that you'd advise?