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Conservative Immigrants
  • Also the fact the many areas in California actively fight against construction of new homes. Especially anything more then X stories tall. They get killed because so and so celeb/Richie doesn't want to ruin the skyline.

    You get shit like mansions renovated into 4+ family homes because they can't tear it down to make a 8 unit complex.

  • Fired employee hacked into company’s computer system and deleted servers, causing it to lose S$918,000 - CNA
  • Question. Where does this "value" come from? Loss of business? Downtime? Labor loss due to people unable to work? Pull a number out of a hat?

    These servers had no production data on them. Ideally with a proper DR solution you just restore and presa charges.

  • "Designed to better support our users"
  • I just started messing with linux on an old laptop. Tried VNC and got annoyed. Switched to xRDP and it works as intended but performance is lackluster on a local network.

    Anyone have thoughts or tips?

  • Do 9-5 jobs still exist in the U.S.?
  • Back when i worked an office job this is why lots of people would just go sit in thier car during thier break.

    I started doing it to take a undisturbed nap. Also so people stop bothering me while I'm on break.

    My mouth is full of food and I'm chewing in the break room. Why the fuck are you here to talk to me about work...

  • It's funny because it's true
  • Am I the only one who writes the Readme as I add features and do my commits.

    Don't leave your homework until the end and cram away just before it's due.

    Code every other day.

    Code. Then review and document.

    I also try to maintain my feature list in my Readme. Essentially my roadmap. Work my way down the list and write Code as features are added/updated.

  • Is it just me, or is it hard to follow Manhua?

    So I bumped into a new series while going down the rabbit hole with no description. Cover art and title was interesting so I read a few.

    Standard setup and back story. Might be interesting to see if anything unique stands out...

    Then it kept jumping forward. The story progressed way too fast.

    I realized it was a manhua.

    I don't know why but there's always so much happening so fast it's hard for me to digest it all that I end up dropping it.

    What are your thoughts?

    Other manhua I've dropped:

    • Versatile Mage

    • My Wife is a Demon Queen

    • Monster Pet Evolution


    Cheap and safe streaming stick?

    Apologies if this is the wrong instance for this.

    Is there a best option for HTPC streaming solutions besides throwing Linux on an old desktop? Plugging in a desktop for streaming doesn't work too well for wall mounted televisions. My options are mini PCs or a 3rd party streaming stick. Even a RasPi stick running OSMC should do the trick.

    These 3rd party sticks online are extremely tempting for power and features but I'm concerned about embedded malware. Best option would be to wipe it and load OSMCor raspbian to ensure its clean. Anyone have experience with this?

    Care to share your setup?

    $14.41 | DQ06 ATV Mini TV Stick Android12 Allwinner H618 Quad Core Cortex A53 Support 8K Video 4K Wifi6 BT Voice Remote Smart TV Box | Link

    Runner up: $12.90 | Orange Pi Zero 2 W 1GB RAM DDR4 Mini PC Allwinner H618 Orange Pi Zero 2W WiFi Bluetooth SBC Single Board Computer Zero2W | Link


    Update: My ideal solution would be $20-$50 for a replacement to several fire sticks in my home. For a solution around $100 I'd just go with a old refurbished mini pc from ebay/amazon and throw full Linux on it.

    Setting up Kodi via the linux OSMC distro or even Android TV both work. Might stream games with steam link. Eventually going to setup jellyfin in my home

    Current Plan: Get a mini pc and mount it behind / near my television. Ideally I would prefer just a stick for a cleaner / cheaper solution.

    $100 MiniPC - HP EliteDesk 800 65W G2 Business Mini PC Desktop Computer/Intel Quad-Core i5-6500T up to 3.1GHz/ 8GB DDR4 RAM/ 256GB SSD/WiFi/Bluetooth/USB 3.0/ Windows 10 Professional OS(Renewed) | Amazon

    Photo of mini pc mounted behind a TV.

    !pulled from amazon reviewer


    Finally researched about the Orange Pi (rasp alternative) and the darn thing comes with full hdmi! Orange Pi 3B Full HDMI and SD / eMMC / M2 (sata3) slots!

    Orange Pi 3B 4GB RAM Rockchip RK3566 Mini PC Quad-Core 64-bit WiFi+BLE Gigabit Run Android Linux OpenHarmony OS SBC Single Board


    My DM gave us a pass and I feel disappointed

    So I'm a long time fan and playing my first campaign. First big quest and we're in a fortress.

    Pretty spent after an encounter and some traps. We see a sleeping BBEG in the way of our finish.

    Cast pass without a trace to sneak past. Fighter in heavy rolls a nat 1 on his disadvantage.

    So it's 1 + 1 dex +10 pass without a trace = 12

    BBEG passive perception is 10. We sneak past.

    WTH? I mean sure my PC is happy but I feel somehow disappointed in our DM giving us a pass.

    I've DMd before and would've definitely woken up the boss.

    I feel like DM gave us the pass cause it could've been a TPK.



    Thank you everyone for your thoughts.

    I was caught up in the homebrew rule of auto fail nat1s that is NOT in the PHB.

    Rules as written we earned that easy win by taking advantage of the bosses low perception and spending a spell slot on pass without a trace.