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Weevil Time
  • Fucking weevils, I tried for years to grow plans and these fuckers destroyed every attempt. I alps couldn't find a place to buy nematodes and was worried about the long term effects of them in the environment in the garden

  • me💻irl
  • Well, after working as some form of systems engineer for the last 17 years, including quite a few where some of my primary responsibilities were looking for DNS servers, this is literally the first time I have come across this.

    Also not quite sure what they're doing because my Debian, 2x Windows, 3x Android and occasionally Apple clients never bypass my primary DNS setting. Neither do the server farms I run at work. So who knows.

  • me💻irl
  • A secondary DNS server set in your DHCP options will do no such thing.

    The secondary DNS server is only used if lookups to the primary fail, say like when your pihole crashes or something.

    The only way it will work the way you think it's going to, is if you set your DNS resolver to use round robin on a list of DNS servers.

    Its literally just a backup DNS server address, and is only used should the primary fail, and returning an nxdomain is not a failure.

    Please note, I use secondary to refer to the 2nd IP in your DHCP/DNS options, not to a secondary DNS server, which is something else.

  • me💻irl
  • It's called a secondary DNS server. Like, literally the reason it exists. I guess it's still on the line towards knowing what TF you're doing. Every DHCP server offers at least 2 dns server options.

  • Formlabs acquires Micronics Exclusive: Formlabs acquires 3D printing startup Micronics mid-Kickstarter campaign

    What this means for the future of the Fuse line remains unclear, though the companies confirmed with TechCrunch that the Micronics branding is going away.

    Exclusive: Formlabs acquires 3D printing startup Micronics mid-Kickstarter campaign

    I guess they're just going to end up being really good but heavily overpriced like the rest of the FormLabs products.

    Antinatalism Rule
  • The point is lost on you. I genuinely hope your kid has a good life, but I personally would never gamble someone else's life for my own selfish wants, and I can't reconcile others decisions to do so either.

  • Antinatalism Rule
  • Life is a painful mess, no matter what you do, you can't guarantee that your child won't have the most horrid existence imaginable, rolling the dice on someone else's life due to your own selfish need to procreate is what they're saying is wrong. I regret that my mom had me, life has been a living hell, nothing short of her not having me would have changed that.

  • Be honest... Are you a bad person?
  • I've done some reprehensible things, but I don't think I'm a bad person. Bit of a short temper but I try be good to everyone and not hurt or use people like I was. But if karma existed, you would say I was a veritable Genghis Khan

  • I feel like I should leave the gaming industry

    So I've worked in IT for around 18 years now and in that time I've worked for 2 gaming companies, I started my most recent a year ago, but I'm wondering if I should just jump ship for the tech industry again, I'm now waiting for the layoffs in our business unit. I'm an immigrant living on a work permit and losing my job will mean losing the life I've made for myself over the last 4 years, and that terrifies me.

    I used to love the company I work for but now I'm wondering if it's worth it anymore.


    Some advice on creating a 2.4 GHz antenna for Seeed ESP32-C3


    I'm looking for some help in a field that is super technical and I don't fully understand.

    I'm planning on using a bunch of these seeed studio Esp modules for some home automation projects, especially because they have a lipo battery charger making it great for portable stuff.

    The thing is the the ESP32s have U.FL SMD antenna connectors. Most of the antennas that you can buy with U.FL connections while are reasonably small, come with 50-150mm leads, which sort of makes the small size of the module a little less valid.

    What I'd like to do is get a female U.FL SMD connector and make a small daugherboard with an 2.4GHz SMD antenna on it, for instance a Janson 2450AT42B100 or a Molex 479480001.

    They go over the circuit board requirements quite thoroughly so I don't think designing it will be too difficult, but what I don't know is, they say that you need impedance matching on the circuit, and I see that there appears to be something that looks like it on the ESP circuit diagram, but I'm not actually sure if it is or not:

    You can see it in the middle near the bottom of the diagram here: Seeeduino-XIAO-ESP32C3-SCH

    So my questions are:

    1: Is this a dumb idea, having a direct plug-on SMD antenna?

    2: Is that an impedance matchning circuit between LNA_IN on the ESP chip and U.FL-R-SMT-1?

    3: If I can't get a female U.FL SMD connector, would using one with a lead and shortening it to make the daughterboard able to be much closer to the connector affect anything? Do I need to ensure that the lead length matches the wavelength at all?

    Edit: Found this SMD female U.FL, so they do exist.